“Living off borrowed time the clock tick faster

That’d be the hour they knock the slick blaster”.

Razz Nation, we are in the place to be for another look into a possible high end stud that can certainly be had at a reduced price today based on his performance thus far into the season.

This cat was near the top of many draft boards throughout the fantasy landscape, as there was high expectations for this dynamic scorer who many GM’s hoped would be a pillar of their backcourt.

It’s been a wild  ride so far for his owners, who are certainly losing faith by this point and if you have a top 50 guy at your disposal, you should entertain the idea of lobbing him out there to a frustrated GM.


Devin Booker

We remain in the Valley of the Sun this week as we take a closer look at a teammate of last week’s feature.

The Kentucky wildcat product has not lived up to his lofty ADP and as a matter of fact, he’s not even close. As of this moment, as my fingers strike the keys Booker is ranked at 64 in Yahoo which is a distant cry from his top 10 finish last season. Booker’s ADP this season was certainly ballooned by his performance in the Bubble where he was en fuego.

Most GM’s who have a healthy breathe of fantasy basketball knowledge likely anticipated a slight dip in his assists this season from the 6.5 he handed out last season. However, Booker is down in nearly every aspect across 8 cat leagues. The assists sit at 4.3 this season and while there could be an uptick in that category with improved play, I wouldn’t anticipate coming near last season’s average due to the arrival of CP3. Outside of that, I can see Booker increasing his scoring (down 4 points), field goal percentage (down 3%), and his free throw percentage (down a whopping 10%).

This is a player with top 15 potential and a reasonable floor of top 25. It’s for this reason that you go out and make a move for him because once his shot starts falling will regularity there will be no turning back for him and the buy-low window will slam shut with such vigor, the glass will shatter into a million shards.

It won’t be a matter of if that happens, it will only be a matter of when.

We watched Phoenix make a point of getting Ayton involved in hopes to get him rolling and he responded with his best game of the season.  Look for the Suns to implement a similar strategy for Devin Booker to get his mojo going baby, yeah!

“It’s like they know what’s bout to happen,

just keep ya eye out, like aye, aye cap’n”.