The poor Brooklyn Nets were swept off the court by a fully formed Sixers squad.  This of course was to be expected after the failed Big 3 was broken up after like 20 games.  The good news for all the Nets fans out there, and I’m taking it on faith that there are some since I’ve never met one, is that they have a really interesting offseason ahead.  But how did this year go?


Mikal Bridges, in a featured role for the first time, did not disappoint, averaging 26.1 PPG to go with 2.5 3 and a steal per game.  I would say that he was ready for the role.  If you can get Bridges in the second round, it’s an absolute steal.  I think he’s a true max player and a wonderful swiss army knife who can fit in any style of team build.

Honor Roll

Nic Claxton and his 13 points, 9 boards, and 2.5 blocks was a revelation this year.  Kudos if you drafted him in the later rounds this year.  His motor and constant activity will continue to give him minutes and the production is already elite.  Pass on Rudy Gobert and Jarrett Allen in order to see if Claxton is available a few rounds later.


If you like Spencer Dinwiddie, you can stop reading right now.  He’s not a good enough shooter to take 14 shots per game, and he’s not a good enough passer to be your lead guard.  I’m guessing he’s trade bait, with his 40% shooting overall and 28% on 3 pointers.  The Nets have more wings than my neighbor’s bats that they had to use an exterminator to remove.  They are also rumored to be a destination for Damian Lillard.  Spencer will probably never have the usage that he just finished having this season again, and rightfully so.

Enjoy Your Paycheck

Ben Simmons, because it’s the last one you’ll get from the NBA.  What a mess this guy’s become.  You’ll never want to draft him ever again.

I know, faithful reader (maybe plural, I don’t know), this isn’t as much info as you’d like.  The Nets are a squad to watch closely in this offseason.  They made moves at the deadline in the attempt to be flexible and nimble and other gymnastics-themed adjectives.  They want to make moves.

So if they get Lillard, everything is void here.  Except Bridges.  He’s the only sure thing on this team for next year.

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