Ah, the poor poor SG for fantasy…  Often the ThrAGNOFfiest of the wings – the empty cat specialist scorer, the waiver wire player who scores 30 points and everyone grabs them then they’re terrible again for a few weeks…  Lookin’ at you C.J. Miles!  Luckily Yahoo is pretty slutty with their position eligibility, slapping two positions on most players and keeping SG from being the barren wasteland it could otherwise become.  I’m hoping at least one of my SG eligible guys is actually more a PG, as the PG runs hit you harder than lunch at Chipotle.  I MISS JON STEWART!  Here’s the top SG for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

The “2 of the clear top-3 overall” Tier:

12James Harden, HOUSG, SFVery close to Brow for #1, very – and I mean very – minimal knock with Lawson stealing some usage whenever they play together. Brow still has a tad of upside after last year, I don’t know if Harden can go up much higher.
Slim’s Projection:.445/.870/2.5/27.5/5.5/6.6/1.8/0.6/3.8 :36
23Stephen Curry, GSWPG, SGI have a feeling he’s going to be a consensus 1 or 2 – still very close between these top 3 – but there’s some concern to the minutes as Golden State blows the scrubbos out.
Slim’s Projection:.480/.900/3.5/24.5/4.3/7.8/1.9/0.2/3.3 :34

The “Any of these guys could end up vaulting into first round value with their sexy wing-ness” Tier:

311Klay Thompson, GSWSG, SFProliferation of defensive stats and crazy %s for how many treys he takes, Klay has shed the ThrAGNOF label and shit on it.
Slim’s Projection:.450/.880/2.9/20.0/3.3/2.9/1.0/0.6/1.9 :34
415Jimmy Butler, CHISG, SFSure there’s injury concerns, but with Tibs gone, his ridiculous minutes should go down.  Rose will take a little volume, help with efficiency.  Love the strong game with low-TO.
Slim’s Projection:.455/.825/1.0/18.5/5.6/3.1/1.8/0.5/1.4 :36
516Kawhi Leonard, SASG, SFWith LA in town, Kawhi is going to get more shots from deep, wider lanes to drive, and get a career-best in dimes.  Pop’s annoying rotations/minutes is all that stands in the way of a superstar season.  That is, except the scheduling committee giving the Spurs that awful playoff sched…  Smh…
Slim’s Projection:.480/.810/1.3/15.5/6.4/2.8/2.4/0.8/1.6 :34
619Eric Bledsoe, PHXPG, SGSwinging for the fences, Bledsoe is by far my favorite of the mid-round PG and has his best G running mate in Knight replacing Dragic/IT2.  Will need some monster stats and a slight relief in TO for this to happen…  But the dramatic drop off of PG has him even more attractive as an early target, plus Markieff Morris’s drama could mean even more shots.
Slim’s Projection:.450/.785/1.1/17.5/5.3/6.5/1.5/0.6/3.5 :36
720Paul George, INDSG, SFEven in his best season, he wasn’t a first-round fantasy value.  I do expect a very strong return though, although poor FG% and TO for a wing do have to be addressed with your team build.
Slim’s Projection:.420/.820/2.1/19.5/7.4/3.2/1.7/0.3/2.8 :34
821Andrew Wiggins, MINSG, SFClear upside to have a superstar fantasy season, his post-ASB FT volume was insane.  Development of the deep ball will need to happen.
Slim’s Projection:.450/.790/0.8/21.0/5.2/2.9/1.2/0.8/2.4 :38
928Gordon Hayward, UTASG, SFDante Exum has a torn ACL and the Jazz only have Trey Burke to play PG.  Not much of a change to the slight concern over Hayward’s 5.2:2.8 AST:TO ratio dropping to 4.1:2.7 last year, but Hayward is looking up a tad with no Exum.  Hayward has improved every year.
Slim’s Projection:.450/.820/1.6/20.5/4.7/4.4/1.4/0.5/2.7 :34

The “They’re SG, but help me with PG stats, yay fun times!” Tier:

