Most of my readers are from the South. I can say that, because no matter where you are, you’re probably not in the northernmost portion of the globe. Therefore, you’re south of something. And my understanding of Southerners is that they all watched ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ un-ironically. Which is cool. Them Duke boys always seemed to find themselves in a car chase that ended up with one car flipping over a conveniently placed ramp of hay bales and another car lodged into a ravine. Usually when the General Lee took off skyward, with it’s tires spinnin’ dust and engine roaring suddenly without purpose as it was hurling through the air, the image would pause and Waylon Jennings’ narration would rattle off some homespun outro to the commercial break. “Now I don’t know ’bout you, folks, but the only thing ever flipped higher in the air than Bo and Luke right now are the flapjacks Uncle Jesse made for breakfast!” Banjo sting. Commercial. The thing is, everybody knew that Dodge Charger was going to land safely, probably awesomely. It was that other car that viewers wanted to see. What’s going to happen to it? After three straight games of 20+ points, Denver’s J.R. Smith went 1-for-5 on Sunday with five points. He’ll be fine. He’s out of Karl’s doghouse (for now), he’ll be back in it for sure. This is sort of how things go with those two. They’re both cute like that. But Arron Afflalo dropped a pretty little 25/2/2 line on Sunday. He hasn’t scored 25 points all year, and hadn’t cleared 16 in any of his last 10. When Smith started getting hot last week, Afflalo was dropped in over 15 percent of fantasy leagues. Why? Because no one wants to own Afflalo. He hasn’t posted huge lines. He’s posted decent, quiet ones. Fantasy would just be easier if Smith jumped the hay bales and Afflalo landed in the ravine. Unfortunately, Smith and Afflalo are going to be in hot pursuit of one another for a while and that banjo picking you hear is going to be playing for many months ahead.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball over the weekend:

Nate Robinson – 21/6/6 in 31 Rondo-less minutes. The Celtics are treating Rondo’s hamstring as gently as delicate Fabrajon Egg, which doesn’t actually exist. All the more reason to treat it gently. You wouldn’t horse-collar a unicorn and leave it chained in your backyard, would you? Anyway, if you started Robinson, good on ya.

Glen Davis – 16/9/1 in 30 minutes on Sunday and has scored at least 16 in four of his last five? So what happened in Friday’s 6/4 affair? My guess is either the five fouls he amassed or it was an afternoon AND evening trip to Fudruckers-type of day. Bee-tee-dubya, come see my band play this weekend. We call ourselves the 6/4 Affair.

Devin Harris – Returned from a three-game reprieve recovery and put himself into foul trouble. Instead, Jordan Farmar led the team with a 16/2/3 line from the bench. It’s been feast or famine with the Nets this week, where either the team plays three overtimes and everyone drops killer lines, or no starter plays more than 25 minutes, scores 11 points and, well, posts killer lines.

Derrick Favors – Played his second-most minutes of the season (27). He only went 10/2, turned the ball over four times and earned five fouls. Still, it’s worth noting that Troy Murphy still isn’t clearing 15 minutes Kris Humphries only played 22 and 13 minutes in his last two games and Favors is still young enough not to know that it’s okay to hate Avery Johnson.

DeMar DeRozan – 12/0/2 with a pair of steals in 36 minutes. He’s averaging about 12.4/3.4/1.7 on the season, which are all lower per minute averages than he had in his freshman season last year. And lest ye forget, he wasn’t very good last year. This is what I said about DeRozan in June: “After two years of big stage basketball DeRozan’s game is clear: he’s a driving guard who rarely drives, only gets to the line occasionally and offers no other dimension except, maybe, a high turnover ratio. And despite his youth, unless the Raptors change coaching staffs or DeMar changes teams, there’s no reason to think he’ll develop any part of his flat game.” Predicting a Raptor will not make much of a dent in the future is like predicting that water is wet. But still …

Jerryd Bayless – Remember what I said about Raptors not making much of a dent? No? It was, like, 35 words ago? 1/5 of inch above this sentence? Really? Nothing? That’s concerning. For those of you that do  remember what I just said, forget it all for a second. Bayless led Toronto in scoring (er, basketball scoring that is. I’m pretty sure Ryan Gosling leads Canada in the other kind) Bayless also sank a quintet of threes and dished out as many assists as Jose Calderon (6). It looks like ol’ Joe Kettle finds himself once again in a timeshare. Any league rostering Calderon should be looking at Bayless at this point.

