Atlanta’s Al Horford was at shootaround sometime around 2 pm. Then he decended into the locker room, and came out for his game against the Sixers a last-second scratch. This can only mean one of three things, 1) Horford wanted a day off and Atlanta greatly underestimated Louis Williams’ desire to shoot every ball that is passed to him, 2) Horford tweaked something in or around his body, or c) Al Horford is in love with Darius Songaila. Think about it. The only other game in which the Sixers and Hawks faced off, Songaila had injured himself and wasn’t going to play. Now he’s BACK … to let Al know … he can really shake ’em down. Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum … do you LOVE me?!? Sorry. I’m watching ‘Teen Wolf Too’ and I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, Darius Songaila returned for his first minutes (9) since December (21st) and played (poorly). Meanwhile, Horford mysteriously sat this one out and the Hawks don’t have a game against ’til Saturday. Tune in Friday morning (and all the days in between) to find out what’s up.

Here’s what else went down in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Louis Williams – 20/3/3, plus a steal and two blocks. I told you on Thursday to ride his hot streak. Are you a-ridin’? ‘Cause you should really be a-ridin’.

Jodie Meeks – 16/8/3. Then in his next game he’ll go 4/3 and piss everyone off again. Hot ‘n’ cold, hot ‘n’ cold. It’s like owning my ninth grade girlfriend. Or C.J. Miles.

Jrue Holiday – He ended with 15 pts/2 rbd/0 ast, with  two steals and two blocks. This is the second game Philly’s assist-guy went assistless. Two days is nothin’. I went “assistless” until my sophomore year in college.

Blake Griffin – Shot 4-for-12 from the floor and tied a career-low 10 points on the night. Dwight’s Defense > Griffin’s Offense. Spread the word.

Matt Bonner – After missing his last 10 games, the Red Rocket dropped two treys in Detroit and ended with 10 points. Unlike my time in Detroit, when two guys named Trey dropped me and stole my Velcro wallet.

DeJuan Blair – 18/12 in 29 minutes. Five games, four double-doubles. Okay medium-sized leagues. I think Blair is DeJuan that you want! Boom! Punned!

Tracy McGrady – 7/2/3, with three steals, but he only shot .300 from the field. He looked gassed. Like It’s already July in McGrady months. Still, ESPN ranks him 22nd among SGs in the last 15 games.

Greg Monroe – 12.8/9.8 this month. As pleasant as he’s been this season, he’ll be better next season.

Will Bynum – Scored 22 points, the most he’s scored since November 17 … of last season. So, yeah.

Mike Dunleavy – Junior’s been shooting .652 in the last week, so only shooting 1-for-2 last night felt like the beginning of a court ruling on the law of averages.

Sonny Weems – Averaged 13.3/4/2.7 in his last three before last night’s 4/5/2 performance. I think he’ll maintain the former averages, and perhaps more as long as long as half the original roster remains shelved.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute – 10/14. It was his second double-double in three games. I watched an entire game between Milwaukee and Toronto. The entire damn thing. Even the fourth quarter, which was more boring than a DeMar DeRozan jumper from 14 feet out. Never question my devotion to you, dear reader, again.

Jonny Flynn – 15/4/7, with five turnovers. This was about as good as it gets with Flynn, which is a bummer. Flynn has been underwhelming. He went from a 13 PER last season to a 7.5, he USG% decreased, his per36 stats dipped everywhere except assists and he’s averaging 10.8/2/5.5 as a starter and he’s started in games Luke Ridnour wasn’t in. Perhaps I’m expecting too much. I’m hard on the kid, I know. It’s just … I don’t want him to make the same mistakes I did growing up. I want something better for him than the Timberwolves. I want him to grow into a Laker or a Spur or something.

