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Welcome to those who are still engaged in their respective leagues and looking for that fine tuning in what could be the last week of your fantasy playoffs in head-to-head leagues. For those of you in roto leagues that go down to the bitter end, there will continue to be value off your wire as teams go into full tank mode like a no-limit soldier.

As I said last week, with trade deadlines passed, we needed to alter the format for the purpose of providing you with a player to target that could be attainable via the wire. What I have done is targeted players who have not had much value all season long but have suddenly found a path to minutes and those minutes have led to production that can be sustained for the remainder of the regular season.

Like legendary player and colour commentator Bill Walton once eloquently said when Samaki Walker entered a game late for the Lakers, “So THIS is what it’s come too?”

Theo Maledon

That is not a typo, you read that name correctly and I cannot stress it enough that it is time to make certain the young French guard is on your roster for the remainder of the season. Over the past week, you might be floored to believe that Theo is the 23rd ranked player in fantasy basketball. WHAT?! Over the last three games, he’s averaged:

51% FG, 94% FT, 2.7 three’s, 22.7 points, 6 rebounds, 4.7 assists, 1 steal and 0.3 blocks

That is an incredible feat for a player who is the 356th ranked player on the season. I do recognize a small caveat in that two of those three games were against other tanking teams in the Magic and the Blazers but one of those games was against a Denver team still jockeying for their playoff position. Here is what we know, the starting backcourt of Giddey and Shai are out for the season and winning games is nowhere to be found on OKC’s priority list. Theo is going to start and have all of the opportunity he can handle moving forward.

Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix, and Portland are the next four games and with Phoenix possibly resting everyone for that one after clinching the West, it is possible we continue to see some sexy production from Maledon. He is only 21% rostered so you could certainly be doing much worse on your waiver wire.

Vive la France!

Take a chance and hit me up in the comments section below.

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10 months ago

From one Joe to another! Assuming no health setbacks, I have to bench two players tonight and really struggling to decide. The guys available are: CP3, Lamelo, Bane, Ingram, Tatum, Butler, Markkanen, Bam, Eubanks. Help, lol!