Amir Johnson – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it … at least once more: Toronto is chok-full of guys that are likely to make a dent in the future. (What do you care? It’s not like you’re gonna remember anything I said by the time you finish this post. Heck, you’ll forget all about this by the time you get to Xavier Henry’s blurb!) After playing a season-high 31 minutes on Friday, he played almost 39 on Sunday and is averaging 18/12.5/2/1.5 over those two games.

Ed Davis – 6/8 in under 17 minutes. He’s looked sterling so far this season, but until Johnson slows his roll, it’s unlikely he’ll get enough burn to melt faces.

Sonny Weems – He’s averaging 8/2.7/2.8 in his last six games and his minutes are dipping. Put the coffee down, Sonny. Coffee’s for closers.

Landry Fields – Has had four double-doubles in his last six games. Unfortunately, in those other two games he averaged 6/7.5. You take the good, you take the bad, you take ’em both and there you have … different strokes.

Rodney Stuckey – 24/6/11. How normal is this? This season he’s only reached 24 points two other times, six rebounds one other time and 11 dimes is his season high. So … not normal at all, really.

Greg Monroe – 8/7/1/1/1/2 in 24 min. Progress! But like most progress, I wouldn’t recommend paying any attention to it until it becomes trendy.

Charlie Villanueva – 9/1/0/0/0/1 in 23 min. I’ve added and dropped him twice now. If I’m forced to drop him once more, I’ll Villanueva goodbye forever and never look back.

Nene Hilario – 27/11/6 along with two steals and two rejections. How’d he react when George Karl made him a bigger part of the team’s offense? They took a picture of it.

Xavier Henry – Career-highs in points (17), assists (3) and minutes (27:29). The fact that three assists is his career-high tells you everything you need to know about how this kid’s been playing so far.

Rudy Gay – Five blocks last night, 13 in his last four games. We might have a full-on freak leak here. He has 27 blocks after 21 games. Last season it took him 30 games to reject that many. He’s on pace for 105 blocks by season’s end. His previous season high is 79.

Hakim Warrick – 26/6/2 in 29 min. Alvin Gentry: “Hakim, we know you can score. We need you to rebound and block and stuff.” Warrick: “Can’t I just score and stuff?” Gentry: “Well, yes. If by ‘stuff’ you mean ‘rebound and play defense.'” Warrick: “Oh. No, that’s not what I meant. I mostly just meant score.” Gentry: “No. If you don’t start grabbing rebounds we’ll bench you and have Barron start.” Warrick: “Can I just score from the bench?” Gentry: “Significantly less so.” Warrick: “Cool.” This conversation happens every 10 days.

Blake Griffin – 21/15/2. Here, grab this bow. Here, grab this arrow. Griffin shot 7-for-16 from the free throw line. There’s his heel. Now shoot him in it!

Eric Bledsoe – Blind item! Line A: 0/2/2 with 4 turnovers. Line B: 14/6/8 with 2 turnovers. Which line would you want starting for your team? If you’re Vinny Del Negro, you apparently chose Line A.

Chris Kaman – After returning from a month-long injury on Friday with a 10/6/3 line in 13 foul-plagued minutes, he came off the bench Sunday and went 4/3/0 in 13 foul-plagued minutes. On the bright side, he plays for the Clippers so only, like, nine people noticed.

Tony Parker – Cold Tony seems to have thawed out (7-for-10 on Sunday, 14-out-of-24 over the weekend), but the days of regularly dropping lines of 20/9 and three steals are probably behind him. 18/7 and 1.5 steals seem right-er says this writer.

