I discussed Thaddeus Young earlier today. It was awesome! You shoulda been there! You were? Well, then no wonder you don’t remember what I said. That’s how awesome it was. It erased your brain! I’ll make this blurb a little less awesome so you’ll remember it long enough to add Young to your team. And why should you add Thad? Because Thad’s per game averages are down this season. Oh, of course. Wait, what? He’s playing eight fewer minutes a game, which has seemed to really help him acclimate and develop chemistry with the second unit, a unit of which he may be the leader. Doug Collins seems to have hit on something since benching Evan Turner, starting Jodie Meeks and  increasing Thad’s minutes slowly (23 mpg in October, 24 in November, 25 in December, 27 in his last three). The Sixers are 2-2 with decisive wins against Cleveland and Charlotte and close losses to Atlanta and Boston, two teams that would have blown them out a month ago. Young’s per minute averages are up because he’s become far more efficient in his ripe old age. He’s 22 in his fourth year and he’s coming along nicely. He’s got a 20.7 PER, a 123 ORtg and is averaging 20.7 ppg over his last three. He’s had it in him for two years to do this, it looks now as if he’s primed to start actually doing it. So go ahead and do it – add him.

Here are other players to consider taking in or shoving out to get you through the weekend:


Mike Dunleavy – He’s only starting in about half the games and his mpg went from 35 in October, to 30 in November and rests at 26 this month, but his shooting efficiency has risen from 39 percent, to 44 percent to 55 percent. He averaged 12/6/2 this week in addition to averaging a three, a steal and a block in each game. If you need an efficient shooter … Dirk Nowitzki is your man. If Dirk isn’t available on your waiver wire (Whaaaat!?!), consider Dunleavy.

Shane Battier – He’s sinking two threes a game this month and has raised his scoring totals from 8 points in November to 12 in December. His .640 FG% won’t last forever, but, like any good gold digger will tell you, ride him until he’s stone cold.

Jodie Meeks -Already went over him earlier this morning. If you hurry now, you’ll be able to read it before I’m done with this sentence. Or not.

Nick Young – Young has scored 18+ in eight of his last 12, has averaged over 1.5 threes in his last 12 and simultaneously reminds me of each member of Fat Albert’s gang of eight.

DeJuan Blair – He went from shooting .445 in November to hitting two-thirds of his shots in December. Plus he’s rebounding more! Besides speaking in hyperbole, this is the greatest thing ever!

Reggie Williams -This is a conditional add if Stephen Curry goes down for any length of time. Well, not any length of time. I mean, if he gets a hard foul and falls into the camera pit underneath the basket, I’m not suggesting you go add Reggie Williams. “But you said any length of time!” If Curry misses games … full games … full games played by Golden State … then, you should add Williams.

Jordan Farmar – Ditto for Farmar, except replace Stephen Curry with Devin Harris, California with New Jersey and fun with sadness.

Terrence Williams – Only owned in 40 percent of leagues. The other 60 percent has decided to give him three games to prove he’s worth the pickup. If I were you, I’d only require two.


Jason Kidd – Already went over him earlier today. Scroll, y’all or click here if you’re under time constraints.

Travis Outlaw – At this point, the best you can hope for from Outlaw is that he gets some of that sweet, sweet Williams/ James runoff in blowouts. Also, welcome Google searchers!

Andris Biedrins – He’s averaging a vintage Ben Wallace-like 7/10 this season. He’s also getting fewer than one steal or one block a game while hanging on to a frog burp-inducing .286 from the free throw line, which is closer to the current Ben Wallace.

Marvin Williams – Everyone on the Hawks has played better with Joe Johnson out of the lineup, except one. Quoth De Niro in ‘Copland’ or Kelly Clarkson, You had your chance, and you blew it!

  1. PoohDribblesUpThe Court says:

    I was offered B-Roy for J-rich, pull the trigger? Do you think Roy gets better than what he’s been so far this year?

  2. Are these in ranked in order of whom you would add first? I mean, I know it’s dependent on what a person needs (three pointers, blocks/rebounds, etc), but I’m not looking to split hairs here; I’m not some kind of barber. I just want to know who is sexiest to sexy-ish.

