Welcome Razzball family to our deep dive into a player who can potentially help get you over the hump or support you in maintaining the lead in your respective leagues. As we are on the doorstep of the calendar flip to April, it is likely that some of you have crossed your league’s trade deadline and if not, it is likely fast approaching. For this reason, it becomes increasingly paramount to make a move for this week’s underperformer of the week. Could this be the week you go from zero to hero? Likely not. I mean, there just are not enough weeks left for you to go from the basement to the top floor in a competitive league. However, if you are within striking distance or you are in the top half of your league then this could very well be a move that proves to bolster your chances moving forward. At the very least, you will have the GMs who are currently ahead of you concerned enough to look for a last-minute deal of their own to keep you from gaining on them.

Come take a gander at everyone’s favorite break-out player heading into this season, I give to you…


Christian Wood

I am going to keep it 100 with you, I love me some C Dub. This was my guy heading into the season and I made sure to have stock in him in all of my leagues. As the season began he was everything I imagined he would be and more, flirting with top 25 value as a center who was giving 20 points and 10 rebounds double-doubles while splashing threes and blocking shots. Things in H-town were looking up until the first of two ankle injuries sidelined Wood. The second ankle injury may have been a result of Wood returning too early from the first mixed with some bad luck but whatever the reason, the latest one had him out for a significant chunk of games.

Unlike the Too $hort and Jay Z song goes, things were NOT all good just a week ago. Over the past seven days, Wood ranks 259th on Yahoo behind averages of 43% FG, 58% FT, 17.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, 0 steals, 0.5 blocks, and one three. Dismal. All of those numbers are below his season averages where currently, he is ranked #42.

While the points and boards are decent, the FG, FT, blocks, and threes are way down. I attribute this to the mangled mess of a roster that Houston has cobbled together and spills out onto the floor night after night. The saving grace is that Wood is and should be the team’s primary focus and as a result, he will get his touches and play himself out of his recent slump. The time to make a play for him has never been better as his owners are likely open and willing to listen to offers for the first time all year.

This Houston team is going nowhere faster than the fastest thing you can think of going somewhere fast. However, I do not believe Wood is a shutdown risk. I feel Houston should want to see what they have as the team has no identity. In addition to that, this team has been discombobulated most of the season.

Run out there and get your offers on the table before someone else does. A big man with this type of upside is a rare find in the latter stages of the fantasy season. A move like this could easily be a difference-maker for you in your league.


As always, hit me up in the comments section. I welcome your feedback and thoughts.

Good luck people.