Stephen Curry – .700/4/39/1/6/2/1/5 in 46 minutes. Hoo-ey! The aroma of that Curry is powerful!

LaMarcus Aldridge – Call it “Blake Effect Cold.” Call it LMAO (LaMarcus Aldridge Off-night). Anyway, with a 4/5/1 line before fouling out, ain’t no one laughing.

Kevin Durant – I’ve been aware of Durantula for the better part of five years now and not a day goes by where my brain doesn’t want to call him Kelvin. I have no idea where this comes from. Kelvin is not a common name, I’ve never known anyone named Kelvin and I don’t think Durant looks particularly like whatever I picture a ‘Kelvin’ to look like. Perhaps it’s because a Kelvin is a measurement of temperature and Durant is usually on fire. But really, I doubt it. I also have a tendency to want to call Josh Smith ‘Jorsh.’ Again, no clue why. Nor can I explain why I don’t want to call Josh Howard ‘Jorsh.’ Just Josh Smith. Anyway, Kevin Durant returned after missing two games to reclaim his team with a 28/7/3 line. /Russell Westbrook scoff

  1. Quintero says:

    Right on the money on DeRozan and that’s also why I can’t deny people when they keep on saying DeRozan is the next J-Rich. I just stare at the celling and try not to talk back.

  2. Cory says:

    Fabrajon Egg? That is simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever read. Ever.

  3. jeffjam says:

    Afflalo for R. Jefferson, which side wins out? I own Afflalo.

  4. Eric chen says:

    LMAO –> me LMAO!

    I also agree with the DeRozan analysis. He’s like Sonny Weems all hops and not much hoops!

    Blake Griffin’s FT are truly atrocious! The Clippers would’ve won if he hit all of them 🙂

    Why is Westbrook such a beast? I owned him for the past two years and was underwhelmed… but look at him now!

  5. Jay says:

    Hi. I’m in a 12-team 8-cat h2h league. By some freak luck, I was able to grab Andrea Bargnani off the waiver wire (don’t ask… really, don’t). This got me the following roster:

    PG: Deron Williams, Andre Miller, D.J. Augustin
    SG: Stephen Jackson, Landry Fields
    SF: Danilo Gallinari, Marvin Williams
    PF: Amar’e Stoudemire, Andray Blatche, Channing Frye
    C: Al Jefferson, Andrea Bargnani, Serge Ibaka

    I figure I’m a little thin on the wing positions (in particular once Joe Johnson returns and Marvin Williams plays as abominable as usual). Which of my big guys should I shop around, and for which kind of palyers?

  6. Tony says:

    Alvin Gentry can suck it…. PLAY HAKIM WARRICK! a guy going 26/6/2 is better than a guy (barron) going 2/2/2!

  7. 24hourjack says:


    what do y’think of this trade?….is it as big of a win for me as I think?

    I give up David Lee and get back Scola and Tyreke Evans….I really like Lee,and I know Evan’s numbers are down so far this yr,but still….

    it’s a redraft roto league,and I also have Love,Cousins,Blatche and Gay for PF/C slots….

  8. 24hourjack says:


    I think I’m ready to quit on CJ Miles and his inconsistent ass….who is the best p/u right now in his place?

    Rush,Bayless,Daniel Gibson,or Josh McBob….and keep in mind,this is in a H2H league which I’ve lost 8-1 two weeks in a row,so at this point I really just need the most talent,specific categories be damned.

  9. AdamPS says:

    Gotta pick one of these three for this week in an 8-cat league. All have 4 games.

    Wes Matthews
    Charlie V
    Arron Afflalo

    Not looking for anything in particular, just the best play overall. Thanks!