1038Goran Dragic, MIAPG, SGA full offseason to gel with the Heat, got more dimes in Miami, nice out-of-position FG% help a well-rounded PG game.
Slim’s Projection:.500/.790/1.0/17.0/3.5/5.5/1.1/0.2/2.2 :34
1140Reggie Jackson, DETPG, SGI’m suspecting he could be a buzzy draft pick a few spots higher (edit – Yahoo pre-ranks have him 102 – what the hey?!), but his popcorn trip-dub stats get a little overvalued as he is low in 3s and steals with fairly high TO.
Slim’s Projection:.440/.830/1.1/17.5/4.5/8.6/1.0/0.2/3.2 :34
1244Victor Oladipo, ORLPG, SGTook some convincing from Slim to get him top-50, but should play a ton of minutes and contribute in a lot of areas.  I wish he had a few less TO and wasn’t more a pure-SG, plus I think he’ll be overdrafted with some buzz.  Not a great deep shooter at the eye level (33.9% out there last year even seems high).
Slim’s Projection:.440/.820/1.3/19.0/4.3/4.3/1.8/0.4/2.8 :36
1345Monta Ellis, INDPG, SGConsistency in both stats and staying healthy, his steals can very often be overlooked.
Slim’s Projection:.450/.765/1.1/18.5/2.8/4.2/1.7/0.3/2.6 :34

The “Hodgepodge of injured guys, wings, and general mid-roundedness” Tier:

1451Kyrie Irving, CLEPG, SGRecovery from the broken kneecap moving very slow, reports had surfaced he could be out until January, but they seem to be refuted now.  Either way, it seems unlikely he’s playing for the first few weeks at the least, with a very tight minutes restriction once he is back.  And even when he does finally suit up, Mo Williams gives the Cavs a much better backup PG to limit Kyrie’s minutes to ease him in.
Slim’s Projection:.465/.865/1.9/20.5/3.2/5.3/1.5/0.3/2.4 :34
1552Trevor Ariza, HOUSG, SFShot 37% from the field for a little over half of 13-14, but turned it around and adds elite-wing steals to a low-TO game.  A little boring, but solid.
Slim’s Projection:.415/.820/2.3/13.0/5.9/2.7/1.8/0.3/1.7 :36
1658Danny Green, SASSG, SFShots/3s to go down, I don’t trust a big minutes increase, and has stretches of invisibility.  It’s his super power!  23rd per-game last year seems mighty unrepeatable with Aldridge.
Slim’s Projection:.440/.840/2.1/11.0/4.4/2.1/1.2/1.0/1.1 :30
1760Brandon Knight, PHXPG, SGDropped the TO in PHX, cranked a ton of treys, and while the FG% in his brief stint for the Suns was awful, I think he can gel well with Bledsoe.  Markieff possibly forcing a trade gives some upside.
Slim’s Projection:.420/.830/2.0/16.0/3.0/4.7/1.2/0.1/2.2 :32
1861Nicolas Batum, CHASG, SFHorrible shooting pre-ASB, finally found his stroke for 45% post-ASB, and Hornets need another perimeter guy and facilitator.  Should be OK, low upside.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.840/1.6/11.5/5.9/4.8/1.0/0.6/2.0 :34
1963Khris Middleton, MILSG, SF34th in total value last year, after only playing 23 MPG through the first 27 games.  Bucks need O, they need treys, and Jabari will be filtered in slowly.  But as the season wears on, Jabari will work into minutes and they’ll shake-up Giannis at different positions, so could be a 2nd half sell-high.
Slim’s Projection:.455/.860/1.4/13.5/4.3/2.8/1.5/0.1/1.6 :32
2065Dwyane Wade, MIAPG, SGHopefully this prices me out, but when he’s healthy he should be a top-50 player.  Do I even need to mention why he’s lower then…?
Slim’s Projection:.475/.770/0.4/20.5/3.4/4.1/1.1/0.3/3.0 :32
2166George Hill, INDPG, SGAfter easing in, Hill was playing at a career-best level in the second half last year.  But now George is back, Monta is brought in, no way we see those post-ASB numbers this year.
Slim’s Projection:.455/.800/1.6/15.0/3.8/4.6/1.0/0.3/1.7 :32

