When Chicago’s Carlos Boozer left Saturday’s game with a rolled ankle, two things popped into my mind: 1) His blocking numbers suggest he’s been playing with rolled ankles most of his career, why the dramatics all of a sudden? 2) if he’s being taken to the player parking garage in a golf cart, perhaps he shouldn’t be driving home, 3) did I say two things or three things popped into my mind? Because this is the third thing and I’ve still got one more, and 4) Any time walking boots and golf carts are involved in the game of basketball, it either means clowns are nearby or someone’s missing some games. Depending on your opinion of Boozer, maybe it’s both. Either way, dude rolled his ankles and didn’t travel with the team for today’s game against Memphis. He probably won’t play in tomorrow’s game against Charlotte and isn’t a great bet to play Thursday’s game against Dallas. After that, who knows? Boozer isn’t known as a particularly fast healer. Either way, Taj Gibson, Kurt Thomas, Omer Asik in that order are your adds in that order assuming you didn’t already add either of them after Joakim Noah went down a month ago.

Happy Early Basketball On A Weekday Day! Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball over the weekend:

Chris Bosh – And the ankles just keep on a-rollin’ as Bosh pivoted his foot in all the wrong directions Saturday. Luckily for about 8 percent of fantasy owners and unlucky for the other 92 percent, tests came back negative and he’s unlucky to miss much time if any. Joel Anthony is the remaining sliver of meat left on Miami’s frontcourt bones if Bosh is out.

Louis Williams – Screwy Louis’ averaging 19.4 ppg in 26.4 mpg over his last five games. Use him quick, because his heat is fleeting. He’s like a towel fresh out of the dryer.

Danilo Gallinari – The Rooster is set to return this afternoon for the first time in 15 days. As is often the case with guys on the shelf for extended periods of time, I’d wait a game or two to let him shake off the rust.

Mo Williams – Mo looks to possibly miss time with an undisclosed hip injury. What’s undisclosed about the injury? That it also involves his groin, leg and head, which is a gnarly hip injury if I’ve ever heard of one. What’s he doing with those hips, anyway? I bet it’s sexy. Anyway, all signs point to Mo missing time and playing underwhelmingly even if he doesn’t. Rungrab Ramon Sessions if you can. Rungrab: It’s a word now.

Corey Brewer – Scored a season-high 23 points on Saturday against the Magic to go along with a quintet of steals. Which is like adding a baritone steal to your quartet of steals. Or maybe a keyboard and lead guitar to your trio of steals. Anyway, dude is averaging 3.25 steals in the last four games he started.

Andray Blatche – Returned Saturday from a shoulder injury and dropped 17 on Toronto. Though now that I think about it, perhaps his shoulder isn’t feeling all that great. Otherwise, why didn’t he gently set down 17 on Toronto?

Dirk Nowitzki – Returned after missing nine games, went all Berserk Nowitzki and was ejected after 15 minutes. Something must have Irked Nowitzki. Having missed three weeks, it can’t be that Dallas has overworked Nowitzki. (seriously, skip down to the next blurb or else I’ll keep doing this all afternoon!). Personally, I think the refs’ decision for the ejection was a little kneejerk Nowitzki.

Tracy McGrady – Played limited minutes with a leg injury on Saturday. Then he tweeted it wasn’t a big deal, which is like Lohan tweeting that she’s going out for a couple drinks with friends at a cute little tucked-away pub in the Valley.

Derek Fisher – His 2/3/2 line from last night isn’t as surprising as his teammates letting him shoot the ball eight times (1-for-8). He averaged 8/3 in 27.4 minutes in November and 5/2 in 28 mpg in January. After scoring in double-digits in 7 of his first 14 games, he’s done it just twice more in his last 29.

Ty Lawson – He played 20+ minutes on Sunday, though he didn’t play awesomely. That will come sometime in May when the Nuggets finally get their team straight and fantasy owners have long stopped caring.

Carmelo Anthony – Played cruddy last night. I’ve also found that any game in which he doesn’t perform like a player at the center of the most annoyingly drawn-out trade talks since, well, since last season, feels like a far worse performance than it actually was. 5-for-17? Only 12 points? Only five rebounds? Trade him for Rip Hamilton straight-up and be done with it. The bum.

  1. paul says:

    Adam, here’s an unexciting waiver question. Drop Garcia for Miller?

    Oh and Roy Hibbert makes me cry

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @paul: Keep the crying to yourself, Paul. During your alone time. S’what Hibbert does.

    I’m assuming you mean Brad and not ‘Dre. It depends on need. I’d rather have someone who’s not on the Kings over someone who is.

  3. paul says:

    I think I should just avoid looking at Pacers box scores all together at this point.

    Forgot how many Miller’s there were in the league cause you missed on both counts, my bad! I actually meant Mike Miller believe it or not.

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @paul: Ah, yes. Mike Miller IS forgettable. I’d go with Miller in the short-term considering Garcia is hurt. But when both are healthy (Garcia should be back in the next few games) I’d rather have FraGa Rock.

  5. Larry says:

    Adam, what do you make of Maggette’s starting run today?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: Not much. I’ll need to see him play that many minutes at least a few more games in a row. Deep leaguers can jump on him, but medium and shallow leaguers are better off waiting.

  7. Kyuss says:

    Adam, would you trade McGee in a dynasty league for Ty Lawson? It’s a 12-team league with 9 standard categories and we keep 10 players.
    My team is ranked 2nd and is dominating in rebounds and blocks, but not so much in steals and assists…
    What do you think?

    Team: Stuckey, Wade, T. Evans, Deng, Prince, Al Jefferson, Monroe, Love, Batum, McGee, Kevin Martin, B. Gordon, R.Jefferson, Gallinari, Daye

  8. Fletch says:

    @Adam: I have 4 trade scenarios:

    1. D-Will straight up for Durant.
    2. D-Will & Mo-Will for Durant and Holiday
    3. D-Will & Conley for Durant and Holiday
    4. D-Will & either Beno, Wes Mattews or N. Young for Durant & Holiday

    I would be the one dealing D-Will.
    12 team H2H and assists count as 2pts, everything else 1pt.

    Rank in order which trade you like best and would you do any of them.


  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Kyuss: I’d do it. They’re both equal risks at this point. JaVale is starting, but he hasn’t produced exactly as people think he’s capable of. Lawson has, but he’s stuck in a reserve role. When in doubt, take the guy who’s proven something, especially if his stat tools bolster your team more.

    @Fletch: All else being equal, if I was the Durant owner, I probably wouldn’t go through with any of these deals. Durant is the better of the two headliners involved in this trade and Holiday is the best among the secondary pieces. I might consider a D-Will/Wes Matthews for Durant. Then again, I’m not sure YOU would want to make that trade.

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