You know that feeling when the band stops playing and the bar lights abruptly turn on, signaling that it is time to guzzle down that last beverage? When you notice that the floor is actually quite sticky and the person you just met, and have been talking to for the past hour, seemed like a far better idea when the lights were dimmer? Your ears are ringing slightly and you want to hit the drive-through for a number 4 combo before getting home and sleeping with the same clothes on?

Yeah, we have all experienced this in one way or another and it is an equivalent feeling to this point in the fantasy season.

If you are in a points league that has yet to wrap up, you are likely in the championship round this week or next week, meaning you are still working the wire feverishly to get the most games played and the best value available. In a roto league, the wire is also our friend as you are laser-focused on maintaining or boosting certain categories that best support your team.

As previously stated, I will not be highlighting underperformers at this stage of the season but rather, situations that feel may give you the best advantage.

Texas Hold’em

Like the game, it will take a little luck on the flop for some of these players to work out but, if you play your cards just right, you will be chip leader when it matters most.

There are opportunities throughout the three Texas teams: Spurs, Rockets and Mavericks. The trick will be to know when to add and when to drop to ensure you are maximizing value this week and possibly the next.

In Dallas, the clock might be running out on Jaden Hardy but, if you need points and threes, he is a player that could fill that need. Anytime Luka and/or Kyrie are out, you can give him a look. When the backcourt is fully healthy, though, he can be left on the wire. Same can be said for Josh Green, who has a little more playing time stability but, again, takes a considerable hit to his value when the team is healthy.

In Houston, Tari Eason should already be firmly on your radars and, while he is limited when the team is at full strength, it makes sense that his minutes will increase down this last stretch. Tari will have his opportunity for spot starts and be an excellent option for steals and blocks while providing serviceable across the board production.

Over in San Antonio, it is more Russian roulette than poker and it is anyone’s guess who is playing night to night. The interesting player here with the most stability is back up center Sandro Mamukelashvili. The out-of-position assists are nice, coupled with the ability to shoot the three and get rebounds. Just make sure you brace yourself for some poor field goal percentage and low blocks. Malaki Branham is another player who will get big minutes moving forward translating into opportunity for production, and that is all we can ask for with just over two weeks remaining in the regular season.

As always, hit me up in the comment section below for your questions and/ or beef and we can chop it up.

Good luck out there,