The “Slipping towards the final rounds and I REALLY hope I don’t have to draft Kobe Bryant” Tier:

2269Kyle Korver, ATLSG, SFOff both ankle and elbow surgeries, it’s tough to see him replicating his ridiculous 3PT% or minutes played.  I’ll let someone else grab him, and when the minutes look a little more stable, maybe venture some buy low offers.
Slim’s Projection:.470/.890/2.7/11.5/3.8/2.7/0.7/0.3/1.4 :32
2370Robert Covington, PHISG, SFIn 49 starts last year, 15.2/5.0/1.7/1.6/0.6 with 2.7 treys.  FG% is an issue with how many deep balls he shoots, but should start all year as the starting 3.  Locked in a starting job and on virtually any other team, he’d be higher.  Some Philly risk here since you never know what these schlubs will do.
Slim’s Projection:.405/.820/2.5/15.0/4.7/1.8/1.4/0.6/2.2 :32
2475Tyreke Evans, NOPG, SGCan still be useful when Jrue is healthy, popcorn stats are pretty – high TO, low treys, and a scary FT% last year not so much…
Slim’s Projection:.440/.745/0.7/16.5/5.2/6.0/1.2/0.5/2.9 :34
2580Bradley Beal, WASSGThis rank is likely well below ADP, but Beal regressed in several areas last year – mainly in Pts and AST:TO.  Injury concerns with his legs also sink him a bit.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.795/1.9/17.5/3.9/3.6/1.3/0.3/2.1 :36
2681Alec Burks, UTAPG, SGExum injury opens up a huge gap at PG, as Burks should see starting SG minutes and backup PG minutes.  There’s upside in steals as the Jazz are a defensive juggernaut, and a healthy shoulder could translate into a lot more treys.
Slim’s Projection:.435/.785/1.2/16.5/4.3/3.2/1.0/0.2/2.0 :34
2786DeMar DeRozan, TORSG, SFPts is still a category, which is fortunate for DeRozan since he doesn’t do much else.  AST:TO regressed, treys regressed, but maybe some of that had to do with the bad groin injury.  Still worth a fringe top-100 selection.
Slim’s Projection:.425/.830/0.4/22.5/4.4/3.8/1.1/0.3/2.4 :36
2888Joe Johnson, BKNSG, SFUpped his REB and AST last year, while keeping the TO mad low.  With Jack not really a creator or a 3PT shooter, I could see a lot of O running through Johnson’s hands.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.810/1.6/14.0/4.1/3.5/0.6/0.2/1.7 :32
2989Jarrett Jack, BKNPG, SGThe Pts/Ast should be there, but steals are too low for a G and his FG% too low for not making enough treys.  It should be his show to run, but it’s got a really low ceiling.
Slim’s Projection:.435/.860/0.7/15.5/3.6/6.3/0.9/0.2/3.1 :34
3090P.J. Tucker, PHXSG, SFPut up 11.3/7.4/1.5/1.4/0.3 with 1.1 treys post-ASB last year, and has a little additional upside with Kieff possibly forcing his way into a trade. Sneaky value at wing.
Slim’s Projection:.440/.745/1.2/11.5/7.1/1.6/1.4/0.3/1.3 :34
3191Arron Afflalo, NYKSG, SFTough season last year, really disappeared on the Blazers, but the Poppycockers need offense and another point on that triangle to handle a lot of rock.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.845/1.7/15.5/3.4/2.2/0.5/0.1/1.7 :34
3292Kobe Bryant, LALSG, SFIf this doesn’t price me out, eesh I guess I would have to get Kobe and hope for some sort of rejuvenation.  Crushing FG% and TO drain last year, falling apart physically, and a lot of youth around him that won’t make life easier.  Meh.
Slim’s Projection:.400/.830/1.3/18.0/4.7/4.3/0.9/0.2/2.8 :30

The “Heading into the final rounds – look at all these ThrAGNOFs!” Tier:

