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Razzball Nation!

The Trade Deadline is nigh, which is to say, soon.  Can I trade the start of this open with a different one…?  “Did you hear the one about how the Hawks got nothing for the broke ass of Josh Smith last trade deadline?!”  Imagine the Hawks with a lottery pick as well…  I guess as fortune-tellers, they knew they didn’t need anything for Smoove!

The 2015 NBA Trade Deadline will pass at 3:00 PM EST, and up until the closing moments, I’ll be updating this post as each trade moves across my virtual news desk.  Fantasy spins galore!  That’s the younger sister of Pussy Galore…  So be sure to constantly ping that refresh like Goldfinger on Kitco!  Here’s what’s gone down so far:

(12:45 PM) – Morning everyone!  Just now getting up and catching up on all the news.  Very unsurprisingly, Arron Afflalo has been moved to Portland and as we expected, Thomas Robinson is part of the deal.  Getting into update mode!

(12:54) PORTLAND GETS: Arron Afflalo, Alonzo Gee

DENVER GETS: Thomas Robinson, Will Barton, Victor Claver, 2016 lotto-protected first-rounder

Not shocking at all.  Afflalo was probably the most likely guy to get traded, and TRob bounces around more than Wreck-It Ralph on speed.  It’s been suggested that the Nugs are done trading with this one, so breath a sigh of relief Wilson Chandler owners!  And he’s probably a must-own with a little uptick in shots.

The return of Randy Foye!  Should move into the starting SG spot, but with younguns Gary Harris and newly-acquried Will Barton vying for minutes.  Foye missed a ton with a quad so he has to prove he’s healthy, but as an upside grab in 12ers I think he should be owned.

(12:58) I had some real scrub-ass streamers on both of my RCLs, and got Foye on both teams.  Seems like he’s only owned in 29% of leagues due to the dead squads.

(1:04) WASHINGTON GETS: Ramon Sessions


Very meh trade.  Swap of backup PG.  Sessions should fare much better in Washington if he’s ever pressed into starting duty should anything happen to John Wall.

(1:11) PHILADELPHIA GETS: JaVale McGee, 2015 protected pick, funny YouTube video opportunities, Rights to Chu Chu Maduabum

DENVER GETS: Rights to Cenk Akyol (which sounds like an indie rock band name)

McGee might get bought out, and best-case is he plays a few minutes here and there to maybe get a few dunks to bring in a few extra fans.  “Come in out of the cold, Philadelphians, we’ve got heat in the arena!”

(1:16) “Wahhhhhhhh, I’m Jarrett Jack!”  Hahahahahaha.

(1:25) Tons of rumors flying around for the Goran Dragic and Reggie Jackson sweepstakes.  The one that seems to have the most steam is Brooklyn getting RJax and sending Brook Lopez to OKC within a larger framework.The question is, will Brolo begin to try on the Thunder?!

(1:54) Robert Sarver sounds like a kid with the only toy at play time.  “You can’t force me to share!”

(2:02) Wow, NBA teams love doing the last minute decisions!  Brooklyn waiting until the last second: https://twitter.com/WojYahooNBA/status/568485235823939585

(2:05) The Heat throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Goran Dragic.  Norris Cole, Josh McRoberts, Chris Andersen and two first-rounders.  Might as well throw in Pat Riley’s hair gel and the 10,000 old LeBron jerseys in storage!

(2:16) So I have ESPN on, and in a cut-together package previewing the NBA second half, they had some dude saying “I think the Lakers know this, and are passively tanking…”  No shizz, great bold reporting ESPN!

(2:19) Philly also picked up rights to somebody named Chu Chu Maduabum.  Ummmm, best name in the NBA if he ever makes it from Mongolia!

(2:21) OKC also interested in getting Enes Kanter.  Hey, if they’re trying to get a non-D center, they’re looking at the right two!

(2:32) Ummmmm, so the Pistons are unhappy with how good D.J. Augustin has been?!  At least waiving Josh Smith gives them some cap room…

(2:33) Not too promising for a Wolves trade.  KG deal might end up stalling out, and sadly might not see my Kevin Seraphin going up north and starting…

(2:35) Oops, NEVERMIND!

(2:38) Seems pretty official:


BROOKLYN GETS: Thaddeus Young

Might be some picks and money involved, but Thad moving to Brooklyn should be a nice boost in value.  They need some PF O and I think he could be much better in a new situation.  KG is obviously still an ignore, Flip wants him to help mentor.

Opens up some big upside for the Dieng Train!  Choo choo!  Let’s just hope Gorgui Dieng starts next to Nikola Pekovic and Flip doesn’t start the schlub Anthony Bennett.  Be sure Dieng is owned in your league(s).


 (2:48) Damn, wow looks like both big-name PG have been dealt:

(2:49) So D.J. Augustin is likely droppable in all leagues.  Maybe gives you one more start tomorrow night against the Bulls.

(2:50) I would still probably Foye over Gerald Green, who now is looking at big minutes again with Dragic gone as mentioned this morning.

(2:52) And like Foye, Green was owned in 57% of leagues but was available in both of my RCLs.  Lots of dead data there!  Also helps I still had streamer garbage left over from last week’s shortened schedule to drop.

(2:55) Looks like Enes Kanter is heading to OKC.  Another situation where a better defender will play behind him and probably is more deserving of minutes…

(2:57) So it looks like a 3-team deal between OKC, UTA, and DET in the RJax move.  Kendrick Perkins to Utah.  Kyle Singler to OKC.

