The Razzball Roundtable is reunited as I join Brent, Son, and Craig Bozic for a wide ranging NBA conversation.  We start off looking at what players and teams have been greatly impacted by trades for fantasy basketball.  Among the notables are Jae CrowderMichael Beasley, and Isaiah Thomas. There’s also an in-depth conversation on the impending tank race and how it’s become acceptable in NBA circles to tank. We give our fantasy MVP to this point, biggest breakouts and busts, along with a player or two that we could see break out after the All-Star break.  All of that and plenty more on the latest edition of the Razzball Basketball Podcast!

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  1. Greek Freak says:

    VIZ!! Need some advice…

    My team, currently 5th in my 9-cat league

    Chris Paul
    Lonzo Ball
    Elfrid Payton
    Kent Bazemore
    Jabari Parker
    Myles turner
    Bobby Portis
    Jaylen Brown
    Josh Richardson
    Dejounte Murray
    Evan Fourneri
    Trevor Ariza

    Just got an offer.. Giannis for Bradley beal & tim Hardaway Jr.


    • Viz

      Viz says:

      @Greek Freak: Hey man, thanks for the question! I’m holding Giannis and not thinking twice about it. He’s so much better than both of those guys (Basketball Monster has Giannis worth more than triple what Beal and Hardaway are worth COMBINED) and in general, I’d rather have the best player in the deal. You’d also have to cut someone on your team to add an extra player, and that player might not be better than Hardaway is (depending on what you need). You’d have to be getting back a top 10 player and someone else who is very valuable to even think about moving Giannis in my opinion (for the record, Giannis is 8th but closer to 5th than 9th, Beal 34th, Hardaway 98th overall for where I check value to this point in the season).

      • Greek Freak says:


        I had a feeling you might say that haha… you are very right! Thank you Viz!!!

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