3396Wilson Chandler, DENSG, SFThe Nugs paid him to play, but I don’t see much of a change to his 85th in per-game numbers last year,  No Lawson gets negated by Gallo commanding shots a whole year and Mudiay not drawing the same defensive pressure.
Slim’s Projection:.425/.770/1.8/14.5/5.8/1.8/0.7/0.4/1.5 :32
3498J.J. Redick, LACSGCombined AST+STL+BLK last year (2.4) was lower than his 3PTM (2.6)!  I wonder how often that happens for a 30+ MPG player…  Loss of Barnes to low-minutes-Pierce should help solidify a pretty nice run again in 15-16, but his 47.7 FG% likely to go down a tad.
Slim’s Projection:.465/.900/2.1/15.0/2.1/1.9/0.5/0.1/1.2 :30
35100Wesley Matthews, PORSG, SFI didn’t think he’d make it top-100 coming off such a major injury and the Mavs clearly stating they’ll be cautious, but the talent pool is just too thin to not take the flier.  If he lasts this far, you’ll have to excersize patience until the second half.
Slim’s Projection:.435/.800/2.3/15.0/3.2/2.4/1.0/0.2/1.4 :32
36103Kevin Martin, MINSG, SFAn extremely team-friendly contract for 16-17 as caps expand, he’s a dynamite trade target.  Worried he becomes a 6th man on a contender for the second half.
Slim’s Projection:.425/.890/1.8/18.5/3.2/2.4/0.8/0.1/1.9 :32
37112Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, DETSGKCP had a lot of nice signs in the second half – much higher FG%, took more shots inside the stripe by creating his own shot, steals went up, and 1.1 to 1.8 dimes with no change in TO.
Slim’s Projection:.410/.775/1.8/13.0/3.2/1.4/1.2/0.2/1.3 :32
38113Mo Williams, CLEPG, SGIrving’s slow recovery is going to open huge minutes for Mo early, and he’ll even play a pretty substantial role with Kyrie back as backup PG and combo G.  He’s going to contribute more early, but will become a big guy to try and flip, especially to the Kyrie owner if you nab him before Kyrie’s owner can handcuff.
Slim’s Projection:.405/.865/1.4/13.0/2.2/4.8/0.5/0.1/2.3 :26

The “Last rounds/last pick flier” Tier:

39117C.J. McCollum, PORPG, SGA chance to move up a tad if the opening night starter, but 15.7/3.4/2.4/1.6/0.3 in per-36 last year with 2 treys isn’t exactly teeming with potential superstardom.  I’ll likely let someone else overreach.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.810/1.8/14.0/3.2/2.4/1.4/0.2/1.8 :30
40118Avery Bradley, BOSPG, SGThe only Celtics starter you can really feel good about getting 30+ MPG, he can provide a few late PTS/3PTM/STL to round out your roster.
Slim’s Projection:.435/.795/1.6/14.0/3.3/1.9/1.1/0.2/1.5 :32
41125Nik Stauskas, PHISGIf the Sixers start Wroten, they’ll be in desperate need of Sauce Castillo to bury some treys, and I think his bad FG% last year was in too small a sample/inconsistent PT.
Slim’s Projection:.415/.810/1.5/10.0/2.3/1.9/0.5/0.2/1.8 :28
42129Eric Gordon, NOSGI usually avoid Gordon, but if he fell this late I’d be happy.  Still only 26, can hit some treys and get assists that you won’t find with many other players ranked lower, but the obvious injury risk weighs him down.
Slim’s Projection:.410/.800/1.9/13.0/2.6/3.6/0.8/0.2/2.0 :32
43133Greivis Vasquez, MILPG, SGThe Twerp got picked up for a lottery-protected first-rounder, but that still ain’t too cheap.  Will challenge MCW for a few minutes, if not the bulk of minutes when MCW is cold.  Plus can play some combo 2.
Slim’s Projection:.415/.810/1.3/9.5/2.4/4.2/0.6/0.1/1.8 :24
44136Tony Wroten, PHIPG, SGPolar opposite player, Wroten is off a partially torn ACL and might not even start. Then there’s the awful %s and TO.  I expect him to take less 3s since he’s awful from deep, but then again Noel and Okafor are paint guys for a really weird offensive outlook.  Given PG has dried up, I’d take a last-round flier and see what happens.
Slim’s Projection:.405/.650/0.8/14.5/2.8/4.9/1.4/0.2/3.3 :28