(2:58) … And might be a lot more players involved in this!


(2:59) Even with Dwyane Wade hurt all the time, Dragic to Miami would make Mario Chalmers unownable in most leagues.

(3:00) WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(3:01) Well, I’ll be watching less Bucks…  Terrible blow to Knight’s value, but still should be solid.  Isaiah Thomas doesn’t get the big boost we expected, unless maybe he was moved too.

(3:02) Craziest deadline ever!  Why did I pick this one to do a live post?!?!?!?!  MCW moved, Isaiah Thomas to Boston check that Philly check that again Boston!!  This flip flopped a while…

(3:04) KJ gone.

(3:07) Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe together should be mad fun to watch.

(3:10) MCW to Milwaukee, I guess efficiency wasn’t a need.  We’re about to start the podcast so updates will be a little slower…

(3:11) DJ will head to Thunder to be backup.

(3:13) So Bucks get all this for Knight, still don’t get it though…

(3:20) I’ll just update everything after the Pod we’re recording.

(3:35) So we’re recording the Pod, and Isaiah Canaan might be the pickup of the day.  Possible starting PG for Philly ROS.

(4:03) Podcast is recorded!  Putting it together to get posted soon, and while it’s loading will begin to update all these trades.


PHOENIX GETS: Brandon Knight, Marcus Thornton

MILWAUKEE GETS: Michael Carter-Williams, Miles Plumlee, Tyler Ennis

BOSTON GETS: Isaiah Thomas

PHILADELPHIA GETS: Top-5 protected pick

Actually a nice pickup from the Sixers!  Is MCW a long-term guy worth a 5-10 NBA draft pick value?

So let’s start with my bf Knight.  Ya know, I at first was mad at seeing this move, but the more I’ve thought about it Knight+Bledsoe should be a really fun combo and it’s not like Knight was averaging a ton of dimes as the only facilitator on Milwaukee.  I think it could help him get a little more minutes as well – a little surprising he’s only at 32:27 MPG right now.  Kidd kinda waffled with him, I think Hornacek runs him a tad more.

MCW to Milwaukee can only give you optimism.  Worst-case scenario he’s still as inefficient as on Philly!  If he was dropped by an impatient owner, go grab him even though he’ll be hurt a couple more games.  Jerryd Bayless is a very interesting short-term streamer until MCW is 100%.

Boston hates Marcus Smart!  Well, we’ve known that…  Big boost for IT2 with consistent minutes and usage.  Smart can be dropped nearly everywhere, likely moving to a bench role.

The Thornton/IT2 part was technically part of another deal, but I don’t think changes too much.  The Bayou Bomber won’t be doing too much bombing.  As mentioned above, grab Gerald Green where you can!


DETROIT GETS: Reggie Jackson

OKLAHOMA CITY GETS: Enes Kanter, D.J. Augustin, Kyle Singler, Steve Novak

UTAH GETS: Kendrick Perkins (to buy out), and likely some $/picks

Wooooo, RJax deal is done!  Automatic top-60ish guy if not better.  DJ was racking up big stats and Reggie is a better player.  Obviously a must-own.

Man, actually a good return for OKC building up their second unit.  Gives them a nice big man scorer off the bench in Kanter when Steven Adams is healthy.  Augustin next to Dion Waiters is a pretty formidable back court especially for a second unit.  But none of these bench guys need to be owned in 12ers, really only makes RJax worth owning in this move.

Other than RJax, the winner is Rudy Gobert!  Woooooo!  Utah gets to start their prize big!  Must, must, must own.  He’s right up there with the upside Hassan Whiteside for big man stats.  Won’t score as much, but those D stats doe!


MIAMI GETS: Goran Dragic, Zoran Dragic

PHOENIX GETS: Danny Granger, John Salmons, Justin Hamilton, 2 lotto-protected first-rounders

NEW ORLEANS GETS: Norris Cole, Shawne Williams (likely to buy out)

The brothers Drag-i!  As mentioned above, Mario Chalmers can be cut virtually everywhere and the Heat are a mad interesting team now.  Obviously a nice boost for Dragic, but not enough to make him what he was last year.  When Wade is healthy, he’ll suck up some usage as well…

With the Suns moving Miles Plumlee, it puts Hamilton in the mix for “who cares” C minutes with Brandon Wright.  Alex Len sounds like he’s OK, so nothing too interesting there.  No way Salmons or Granger pushes too much from Green’s upside now.

Ugh, so the Pels waived extra-E Toney!  Hate it!  So Toney Douglas is gone, making Norris Cole the backup PG.  He’s not that good… But if Tyreke Evans or Eric Gordon get hurt, he could be a low end 10er kinda guy.


HOUSTON GETS: K.J. McDaniels, Pablo Prigioni



As we mentioned on the Pod, probably the biggest under-the-radar name is Canaan looking at a starting role as Philly’s PG.  Full tank!

To update – Philly has now signed Tim Frazier to another 10-day deal after not doing so when the first one expired.  I still think Canaan starts, but gives Philly some much-needed depth.

McDaniels is likely to disappear.  Corey Brewer is already playing great backup wing minutes.  Sigh.


BOSTON GETS: Luigi Datome, Jonas Jerebko

DETROIT GETS: Tayshaun Prince

I think just adding this in here is about all the impact we care about.