Deadline day is tomorrow!  Instead of a game by game recap, I’m Googling trade rumors and then going to figure out who would benefit.  Stash season, and not the Pencil Thin kind.  So who’s rumored to be traded?

Andrew Wiggins

It might be time to see if Wiggins has been dropped in your league.  I have no statistical or eye test reason to say this.  I do know from personal experience that changing jobs can shake you up a bit and make you work harder.  Could this be the case for Wiggins?  Or has the massive salary crippled his motivation?  If he gets moved to somewhere with higher usage potential, check him out.

Chicago Bulls

They really probably won’t make a trade.  If they do move off of DeMar DeRozan’s expiring deal, he will for sure lose value because he knows where his coach buried the bodies and can do whatever he wants in Chicago.  Ayo Dosumnu should already have been picked up;  I think he has 10 team value the rest of the way.  Andre Drummond is a hot name in the rumors as well.  I’d grab him to see if he gets to a spot where he can get over 20 minutes.  If that happens he’s a double double machine.

Prediction:  Nothing.  No moves.  Drummond should go to OKC and DeMar to the Sixers but the Bulls front office likes this ninth place team.

Atlanta Hawks

Noone is saying this, and I’m not reporter and I’m not reporting anything, but Clint Capela should be traded at some point.  If he does, Onyeka Okongwu gets the minutes and is a sprint to the wire guy.  AJ Griffin seems to have fallen out of favor.  Huh.  I said “seems like.”  Crack writing, there, and not the street kind.  Yes, he’s not getting any minutes but he’s kinda good, so if he gets moved take a gander.

Predictions:  AJ Griffin to the Bulls, Capela to Mavericks

Jerami Grant

No, the Blazers aren’t good.  Yes, he makes a lot of money.  Yes, he could help a contender.  No, it would not be good for his fantasy value.

Prediction:  traded to the Jazz

Thunder Town

Be on the lookout for trades from OKC.  They really need a big guy, and could clear up their glut of wings in the process.  If a guy like Tre Mann is moved to a team with open minutes you know what to do.  Also, whoever they get would be helpful for Chet Holmgren, so he might take a bit of a hit.

Prediction:  Andre Drummond season in OKC

Miles Bridges

Sports are entertainment.  I don’t find rooting for Miles to be entertaining, but he does put up numbers.  If he’s traded, he will continue to produce numbers.  Rumors persist that he’s on the way to Phoenix.  Hold here.  He could go to any team willing to take the PR hit for playing this guy.

Prediction:  Suns trade

Dejounte Murray

He looks to be on the move and will take a hit wherever he goes.  Of course, if he goes to the Nets, that changes and he becomes a second round value again.

Prediction:  traded to the Nets

It’s not terribly smart to predict a trade deadline.  Possibly a fool’s errand.  It’s a much better idea to react than to predict, so that’s the plan!