The “Undraftable in a 12er” Tier:

45144Dion Waiters, OKCSG, SFWill pick up a lot of second unit minutes at wing, and mop up in junk time.  Might not be rosterable all year, but a nice streamer in projected blowout matchups.
Slim’s Projection:.400/.710/0.8/10.5/2.1/2.2/0.9/0.3/1.4 :26
46145Gerald Henderson, PORSG, SFDealing with a congenital hip issue, maybe the Blazers don’t end up starting him after all and go with McCollum.  But a few minutes should be there on a team that needs offense.
Slim’s Projection:.435/.810/0.5/12.5/3.6/2.4/0.6/0.3/1.6 :28
47147Tony Allen, MEMSG, SFA steals-only specialist, he peaked to 2.0 per last year.  More in the streaming class, but can fit a lot of builds as a last pick.
Slim’s Projection:.485/.640/0.1/8.0/4.3/1.5/1.6/0.3/1.3 :26
48151Courtney Lee, MEMSG, SFOverall rank last year was nice, but he started mad hot from the field.  Will get minutes and 1/2/1 3PTM/AST/STL which is nice this late.
Slim’s Projection:.455/.860/1.1/10.5/2.3/1.9/1.0/0.2/1.0 :30
49152J.R. Smith, CLESG, SFNever been a Smiff guy, but nice dimes and steals late.  More a streamer though – I think last year’s numbers with the Cavs were high.
Slim’s Projection:.415/.760/1.9/11.0/3.2/2.1/1.0/0.2/1.2 :26
50153Ben McLemore, SACSGShocked me with a solid sophomore season, but I think cedes minutes to Collison and Belinelli off the bench.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.810/1.7/12.5/3.2/1.8/1.0/0.2/1.7 :32
51154Langston Galloway, NYKPG, SGNice D-League find for the Knicks, looks to be the odd man out of the Calderon/Grant/Afflalo minutes allocation.  Can still find his was into 1/3/1 3PTM/AST/STL.
Slim’s Projection:.405/.800/1.0/9.0/3.2/2.6/0.8/0.2/1.0 :24
52163Gerald Green, MIASG, SFI think he plays more than Slim does, as I see him at 20 MPG off the bench, then starting on Wade DNP nights.  We all know he can light it up when on.
Slim’s Projection:.410/.815/1.7/10.5/2.4/1.1/0.6/0.2/1.4 :20
53166Shabazz Muhammad, MINSG, SFLike LaVine, a ton of minutes will open up for Shabazz when K-Mart is moved, likely at backup wing.  Great numbers as a starter last year at 15.6/4.9/2.0/0.5/0.4, with 1.1 treys and a nice 2.8-3.4 FT volume.
Slim’s Projection:.475/.730/0.5/13.0/4.1/1.2/0.5/0.2/1.1 :24
54167Mike Dunleavy, CHISG, SFShould start, and that’s about all I can say that’s interesting…
Slim’s Projection:.430/.810/1.6/10.0/3.6/1.7/0.5/0.3/0.9 :28
55171Bojan Bogdanovic, BKNSG, SFLost his starting spot to scrubs like Markel Brown and Karasev last year, but is in line to give it a second shot as a starter out of the gate.  ThrAGNOF!
Slim’s Projection:.460/.820/1.4/10.5/3.1/1.1/0.6/0.1/1.3 :28
56172Lou Williams, LALPG, SGMore ThrAGNOF!  Steals and FT volume are going to go way down, along with a few minutes from last year.
Slim’s Projection:.400/.850/1.7/12.0/1.8/2.1/0.9/0.1/1.4 :24
