Every day when I see LeBron James do this thing, it just convinces me further that he is the only being in the entire universe that could survive its eventual demise. Dude will be still be averaging near-triple-doubles while the sun goes super nova and will still be playing when, like his what, great-great to the nth quadruple trillion-billion-something (I LOVE MATH) grandson, LeBronny MMMCMXCIX retires as the last star dies. Absolutely timeless is my point. And of course, it probably didn’t hurt that Dillon Brooks is on the Rockets, with LeBron James putting up his aforementioned near-triple-double with 37/6/8 on 74/40/78 percentages in a 105-104 Lakers win.

Since I totally and completely eat crow when it’s deserved (my bad on Kyrie!), so far, my early and sustaining love for Chet Holmgren has me in the clouds. He literally slept-walked to last night’s 100/100/100, good for 116% TS… sure, it was just 6-for-6 from the field, but that was still 16 points, 6 rebounds and 2 blocks in just 20 minutes. And of course, the craziest part, this puts him at 69.7 TS% for the season so far…

Kristaps Porzingis went 26/8/1 on 9-13 FG with 1 steal and 6 blocks. I think this was where he was supposed to be. With KP, there are only really the two questions marks you have to find your peace with, that’s the health part and the streakiness. Right now he’s healthy and hot, let’s see how long that lasts, but without the foreboding tone…

Another big man I was smitten with this season was Domantas Sabonis, but let’s be fair, I only have so much energy in reserve to pat my shoulders so many times, so I gotta be real… one really has to wonder how someone could forecast a big year for Sabonis, but kinda not realize that a star point guard also might benefit and be a partner to it, right? De’Aaron Fox and Sabinos are having a great start to the season that continued against the Mavs where they both combined for 62 points, 17 rebounds and 13 assists.

Just your random and totally normal heat check; Isaiah Joe has gone 33-for-56 from beyond the arc in the past 10 games, that’s good for 59%!

With LeBron aging like a fine LeWine, we are truly living in the age of NBA spoils with Kevin Durant still playing like he’s 25, not 35, scoring 39 points on 10 rebounds and 8 assists on 52/44/100, helping the Suns win in overtime.




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