Rudy Gay – Gay missed Tuesday’s game and was out with a back-related you-don’t-care-just-tell-you-when-he’ll-be-playing-again. As this was a last-second scratch, it’s likelier that he’ll be back for the next game than that he’ll miss any more. Just in case, if you have a free space, grab Tony Allen (27 points, 5 steals), then call Bingo!

  1. So I’m down 3-4 in cats right now. 12-5 in 3’s, 56-32 in ast, 17-9 in stls, and 184-131 in pts. All of these deficits seem difficult to overcome, the easiest would be 3’s right?

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jeremy: Really, I think steals are the only category you don’t have a fighting chance to catch up in. Punt those and aim to cover ground on the others.

  3. hakasan says:

    What do you think Bonner’s value down the stretch would be? Do you think the Spurs will rest Duncan towards the end?? I’m pretty sure i’m punting PTs, but do you think Bonner will still be good for 2+ on 3s, and shooting over 45% for the rest of the season?? His fg is over 52% for the last 30 days, but not so good for a big men for the season and 4 rb/game puts him in doubtful category… what say you?

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @hakasan: Whoa. That’s a ton of questions. I DO think Duncan gets a bit more rest down the stretch, but I think it’ll be Blair that benefits the most.

    Bonner will likely still do his thing. He’s got a very low-impact game that won’t be affected from here on out by his injury.


    need to make up some ground on steals and ft%. with noah coming back im stacked at PF,C. it makes sense to move griffin but i really dont want to because of the fun factor. thoughts?

  6. hakasan says:

    Thanks Adam….!!

  7. brad says:

    His Baron Davis, Carl Landry and Marcus Camby for my Jrue Holiday and Vince Carter.

    Catch is that Jrue and Carl have one year left on their keeper contracts. So, while I believe this would probably be a good move for me this year, and I’m in contention. Next year I start out with Landry instead of Holiday.

    I’m not sure it’s a good enough move to justify the long term expense. How much better than Holiday do you think Davis will be for the rest of this year?

  8. Larry says:

    Shallow 10 teamer. Rashard, DJ, Gortat available. Would you drop:

    Wilson Chandler for Rashard Lewis
    Wes Matthews for DJ Augustin
    Javale Mcgee for Marcin Gortat

    All input welcome. Thanks.

  9. alright I’m somewhat at a loss for who to play tonight, I know I’m playing PG DWill, SG JRich, and SF Crash. Then I’ve got Rashard Lewis (who I want in there for the threes), Blowpez (meh scoring maybe), Jameer Nelson (3’s), Tyson Chandler all currently in the lineup. And currently on the bench is Nene (probably should sub him in for blowp) dejuan blair and ramon sessions, both playing great as of late. Any thoughts? I already explained which categories I was down in earlier and I maintain I think threes and blocks are what I need most. Assists may be attainable but the guy I’m playing likes to use three pgs in cp3, darCo, and DJ Aug, so I don’t think assists a worthwhile pursuit hence sessions on the bench. a scattered comment from a scattered brain

  10. brad says:

    @Larry: yes on augustin for matthews, the other two don’t excite me.

  11. Raps says:

    I’m in a shallow 6 team H2H league. Joachim Noah is available, who do I drop? I’m thinking Duncan, but jsut can’t bring myself to do it.

    Steph Curry
    Josh Smith
    Jason Kidd
    Wilson Chandler

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @RAAAAAAAANDY: Uhh, don’t move Griffin? You should be able to get someone like Felton, Garnett or Dorell Wright for Noah.

    @hakasan: No problem.

    @brad: I actually think Davis may be a tad better than Jrue for the rest of the season. Not every game, but on average. Still, I’d consider this trade. Vince is garbage and Carl Landry may be the brightest star in the bunch.

    @Larry: No. No (unless you need assists). No.

    @Jeremy: I think you’re good, given your team’s needs right now. Maybe insert Nene instead of ‘Shard, but, gun to my head, I’d leave it alone.

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Raps: Gallinari, if anyone (besides Duncan). I’d prefer Noah to Duncan.

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