57173Evan Turner, BOSSG, SFThe long-term deal for Crowder clouds the minutes.  PTS/REB/AST stats sometimes get overrated for Turner, who isn’t good anywhere else.
Slim’s Projection:.425/.765/0.3/9.5/5.0/4.9/0.9/0.2/2.3 :28
58174Archie Goodwin, PHXPG, SGLikely the main G off the bench, Goodwin finally showed some flashes last year.  Will have some dynamic nights off the pine.
Slim’s Projection:.420/.745/0.6/11.5/3.9/2.4/0.9/0.4/1.9 :24
59178Rodney Hood, UTASG, SFSolid as a fill in last year, going 12.7/2.8/2.4/0.9/0.2 with 1.6 treys in 21 starts, but tough to see a 12-team usable role out of the gate.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.770/1.4/10.0/2.7/2.0/0.7/0.2/1.0 :24
60179Harrison Barnes, GSWSG, SFYawn.  Played well in real-life terms last year – yet another time share with Iguodala.  No upside.
Slim’s Projection:.445/.725/1.1/10.5/5.3/1.5/0.7/0.2/1.0 :28
61180Paul Pierce, LACSG, SFYawn times two.  Should get one last season of nice run with some treys, but you can’t expect a healthy season or big minutes.
Slim’s Projection:.440/.795/1.5/11.5/3.8/1.9/0.6/0.2/1.3 :26
62183Corey Brewer, HOUSG, SFSteals late, Brewer also showed he can score a little in reduced minutes with a decent perimeter stroke.
Slim’s Projection:.430/.735/0.8/9.5/3.2/1.4/1.2/0.2/1.2 :22
63185Patrick Beverley, HOUPG, SGOriginally had him 199, but with PG thin and still a pretty solidified role, can chip in some 3PTM/AST/STL as a streamer or a late pick in deepers that will be overlooked.  Lawson is one final setback away from not playing ever again either.
Slim’s Projection:.410/.780/1.7/8.5/3.2/2.7/1.0/0.3/1.2 :26
64188Mario Hezonja, ORLSGMadly over hyped in summer ball, especially in a redraft league context.  Going to be really tough to find minutes, especially with Evan Fournier brought back.
Slim’s Projection:.400/.765/0.9/8.0/2.2/1.0/0.5/0.1/1.2 :18
65192Jamal Crawford, LAC?SG, SFWherever he lands he’ll play, and will be worth a consistent spot on deep league teams for the treys.  ThrAGNOF!
Slim’s Projection:.400/.875/1.6/12.0/1.8/2.3/0.7/0.1/1.3 :24
66197Kent Bazemore, ATLSG, SFTwo injured vet wings ahead of him (Korver, Thabo), there’s a chance for run here.  Not a good FT shooter, but can hit the D stats pretty well and some dimes.
Slim’s Projection:.425/.605/0.6/5.5/2.8/1.2/0.7/0.3/1.1 :18
67199Devin Booker, PHXSGThe sweet stroke will translate right away, and gives the Suns a high-volume perimeter G off the bench.  Might be really useful if one of the starting PG/SG gets hurt.
Slim’s Projection:.400/.800/1.0/7.0/1.9/1.0/0.4/0.1/1.0 :18
68200Justin Holiday, ATLSG, SFLike Bazemore, could run with big minutes at backup wing. I think they like Bazemore more for the D so I see bigger minutes for him, Holiday can fill up a stat line as well though.
Slim’s Projection:.405/.795/0.8/7.0/2.0/1.4/0.8/0.4/0.8 :18