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: No order. You’ll have to identify their value to your team yourself. Sometimes the sexiest part is in the self-discovery, homeboy!

  4. PoohDribblesUpThe Court says:

    So that’s a no go..

  5. Iggy says:

    Ok who would you rather have ROS

    Shannon Brown or Mike Miller?

  6. Migs says:

    Somewhere out there, TJ Kidd is shaking his big head in disgust.

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @PoohDribblesUpThe Court: Nah. It’s fairly obvious that Roy’s knees don’t allow for much explosiveness. He’s still a very intelligent player with value in fantasy (and actual basketball), but Richardson is having one of his best seasons, and I don’t see any reason why that would stop.

  8. Okay, here’s one for you – would you drop Okafor for Josh McRoberts? Okie is destroying my team with FT% and A/T.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Iggy: Probably Miller.

    @Migs: 8-years-olds with mustaches – UNITE!

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: You can probably get more value by trading him, no?

  11. Tony says:

    why the eff is earl barron getting 1 minute on the court? In 13 minutes tonight he’s scored ZERO points, grabeed TWO REBS, and had 2 TO and 4 PF…..

    while hakim warrick in 17 mins has scored 10, grabbed 5 brds, and has an assist….

    SICKENING, does the coach look at the boxscore ever? I mean i know that he’s right there watching, but is he seeing the production? Am i missing something?

  12. Gerald says:

    I am thinking of shooting a trade. My gilbert arenas for tyreke evans.

    Any thoughts on this?

  13. Eric chen says:

    Arenas > Evans

    I’m not sure if you should drop Jason Kidd – 8-9 assists, 1.7 3s and almost 2 steals is very serviceable. Overrated, yes, droppable, I’m inclined to say no.

  14. James NYC says:

    ariza is killing my FG and FT %. and lately he hasn’t even been giving me any 3’s. i think the hornets are too scared to pass the ball to him, and just using him for defensive purposes. should i drop him for terrence williams? i hate to drop a starter for a benchwarmer but i have a feeling terrence will be a starter eventually. just want to know who will have more value overall going forward.

  15. Travis says:

    9 team competitive roto and I’m punting ft%. I get Josh Smith and Trevor Ariza and Give up Al Horford and Wesley Mathews. Thoughts?

  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Gentryfied! I doubt Barron remains a starter much longer. Not sure why he’s lasted this long.

    @Gerald: Not bad. Would it fill a need on your team?

    @Eric chen: No, Kidd shouldn’t be dropped flat-out. I’m thinking about changing add/drop to buy/sell. I can see why there’d be confusion.

    @James NYC: It might pay off, but I don’t trust Avery Johnson to any more than I trust Ariza to stop attempting shots outside of 15 feet from the basket.

    @Travis: I don’t like that deal for you. Smith is the best player involved, but Ariza is by far the worst.

  17. Bryan Showalter says:

    This is 12 man roto league…Should I trade Steve Nash and Al Horford for Dwyane Wade and David Lee…

    Current Lineup:
    Rajon Rondo
    Steve Nash
    John Wall
    Kevin Durant
    Carmelo Anthony
    Josh Smith
    Jason Thompson
    Antawn Jamison
    Al Horford
    Andrew Bynum
    Andris Biedrins

    Bench – Sonny Weems, Jeff Teague, Donte Greene, Yi Jianlian, Reggie Williams
    IR – Josh Howard and Chris Kaman

    7 3 2 11 11 12 12 11 9 8 86

  18. Bryan Showalter says:

    As you can tell I need a SG, but I do like Nash’s efficiency and assists, but Wade does everything well…If I knew I could count on Rondo and Wall to stay healthy and carry my assists I would feel better about making this move. Horford has been a monster too but will he continue? (His value is super high right now). I go back and fourth on this. Any thoughts to who I should trade instead (if you don’t think its smart to trade Nash/Horford) to get Wade and Lee? I really need a good SG. Could get Kobe too, but would then have to give up Josh Smith in the deal. THanks

  19. Travis says:

    @Adam: Thanks for the input. Being that it’s only 9 teams I probably won’t even play Ariza just traded for D. Howard and Gasol and have to make up some ground as I have a 1 out of 9 in blks. Already have a 1 in ft’s and to’s and figure if I have a chance to win the league I need atleast a 6 in blks. On a side not do you think David Lee finishes the year as a top 25 player?

