K-Mart, the retail store I’m talking here, has always been a joke.  The one next to campus where I went to college always got robbed and there was always someone with a gun.  I know there’s a popular site People of Walmart, which would be pretty interesting for K-Mart too if there ever actually were people in K-Marts.  Maybe shoppers there treat the store like Dawn of the Dead.  They’re just ducking and covering, and steal supplies stealthily which is why the shelves are always empty.  Well I guess they have been in the news recently because of their great Black Friday deals.  Hey, if DeMarcus Cousins can’t shoot better than 1-10 or 2-10 like he has in the last two ganes, he might be in one of the lines.  “We’re moving to Seattle, but we’re not taking you!”  Good thing the NBA version’s of K-Mart showed he isn’t completely chapter 11, going a respectable 16 Pts (4-6 FG 3-5 3PTM) 4 Rebs 4 Asts and 2 Stls.  Hey I just said Kevin Martin wasn’t bankrupt… Not that he is suddenly on fire!  Damn K-Mart (the smoldering store).  Most rebounds since Jan. 9th, first 30+ min game in 7 games, and luckily he’s still in the OKC mix.  Only two games last night, but let’s check out what else went down:

J.R. Smith – Puts up a 36 burger and is on a fantasy tear lately.  Get hurt more often, Carmelo!  Scored 38% of the Knicks points.  Too bad he went cold down the stretch.  Then he woulda got the official 40 burger.

Raymond Felton – 16 and only 3 assists, going 1-8 behind the arc.  I challenge him to a game of horse.  But none of those through the legs, reverse, off the front of the rim layup things.  That shizz don’t fly.

Kevin Durant – 34 8 and 6.  Did you expect anything less?

Russell Westbrook – 21 Pts 6 Rebs 5 Asts and 2 Stls.  Not the monster line like he has been putting up in the last 3, but you’ll take it.  But you gotta be able to make layups.

Thabo Sefolosha – Maybe the most underwhelming 31 minutes of NBA action ever played.  I picked him up to stream a guy who could get 3-4 assists and I got 1-2 FG 2 Pts 1 Reb 2 Stls and a Block.  Ok so there’s a few things to like in the steals and blocks, but get some mother f assists!

Matt Barnes – In proving me that he’s not a trustable ThrAGNOF, Barnes goes 8-20 for 19 Pts but 0-5 behind the stripe.  Assumed the Jamal Crawford role who was out with a sore ankle by taking 20 shots, leading the Clippers with Blake taking the second most at 12.  Ball hog!

Wilson Chandler – A respectable 12 Pts 2 3PTM 4 Rebs and 5 Asts off the bench, including a huge dunk that made the Nuggets bench get all cray-cray.  Still worth a spot towards the end of your roster.


Next Game: I’ve got highlights for Memphis @ Cleveland on tonight so I’ll be watching… Um… Marc Gasol hopefully get a triple dub?  OK, so I’m stretching for a headline.  As always post your questions and comments below!

  1. Frank Lynch says:

    ManI’mhappy Rose is cleared to play but These coments aren’t good when the say he’s not quite ready or he stll can’t dunk off his left leg… Man just when I thought he might come back in a week this shit happens!! What u think? Also How far should I drag him in the playoffs??

  2. Frank Lynch says:

    Oh I forgot, Do you think they’re going to keep benching Durant at the end of the 3rd quarter?? I can’t take that cause he might do that shit in the playoffs. ya know? My playoffs

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Frank Lynch: If you’ve held out this long, hold onto hope! They might bench Durant a little, but not much you can do, he’s playing elite and ya can’t get too mad!

  3. Frank Lynch says:

    I would never in my life move Durant but I’m just speaking my mind meaning, just when I start the playoffs of course they’re gonna keep benching my best player!! LOL I know It’s part of the game but I just love complaining and think this all just happens to me… LOL just messing around. HAHA

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