  1. CTMN says:

    Ha! I’ve owned CJ Miles for a few weeks maybe every year playing fantasy. There’s always the other end of the spectrum, when Kris Middleton becomes a legend…but that’s like 1 in 10 pickups.
    I agree that PGs who count as SG are really valuable.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @CTMN: Hahaha yeah he just feels like “that guy” who gets a heavy pickup then disappears. But yeah, you never know sometimes like K Midd.

  2. CTMN says:

    Not to be “that guy” but the first column has “PG rank” still instead of SG rank. Obviously it’s no big deal though.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @CTMN: Not at all, thanks for the catch! That’s really friggin odd since I used the same format as when I chopped up the ranks last year, these can get really frustrating with formatting and shizz haha.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @CTMN: Hah, fixed. I figured out what I did too at least haha, thanks again! I desperately need the comments so that you guys can be my crowd sourced editor haha

      • CTMN says:

        @JB Gilpin: No problem, I guess it’s a bit of a weird format to set up.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @CTMN: Yeah and I copy and paste some format coding and I left a PG in there instead of SG. This is getting so inside baseball!

  3. Clyde Prompto says:

    I wish McLemore and H. Barnes were in better situations. I think they have fantasy friendly skillsets waiting to be unleashed. Don’t be mad, but I don’t see a huge statistical difference between Wiggins and DeRozan.

    • CTMN says:

      @Clyde Prompto: Well their stats for last year are nearly identical in a lot of categories, besides mainly DeMar winning pts/asts/FT% and Wiggins winning blks/FG%. But DeMar isn’t gonna get too much better in stats, besides maybe getting back to his 2013-14 numbers and improving his points and FG%. The assumption is that Wiggins will improve his stats by a pretty big amount next year.

      • Clyde Prompto says:

        @CTMN: Wiggins is definitely the more exciting player to own, and I’m pretty sure his peak will crush DeRozan’s. I just think for this season a 60+ spot difference in the overall ranks is a bit scary. Love Wiggins as a real-life player/prospect, though.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @CTMN: @Clyde Prompto: Yeah so Wiggins I could see legit getting to 24-25 PPG and crush DeRozan in pts with a better %. Maybe only 0.5 3PTM, but I’m OK with that. High-volume 45-46% from the field. High volume 80% FT (OK DeRozan is tied there). Better boards, I see a leap to 1.5 steals and 0.8 blocks, besting DeRozan mainly in the blocks (steals didn’t go up 2nd half, a little leap of faith there). It’s really the monster points and pretty good FG% for such a high volume that I think will carry him into a much higher metrics evaluated value.

          • Clyde Prompto says:

            @JB Gilpin: My pants got a little tight looking at those projections. It’d be awesome if he hits those. I’m looking forward to an endless stream of Rubio-Wiggins alley-oops.

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @Clyde Prompto: Hah yeah that’s why I have him so high 🙂 I’ve heard the argument “his 2nd half was him and no one, so he won’t get the shots with the team healthy”, but it’s not like they’re bringing back heavy scorers. Kmart was there most of the 2nd half, then its what – Rubio, Kmart, 2 of Towns/Dieng/KG/Bjelica/Pek? Not exactly guys taking taking 15 shots cept Kmart. Plus Rubio will help efficiency hence my FG% projection. I HOPE YOUR PANTS ARE TIGHTER

              • Clyde Prompto says:

                @JB Gilpin: OUCH TOO TIGHT!

                • JB Gilpin

                  JB Gilpin says:

                  @Clyde Prompto: ITS THE PLEATS!

      • A Hill O' Beans says:

        @Clyde Prompto: @JB Gilpin: @CTMN: I don’t get where the expectation of Wiggins hitting 3s comes from exactly. Slim’s got 0.8 and JB says maybe only 0.5 but, he only hit 0.2 per game post all star break last year (on 16%!, though he was passable pre ASB). He also only had 0.9 steals per game post all star break and that was at 39 MPG so his per 36’s for both are even worse than those numbers.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think he is going to be an absolute star in this league, but I don’t think he’s there yet. Even if I take last years stats (full year or post all star break) they still don’t come close to the magical 3 STL/BLK/3PTM that is always talked about (2.1 full year, 1.8 post ASB). Some more improvement is to be expected so maybe 0.6/1.2/0.7 which still only leaves him at 2.5/G. Slim’s projections have him at 2.8 but that’s buoyed by the belief that he hits 0.8 3’s per game (while improving his FG%) which seems like a long shot. Put him to 0.5 which would still more than double his post ASB numbers and he’s at 2.5 3s/STL/BLK.

        I really don’t see much difference next year in points, rebounds, turnovers, steals, 3s, FT% (maybe a marginally higher volume for Wiggins, but higher % for Demar). Blocks and FG% to Wiggins, and assists to Demar.

        I’m not sure I buy that Wiggins makes some giant leap this year. I could see him gradually improving but keep in mind last year his seeming improvement was really because his minutes went up and he improved his shot. His per 36s actually stayed the same or got worse post ASB for everything but points and percentages. Which is no small feat for a rookie.

