Take a dozen games, a trade deadline and great seats to the Heat-Bulls game and what do you get? Really, peanut butter cookies? How did you get that using those ingredients? That seems impossible. What you should have gotten had you mixed it properly was one superduper tired blogger who’s going to have an update later this morning. Be patient. Await it and get excited for having something to read at lunch besides whatever dreck you’ve been reading at lunch up until this point.

… Unless you’ve been reading Razzball at lunch. In which case, assume that I’m drunk. Actually, all of you should assume I’m drunk at all times no matter what, just to cover my buttocks.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ha,you recover brother,wake up to a trading frenzy

  2. inertiatic says:

    Is anyone else getting the impression that D12 is a moron? Maybe I’m late to the bus here but what the h-e-double hockey stix is this doode doing? The waffling back and forth, seemingly every day makes zero sense. And now he’s throwing the agent under the bus? Dubya tee eff. The guy looks worse and worse every time he opens his mouth, which is constantly. I almost wish the Magic would get him to sign that waiver/opt in and then ship him to Charlotte for spare parts. That might be a fitting ending to this saga.

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