  10. Migs says:

    As a Raptors fan for the better part of 16 years (don’t laugh), I can say with all honesty that DeMar DeRozan will never be the next VC, and he’d have to work awfully hard to even become “the next J-Rich” as someone above mentioned. He has hops, but lacks that certain something that allows him to dunk on people in traffic. Maybe its a lack of coordination and aggressiveness? His handles are nowhere near where they should be, and this hinders his game. While his shot has improved, it still feels like he’s not that confident in it yet. All in all, Sonny Weems feels like the more polished player – his movement is smoother and he plays with more confidence. Those who have drafted and hung on to DeRozan have probably never seen him play much (or are Raptors fans), but I don’t think he’ll be fantasy relevant this year…

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Quintero: He might be the next Richardson, he just won’t be wearing a Toronto jersey when it comes to fruition.

    @Cory: Hehe.

    @jeffjam: Jefferson. Especially if Smith sees more minutes than he’s seen thus far into the season.

    @Eric chen: There’s a ton of talent on Toronto and if Triano can figure out how to best deploy that talent, they could chase New York for the No.2 spot in the Atlantic Division. Westbrook is a talented guard with the power and ability to go at defenders, get to the line, and sink free throws with remarkable efficiency all while playing with other remarkably efficient scorers to which he can dump the ball off is necessary.

    @Jay: I won’t ask … but you should know that I really want to. How is your league structured? I ask because Bargnani essentially plays like a wing. Can you just plug him in there (at UTIL or something) rather than shopping for another wing?

    @Tony: Agreed. Gentry’s philosophy around Barron is sound, just not his personnel.

    @24hourjack: Yeah, that’s a good deal. Re: C.J. Miles – Bayless, Gibson, Rush, McBob in that order. They all play four times this week.

    @AdamPS: Wes. By far.

    @Migs: Totally agree. Being a rough rookie (or even sophomore) is one thing, but he’s not improving in any discernible way and there doesn’t seem to be any urgency from the franchise to develop a guy who’s started in 85 of Toronto’s last 102 games.

  12. Jack says:

    Hey Adam,
    What do you think of trading J-Rich for J Terry and Amir Johnson? I’m weak at F, so thinking about it. Or is Terry’s value gonna take a hit with Roddy coming back soon?

  13. Migs says:

    @Adam @Jay – Whenever I think of Bargnani, I see a 3 stuck in the body of a 4, forced to play the 5 spot. Dude can stroke it from anywhere on the floor, and has a nice (but very awkward) pump fake, dribble, drive, dunk move. However, most people expect him to provide big man stats, and he just won’t do that. He’s great if paired with a SF who can give rebs/blks/FG%s though, as he’ll give you good pts, FT%, 3’s, a block, and like 5-6 rebs. He’s pulling down a couple more rebs mainly because he’s getting the easy ones that Reggie would’ve gobbled up.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jack: I wouldn’t. I DO think Terry will take at least a small hit, but more than that, I think (and have thunk since Amar’e left Phoenix) that Richardson is going to have a big year. too big to let go for Terry and Johnson.

    @Migs: Yeah. It’s still inexcusable for a guy that tall to have grabbed fewer than six rebounds in 2/5 of his games this season. But yeah, he does have a pretty shot.

  15. jeffjam says:

    The question is whether JR sees more minutes going forward. Anyhow, Afflalo seems to me way inconsistant. He has been quiet for two weeks, then drops 25, however, with no supporting stats other than 3PTS and even in 3PTS he is beaten by Jefferson. I was expecting like 5 to 6 assists per game, though, he is playing alongside Billups, instead of that I am getting three pointers and nothing else.

  16. jeffjam says:

    But, hey, I own Brook Lopez, comparing to him, Afflalo is playing ball of his life…

  17. Migs says:

    @Adam – definitely, no excuses. Anyone who can pretty much touch the rim on his tip-toes should be able to grab at least 2 boards per quarter. Just look at Brook Lop… oh nevermind

  18. Adam

    Adam says:

    @jeffjam: I think as long as Smith remains somewhat efficient, he’ll see 25-28 minutes a game. I don’t necessarily believe Afflalo gives you nothing else besides threes. He’s blocked six shots in four games and maintains a generally low turnover rate. Still though, I know what you mean.