  20. Bryan Showalter says:

    Also, have this trade possiblity…Josh Smith/Biedrins for Kobe/Varejao (might be able to get Bargnani instead of Varjao)… you like this deal?

  21. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Bryan Showalter: I like the Smith/Biedrins for Kobe/Bargnani the best out of all the possibilities. It allows the least risk.

    I would guess that either Rondo or Wall will be healthy for the bulk of the season, while the other will likely miss games here and there and never be fully healthy. Just playing the odds. Assume this scenario happens, are you okay giving up Nash then?

    @Travis: No problem. And yeah. I think Lee finishes somewhere between 20 and 30.

  22. Bryan Showalter says:

    Assuming Wall and Rondo stay healthy enough to contribute to my assists and help me maintain this lead, I would be willing to trade Nash for Wade…but do you think Horford for Lee is worth it? Who has more value/upside? BTW< thanks for comments above.

  23. Cory says:

    After watching the movie Enough, I’ve finally decided to drop OJ Mayo. Good riddance.

  24. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Drop McRoberts for Blair?

  25. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Bryan Showalter: We’ve seen the best of David Lee (last season), while Horford perhaps hasn’t hit his ceiling yet. I’d rather own Horford.

    @Cory: Bad rubbish. J-Lo movies, that is.

    @ThE sHiT: Go for it.

  26. d2bnz says:

    The subject is NJ’s Terrence Williams…..I have often invested in talent/upside and used a spot on the bench with regard to my $keeper leagues , the time is now fast approaching when Beaubois, will become active, thus clearing a spot, but having been burnt by Anthony Randolph …..I need to be reassured
    How good could T Will become?…….a top 50 player next season?

  27. bostonfan says:


    I’m in a H2H fantasy point league.

    I have kidd and he’s been killing me all year. Shall I trade him for Brandon Roy?

  28. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: There are too many factors at play to determine Williams’ fate next year. He’s averaging two fewer minutes this season than last, which was not expected. He’s getting more touches while on the court this year, but his effectiveness in scoring the ball and getting to the line has regressed, also unexpected. To top it off, he’s playing for a coach that seems truly not to get along with his entire roster. CAN Williams be a top 50 player next season? Yes, maybe. Gun to my head, do I think he will be? No. I doubt he’ll even be a top 100 player.

    @bostonfan: No. Roy will kill you faster.

  29. Migs says:

    Kidd + Gallinari for Felton + Josh McBob … who wins?

  30. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – J Johnson got dropped in my league and hits the WW on Tuesday. Worth a bid and finally dumping Murphy? Production over the next four weeks looks about the same. Thanks!

  31. El Burro says:

    Adam – Tyreke’s plantar fascitisbergerstein flaring up, so Kings’ brass are likely benching him for a bit, at least according to what Im reading on RotoWorld.

    Who is the biggest beneficiary and who should be picked up?

    Omri Casspi or Francisco Garcia? thoughts?

    el burro

  32. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Migs: Felton/McBob.

    @AnotherFalstaff: Joe Johnson? Eff yeah you should do that. The guy didn’t die for Chrissake!

    @El Burro: Way to ruin tomorrow’s surprise, Burro. Really everyone left on the Kings is a beneficiary, but Garcia and Head (in that order) should see the biggest bump in production.

  33. El Burro says:


    word, gracias for garcia'(s) suggestion..

  34. Travis says:

    Realizing that everything is relative what would be an even value trade If I were trying to trade M. Gasol for a 3 point shooter? Roto league


  35. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: De nada.

    @Travis: Maybe players like Gallinari, Dorrell Wright or Ray Allen.

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