Razzball Nation, what’s good?

I wish nothing but championship level success to all of our readers and I hope, over the course of the season, I was able to provide you with a tidbit or two that supported your dreams of being crowned lord of lords in your respective leagues.

Silly season is coming in full strength now as more teams admit defeat and begin clearing their benches to get a look at some of their prospects who have not logged much on-court time. The waiver wire is your friend for those of you still battling and you should be perusing it daily, as we never really know who will provide value day to day at this time of the year.

One thing we do know or at least should know is that the tank is officially on in Portland and that, my friends, is where you should begin your hunt.


Time’s Up.

Dame time is over, ladies and gentlemen, as Damian Lillard been officially shut down.

He has been out the last three games and with the Blazers way on the outside looking in at a playoff spot, it makes complete sense to not risk the health of Lillard who has given us one of the best fantasy seasons of his career and give a longer look at some of their up-and-coming players.

Alongside Dame is Jusuf Nurkic, who has also missed the past three games and all signs indicate he will not be returning this season. Add in the fact that Anfernee Simons and Jerami Grant have also been out for extended time, it becomes clear that the Blazers are packing it in with their starters.

So, who reaps the benefits of all this extra value floating around?

Quite clearly, it will be Shaedon Sharpe and, if he is somehow available in your league, you pick him up immediately. Ranked 291st on the season but 53rd over the past week, Sharpe is showing off his ability to score (22.3 points per game), hit threes (3 per game) and steal (1.3 per game). He is also shooting a very respectable 49.2% from the field on 16 attempts per game. Keep him in mind come draft day next season as he could be in for a breakout depending on what moves Portland makes in the off-season.

Drew Eubanks is the man you want if you are looking for field goal and blocks, emphasis on the blocks. This man is athletic and has great timing. Speaking of timing, he did the exact same thing at the end of the season last year when the Blazers closed shop and he was a beast down the stretch.

Go get him.

Also give Keon Johnson a look. He is a bit of an unknown as far as what his best skills are, but he will be given plenty of minutes and he saw 30 of them in his last game and dropped in 20 points with six dimes and three treys. He is well worth a flier at this stage.

As always, hit me up in the comments section with your thoughts and questions.

It has been a pleasure every week to provide a little something to take with you in fantasy.