Ali vs. Frazier.  Balboa vs. Creed…. hmm, wait let me try again.  Tyson vs. McNeeley… nah still not right… Ron Palillo vs. Dustin Diamond (there we go!).  An epic pillow fight last night went down between the Wizards and the Bobcats.  Two teams entered.  One team was left standing.  The Wizards channeled their inner Dustin Diamond and decimated the pathetic Kittens by landing a knockout punch before the second half even began.  Thank God this is the last week of regular season basketball so I don’t have to read/listen/watch these two teams until next season.  Kemba Walker was just awful (4 points in 14 minutes off the bench) and the only Kitten I’d remotely “trust” is Gerald Henderson who led all scorers with 19 points (5 boards, 1 ast, 1 steal).  Did anyone really stand out this season on this team?  Flashes from Byron Mullens, Walker, Bismack Biyombo, and D.J. Augustin but nothing to salivate over for next year.  Bad teams can be fantasy gold but every player seems like they’ll be lottery tickets.  If they get Anthony Davis in the lotto, then I’d draft him over anyone except (MAYBE) Henderson.  Nah, I’d draft him over Henderson too.  Here’s what else I saw in the NBA last night:

Nene – Solid again off the bench scoring 18 points along with 6 boards and 3 blks.  Getting injured might’ve been one of the best things to happen to the Wizards because it let the unheralded Kevin Seraphin (12/8/0/1/1) show that he can contribute.  Huh?  Andray Blatche what?  That guy still plays basketball?  Haha you almost got me.

Jan Vesely – An up and down season whose peak may have been kissing his girlfriend at the draft.  Nevertheless, the young forward has been a solid contributor including a line of 16/6/1/4 last night.  Upside pick next year at the end of drafts that you’ll probably drop after a week.

Rodney Stuckey – 0 points in 20 minutes.  I wonder why I get sucked into drafting him every year.  Next year he’s making the leap!!

Paul George – 27/10/4/3 with 2 3PM.  He’d be awesome to own next year but you’re gonna have to pay a big price.  No, not A.J. Price (started with Danny Granger resting until the playoffs and George Hill having a night off).  The lesson here is that in the last couple days of the season you gotta rummage through the waiver wire like a homeless man goes through garbage looking for donuts.  “It’s a bear claw! You have no idea how rare this is.”

Linas Kleiza – Your bear claw.  15 points, 9 boards, 2 assists with 2 3PM’s to boot.

Sundiata Gaines – 2 points, 1 rebound, 1 assists.  Poop, lettuce, tomato sandwich.  Nom nom nom.

Kawhi Leonard – 2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, and a steal in 19 minutes as a starter as Popovich played 13 guys.  Doesn’t he know that’s bad luck?  It’ll be hard trusting any Spurs guys in the last game or two if you’re looking for solid production (outside of Tony Parker) cause they basically have the 1 seed locked up.

Manny Harris – I stared at this name for five minutes and decided it was the least interesting name in the NBA.  I hate that I even wrote it.  The stats?  11/3/2/3 with 1 3PM.  Not very interesting there either.

Marreese Speights – Significantly more interesting and alot harder to spell.  Memphis has only one more game, but if you need a source for boards he can help you.  Double double in his last two games (17 and 10 last night).

Al Horford – Will play Thursday!  I have no idea what to expect but if you need someone to play then roll with him over say… Alan Anderson.