        I’d put them at something like this over a full season this year:
        Wiggins: .444/.780/0.5/20.5/4.5/2.3/1.2/0.7/2.6 :37
        DeRozan: .429/.835/0.4/22.0/4.7/4.0/1.1/0.2/2.2 :36

        I still like him, but i think he’s too high and Demar is too low. Long term its Wiggins by a landslide, but this year they’re pretty close to the same player. Certainly not 60+ spots apart. Just my two cents.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Clyde Prompto: @CTMN: @A Hill O’ Beans: Steals = yes a leap of faith.

          3s – A lot is because Kmart just sat out there, and I’m guessing he’s moved. So 0.3ish pre ASB to 0.8 post. But yes, totally agree a full 3PTM isn’t happening this year, at least very unlikely.

          I completely disagree with giving a +1.5 pts to DeMar, I think that’s the difference. He wasn’t great last year pre-injury (19.7 pts in NOV at 40%) then struggled after coming off it, given he was good down the stretch. I think your dimes for DeRozan is high too, went way up when Lowry was hurt and struggling. I’d also give Wiggins more FG%

          • A Hill O' Beans says:

            @JB Gilpin: Since DeRozan has been over 20 PPG the last two years, and the team just traded shot happy Lou Williams and Vasquez for the much more reserved Joseph and Carroll, I don’t see my PPG being too far off. Wiggins only had one month where he was at 20PPG last year, even without anyone else scoring and it took him 41+ MPG to do it.

            As far as assists go, DeRozan had 4.0 APG the year before last playing all year with Lowry, so I don’t think my projection is too high. Slim has 3.8, and even at that number (which I’m only 0.2 off of) he’s way ahead of Wiggins there.

            For FG% I don’t see Wiggins being above 45% but I could be a little low, sure.

            Even if I am off on all of these though we’re still looking at pretty close to equal value. At least compared to where they are ranked. FG% and BLK for Wiggins, FT%, AST, TO for Demar.

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @A Hill O’ Beans: I still think the ” no one else scoring” argument for Wiggins with their injuries last year doesn’t hold, as i mention above. DeRozan just seems like he’s tipping the wrong way, FG% fell and it fell with a big regression in 3ptm and a step back in A:TO. I’d take the under on Slim’s 3.8, and see another 3-3.5. Yes, DeRozan wins there. And yeah we agree to disagree on FG%, Rubio if healthy can be a great facilitator for easy transition buckets. FT% I’d call a push, 1-1.5 AST is a plus for DeRozan, and I see equal TO. That with my big outlook for points for Wigging and better FG% I think is our differences. We shall see my man!

              • A Hill O' Beans says:

                @Clyde Prompto: @JB Gilpin: Very diplomatic Clyde, ha-ha. One of the great things about Razzball is the community, especially the basketball side.

            • Clyde Prompto says:

              @JB Gilpin: @A Hill O’ Beans: I think it’s entirely possible, if not probable, that Wiggins makes a leap AND Derozan has a bounceback year. It’ll be an interesting battle to watch all season. Razzball is the best because we can disagree, with both sides making great arguments, and nobody gets angry and resorts to name-calling. It’s a rare thing!

              • JB Gilpin

                JB Gilpin says:

                @A Hill O’ Beans: @Clyde Prompto: YOURE BOTH SO DUMB AND STUPID BASKETBALL n00bs! Haha I gotta fix my caps lock there…

  4. Michael says:

    Do you think Gallo and strauskus would be a sleeper this year?

    I don’t know why but I think strauskus might surprise some people

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Michael: Yup on Gallinari, was calling him a big sleeper for me as the season was ending last year and I had him ranked top-50 even before FIBA, which has raised his stock: http://basketball.razzball.com/official-razzball-2015-2016-fantasy-basketball-rankings

      I have Stauskas 125, so second to last round in 12ers. He could be OK, but is really limited to Pts and 3s which I don’t like reaching for. Why we have the term ThrAGNOF (threes ain’t got no face – i.e. they’re streamable and you don’t need to draft 3pt specialists early)

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