    @Migs: Ha!

  19. Gerald says:

    H2H daily lineup. Long term, who do you prefer Channing Frye or Chris Bosh? I have Frye and am offered Bosh. Do take note that PHO has max playoff schedule..

  20. jeffjam says:

    Well, I am in no TO league, which is a god´s gift. Yeah I noticed his streak in blocks, however, I consider it being a deviation which will return to the mean by Afflalo blocking zero shots in next 10 games, hehe. I think the reason for his low TOs is exactly the same why he doesn´t have more assists….he isn´t handling the ball at all.

  21. Tony says:

    @Gerald: someone is offering you bosh for your frye, straight up? hmmm…. DO IT!

    who cares about max playoff games if you’re not in them…. bosh is more valuable than frye, hands down….

  22. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Gerald: @Tony: Yup. Bosh. Do it. Zip it up. Lock it down.

    @jeffjam: Yeah, totally. Really, as long as Billups (and Lawson) are on the Nuggets, neither Afflalo nor Smith will have the ball in their hands longer than it takes to shoot it.

  23. Jack says:

    @Adam: Ok, Adam…How high are you on Roddy? Someone just told me I could have my choice of JR, Amir, Bynum or Hedu for him…


  24. Spike says:

    Is it time for Mike Miller? In a 14-team 9-cat H2H, would be dropping Meeks (probably), Flynn, Bayless or Barbosa.

  25. ernesto says:

    Trevor Ariza for Jrue Holiday… Who wins this trade?

  26. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jack: I’m pretty high. The only player I’d consider giving him up for is Bynum and only if you really need big man stats and can afford to rid yourself of a shooter. The Mavs are shit-hot and rocking right now and they still maintain that Roddy will be the starting SG. That’s high praise indeed.

    @Spike: It’s always Miller time! (Sorry). I might give Meeks a game or two more to see how he does in the starting lineup before grabbing Miller. He’s – last I heard – still at least two weeks away from returning.

    @ernesto: Whoever gets Holiday.

  27. Jay says:

    @Jack: I think Bynum for Roddy sounds incredibly great, even though a little risky. Amir is probably fair. I wouldn’t touch JR or Hedo with an 11-foot pole (Hedo in particular, as I think it is very likely that Frye will take over as starting PF once RoLo returns). Depends on your neeeds though.

    @Adam: well, Bargs’ owner obviously didn’t like his production during the last two weeks or so, and insteadd of shopping him around simply dropped him for Hakim Warrick. For some reason, Andrea slipped past my opponents and I could grab him without any wire priority. Well, I’m not going to look back, as that’s basically a case of buying abysmally low (Bargs for Sonny Weems… no, I’m not kidding. I wish I was.)

    Regarding my league: yes, there are two Utility spots, and he is also PF eligible so I can put him into the SF/PF bench slot too. It’s more about the fact that I like to have players on as many roster spots as possible every night.

  28. Spike says:

    @Adam: It’s always Miller time! So wait, even if your only SF is Wes Johnson? 😛

  29. swingers says:


    What do you think the chances are of Boris Diaw getting shipped out of CHA and Ty Thomas getting unleashed? I’m thinking of maybe trying to trade for Ty as I (and everyone else) think that Ty can be a beast with 30+ mins a night.

    Also, I’m in need of serious stl and blks. Do you prefer AK47 or Ty rest of the way?

    Thanks mucho.

  30. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jay: Whoa. That’s bonkers that he slipped through everyone. Well … I might try shopping Miller/Augustin (whichever you think will generate the most value), Marvin while he appears productive, any of you PFs not named Amar’e and maybe even Serge. Don’t give any of these guys away, like your opponent did with Bargnani, but see if you can parlay a 2-for-1 with a team that is desperate for one or two specific categories.

    @Spike: Just a few games. It’s a bummer that you’ve only got Wes (how’d that happen!?!), but waiting to pick up Miller on Thursday instead of today won’t change that.

