Jordan Farmar played, at least in the beginning. He ended with a sorta solid 12/4/7, with four threes line, but Avery Johnson’s egg timer went off and he realized he hadn’t gotten pissed at Jordan Farmar at all yet this season. Farmar played poor defense. But the Nets have 50 losses, so let’s assume Farmar wasn’t the only one not shuffling his feet. Stoopid as it may be, if Farmar is going to lose minutes to Ben Uzoh (and Deron) because of another Avery Johnson whim, you might want to look elsewhere. Leave him on your bench tonight to see how the guard situation shakes out.

Here’s what else happened in a slow fantasy basketball Tuesday.

Deron Williams – Didn’t play, but we didn’t think he’d play today. Tomorrow is your money melon, Krusty.

LeBron James – Earned his fourth triple-double of the season last night (27/10/12), matching his trip-dub total from last season. Unfortunately, I missed last night’s performance ’cause I was in the bathroom.

Mike Bibby – Sank seven threes. No one wins when Mike Bibby shoots 11 threes. Especially the Heat.

Chris Bosh – 10/4/4 and missed all but five of his 14 shots from the field. Pat Riley was struck with the fear that they mainstreamed their starting power forward too soon. Back to paste-eating for Chris.

Anthony Parker – Almost scored his season-high 21 points last night. Simon said ‘almost.’ You lose. Especially if you’ve owned Anthony Parker for more than last night’s game and the game in which he scored 21 points.

Patrick Patterson – 13/8 in 22 minutes – many of which came during garbage time. The clock’s ticking on his production for the rest of this season, which blows now, but will make for an easy sleeper post come summertime. Mmm, I love me some corn on the blog.

Stephen Curry – 35/5/6 in 49 minutes. KaBoOom! Despite his six turnovers, this still ranks as one of his better games of the season. I’m only 62 percent sure that this validates his status as a premiere point guard. It’s not too late. Acie Law will miss the rest of the season which pretty much means Curry won’t miss another minute of the season.

Dorell Wright – Ice cold. Shot 2-for-13 from the field. If missing 11-of-13 shots is wrong, I don’t want to be wrong. (Y’see what I did there?)

Ekpe Udoh – He’s averaged 8.7/5, with 2.7 blocks in the seven games he’s started. The Warriors are also 2-5 over that span. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Serge Ibaka – 19/8, with three blocks. Why can’t you be more like Serge, Ekpe?

Samuel Dalembert – 0/6, with a block in 12 minutes. Not sure what happened here. Yo, West Coasters. Fill me in.

Jared Dudley – I said yesterday that I didn’t expect a ton from Dudley from here on out. Then he went 21/5/2, with five steals in the Suns loss. So never mind that. Or ‘Nevermind’ if you believe the Foo Fighters are Dave Grohl’s second-best band. Them Crooked Vultures RULE! That’s not what I meant. Anyway, Nash and Hill are closing in on seeing their minutes cut, which only works in Dudley’s favor.

  1. Adam says:

    Start/Sit: pick two – taj gibson, danilo gallinari, rudy fernendez, anthony randolph.

    Pick-up: Would you drop any of those 3 (exlcuding gallo) for jared dudley?

  2. Will says:

    I need three to start today,

    Grant Hill, Tyler Hansbrough Budinger, ‘Sisco Garcia, Farmar, or Beaubois (sp?)

    Scoring, Rebounding, and Three’s are all close as of right now. I want to start hansbrough and assume his slump’ll be over tonight (It’s detroit!)

    What do you think is the best order?

  3. looks like we’re all down the wires on these now…
    need to sit one… help!

    kidd (lac)
    mowill (dal)
    ghend (cle)
    harden (pho)
    jrich (atl)
    chaseb (phi)
    dirk (dal)
    brand (hou)
    horford (orl)
    frye (okc)
    ibaka (pho)

    stats i need are stl/ast and decent %s… i don’t like horford vs. dwight howard… i think henderson is the worst player on the roster (only because i’m punting points) but he’s playing cleveland… chase is inconsistent, and frye is playing a good team with a good pf…

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Adam: Start Gallo and Randolph. Drop either of the other two for Dudley.

    @Will:Yeessh. This time of he season is killer. Every decision of dire importance and every team becoming increasingly unpredictable. I’m guessing Hill, Hansbrough and Budinger are your best bets. If you wanted to substitute Garcia for any of them, you could make a solid case for doing so.
    @hakasan: Sit Frye. Even if he has a good game, he shoots lower percentage shots than other bigs and he’s not going to produce many dimes and steals.

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