If you aren’t thinking about where your season went wrong, you’re behind the 8 ball.  That 8 ball will read negative predictions if it’s a magic one.  Speaking of teams who’s season went wrong, I’ll recap the non-playoff teams.  Since nobody really wants a Pistons article for next year, I’ll start with the teams that narrowly missed the playoffs.  The Bulls fit both of these, a team with a season that went wrong and missed the playoffs.  They’re also my favorite squad because I’m stuck in the 90s.  I still listen to Pearl Jam and Mistadobalina.

Offseason Preview

The Bulls roster is in flux.  They don’t have the cap space to bring everyone back and it’s debatable if they should even entertain such a path, since they just finished the season as the 10th seed in the Eastern Conference.  Nikola Vucevic and Coby White are the big decisions the front office faces in a pivotal offseason.  The fans of this storied franchise are not exactly excited about this roster as is, either.

I would predict a trade of either DeMar DeRozan or Vooochie with White returning as the starting PG.  The team historically does not pay the cap tax for any reason except a sure thing.  This team is not a sure thing; simply a mediocre bunch.


Zach LaVine averaged 27 ppg after the All-Star break and proved to everyone that his early season struggles were simply about getting his legs back underneath him.  More specifically, he got in game shape and his knee felt good.  Not many guys can score like Zach from all three levels.  2.6 3PM help and the percentages on his other shots are sublime.

I would not be drafting LaVine in the top 3 rounds next year as he doesn’t contribute much in rebounds or assists when compared to the far superior PG you could be drafting as your first guard.  He’s a guy you plug in as your scorer after other positions are locked up.  I’m worried the helium next year will price me out of LaVine completely.  I’d rather draft like 10 point guards if you’re going guard early in drafts.

Honor Roll

DeMar DeRozan had a typical season for himself, 24-5-5, but to my eye just seemed a bit slower this year.  He had nagging hip and side injuries all season which surely contributed.  DeMar’s been a great value for two years, but beware in the next few seasons as he’s entering his age 34 season.  Granted, his game isn’t predicated on high flying exploits and he should age well, but 34 is 34.  I’m probably not drafting him at his ADP from last season.

Voooochie:  Double-double machine and played every game.  That’s incredible value in our game, especially in points league.  Voooochie answered the bell every night and produced.  We don’t care about his terrible defense, right?  He will not block many shots, but his percentages are fine and he even chips in the occasional 3 (1.5 per game).  We need to see where he lands as an unrestricted free agent, but he’s a completely safe pick as your starting center.  More value in points leagues than in roto, obviously.

Next Year’s Most Improved

Coby White didn’t have his best statistical year, but he showed tremendous growth as a potential starter in the league during his age 22 season.  I’m looking for the Bulls to match his RFA offer sheet and make him the starter at PG.  He won’t be a big assist guy, but will score and contribute in threes and steals.  He could pop off for 18 points and 6 assists after another offseason of working on his shot.

Patrick Williams is a wing.  He cannot rebound like you need a PF to do.  Williams finally put the insane comparisons to rest this year and we shouldn’t count on a huge season from him.  He’s reluctant to shoot due to his past as a point guard in high school, and is passive on the glass.  Movement off the ball is also a struggle. Put it this way:  his nicknames are Stand Pat and Passive Pat.  A realistic ceiling is about 13 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 stocks per game.  This could obviously change at any time and, if DeMar is gone, Williams might get more chances, so keep an eye on this roster for potential player usage.


Lonzo Ball had a surgery.

Lonzo Ball had his cartilage in his knee replaced.

Lonzo Ball has a dead person’s cartilage in his knee.  His knee was so bad that they decided that a dead person’s knee was in better shape, so why not just switch it out?

In other words, I think he’s done for good.  He won’t play a minute next year, and his career (sadly) is in doubt.


These can be a bit hard to write as the offseason hasn’t happened at all.  The Bulls are going to be an interesting team in the summer.  They don’t have a draft pick at this time (going to Orlando as the end of the terrible Vooochie deal) or any notable cap space.  I’m predicting a DeRozan deal, since he has one year left on his deal and he’s old and eligible for a supermax deal.  Why would the Bulls do that?  If DeMar is gone, then Williams and White see increases in their value.


Any thoughts?  Anything you’d like me to include?  Hit me in the comments or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheEducator23!!!