  31. Adam

    Adam says:

    @swingers: It’s possible. But Diaw isn’t an expiring contract. Maybe if a playoff contender needs a big who eats a lot of donuts, he’ll find his way onto a new team. Even then, T-Time won’t go off for several more months.

    Because of that, I’d prefer AK47.

  32. Ryan says:

    What’s your take on Frye?

    I need 3’s and have Blatche as my best candidate to waive? I’d feel him in there as a flex guy. I’m also 2nd worst in TOs

    My other option is to try to trade Blatche maybe for a SG/SF type but the league is shallow and no one has wanted him so far. Guys like Batum, Villanueva, Afflalo and Richard Jefferson are on waiver wire.

    -My only other options to drop if I was crazy are Jrue Holiday, Milsap, and Roy Hibbert… Yeah shallow I know!

  33. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: First of all, do not drop any of those other guys you named. Take your finger off the drop button. Do it now!

    Frye’s had three blech games in his last four, but compared to the first three weeks of the season, he seems to be slowly resembling the player he was last season. He won’t repeat his production from last year, but I don’t think 15/6 with 3 blks+3ptm is out of reach from here on out.

    If you drop Blatche, you might as well use the roster spot for hot shooters. Maybe Frye, maybe J.R. Smith, maybe Wes Matthews. And so-on.

  34. Jif & The Choosy Mothers says:

    Is it just me or did the fellas at ESPN steal your headline today?

  35. brad says:

    drop ed davis for derrick favors and sonny weems for okur?

    doing so would give me the added bonus of a complete craptor purge.

  36. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jif & The Choosy Mothers: It wouldn’t be the first time. Technically, ESPN is asking who’s hot and answering their own question, which is an obnoxious trait. (I should know, I do it all the time). My headline is engaged and really cares who J.R. Smith considers hot.

    At either rate, I’m going to have to step up my headlines. If ESPN is copying them, they must not be all that great. I also noticed that Rotoworld’s headline is a similar: “Who’s Got J.R.?”

    To avoid this in the future, I will only incorporate Pistons into the daily headline. Lord knows no one else will be writing about any of them.

  37. Adam

    Adam says:

    @brad: Meh. I don’t love either of those transactions. I’d definitely wait on Okur. I’d be surprised if he’s worth much by year’s end.

  38. d2bnz says:

    A lot of chatter recently in regard to the value of Baron …..well in the ‘white shadow league” he was dropped onto waivers and even though I had the 3rd waiver pick , I missed out
    The player that dropped him picked up Ben Gordon, to make room the waiver winner dropped Brandon Rush and I was prepared to drop Toney Douglas… there ya go …..FYI

  39. Adam

    Adam says:

    @d2bnz: For what it’s worth, you were all right to attempt to drop the guys you were attempting to drop in order to add Baron. … That’s probably not worth much, however.

  40. @Adam:

    Adam – I hear Roddy Buckets ETA is still 3 weeks away; you? Also, curious what your projections are for him once he’s back starting. Want to see if I should punt DeRozan now or next week?


  41. Jif & The Choosy Mothers says:

    @Adam: So true on all levels. ESPN is a bit of a joke. I’ll admit – I habitually go there at times but what was once a daily habit is now probably a thrice monthly habit – and an unpleasant one at that (think chewing tobacco).

    Thanks for your daily reports. Good stuff.

  42. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Yeah. Last I heard, he’s kicking it in the D-League until the end of the month. I’d like to see what he does down there before projecting anything. That said, I’d be surprised if you regret dropping DeRozan for him at year’s end.

    @Jif & The Choosy Mothers: Thanks! ESPN is good for a lot of things, I just don’t think their analysis serves their readers in any useful way.

  43. Ryan says:

    Adam what do you think of these trades? Need more guard and 3s

    I get :

    Wilson Chandler for Andray Blatche

    Eric Gordon for Zach Randolph

  44. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ryan: I like the Gordon/Randolph deal best.

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