So I did a nice value picks list last week, and it was good for about a day until Yahoo decided to update their rankings and pretty much took away all the value on my list. Well played Yahoo, well played. I actually do think the Yahoo list is solid now that they tightened up their rankings, so I will be focusing on the value that you can find later on in the draft. Here is a list of guys I’m targeting after pick 100 in 9 cat H2H leagues.


Evan Fournier (rank 101): Boring ho-hum player who is consistently helpful every year, and often gets overlooked. He finished inside the top 60 in total value last year, and I don’t see any reason for a big drop off. He’s coming back to the same role with the same group of teammates, so getting him outside of the top 100 is a nice value pick.


Nerlens Noel (rank 116): Remember when Nerlens Noel was ranked inside the top 25 by Yahoo to start the season? I sure do! I picked him on several teams that year, and needless to say, it did not pan out. However, looks like Noel may have a new lease on life in New York, as Thibs seems to have a lot of love for him. We all know that if you make the rotation with Thibs, you’re getting some nice minutes. Noel only needs about 20 minutes to beat this ranking, so it’s a no brainer pick here. Best case scenario is he takes his rightful place as the Knicks starter and gets you top 50 value. Worst case is that he gets goes into a time share with Mitch Rob and still finishes in the top 100.


Will Barton (rank 125): Like Fournier, Barton doesn’t get any respect even though he finished in the top 75 last year in total value. There are definitely concerns with Michael Porter Jr. breaking out this year and taking up a lot of the touches, but Barton has always proven himself to be useful when healthy. He’s definitely well worth a pick here since I am confident he will turn in at least top 100 value again.


Killian Hayes (rank 129): My favorite rookie this year, and for good reason. He’s a polished professional who landed in the perfect spot to produce. He can pass, shoot, get steals, and has tremendous size for a PG. His height allows him to play multiple positions, which will keep him on the floor longer. Like most rookies, his shooting will probably be brutal. However, he did make 90% of his FTs and shot 39% from long range last year as a pro, so at least he won’t hurt you there. I’d be happy to get him in the top 100.


Chris Boucher (rank 132): Everybody’s favorite sleeper pick, so no need to say too much here. He is a per-minute monster who can get you boards, blocks, steals, and 3s. He only needs about 20 minutes are so to hit value, and it’s almost a sure thing that he will get at least that this year. I wouldn’t overreach for him, but he’s definitely on my list of targets.


Demarcus Cousins (rank 139): It may seem like Cousins has been in the league forever, but he only just turned 30 this year. He’s definitely a risky pick, but so far he’s looked good in the preseason. In 25 minutes a game with the Warriors last time he played, he was multi-cat goodness with 16/8/3.6/1.3/1.5 along with a 3 a game. It’s not unreasonable to think he could repeat that on a Rockets team that may not have Harden for the season. His buddy John Wall has been looking pretty good too, so perhaps together they can form the Achilles super duo! Give him a shot around the 100-pick range.


Tyrese Haliburton (rank 149): I wasn’t high on him in redraft to start the season, but he’s been looking terrific in preseason play. It looks like he can get you across the board production, and he may be able to get locked into a nice role with the Kings. He’s worth a flier with your last pick, just don’t overpay for him.


Darius Bazley (rank 158): Another guy who is everyone’s favorite sleeper, and it’s fully justified. He did very well in the bubble when he got the opportunity, and it looks like he will get all the opportunities he can handle this year. Someone’s gotta play next to Shai, so I might even think that Bazley will be the second scoring option. Looks like people are reaching for him in drafts more than I’d like, but he’s still a good pick outside of the top 100.


Gary Harris (rank 173): I feel like an old dinosaur, always reminiscing about the good ol’ days of fantasy. Remember when Gary Harris was a sure-fire top 50 pick? At his best, he was a 3 and D steals specialist who shot 50% from the field and rarely turned the ball over. Unfortunately, the injuries have not been kind to him, and he hasn’t been able to replicate his 2017 performance. He’s looking good in the preseason so far, and I am cautiously optimistic about his comeback to fantasy relevance. He’s worth a waiver wire pick up, or a flier pick in the final rounds to see if he can stay healthy and get back to his 2017 form.


Aaron Baynes (rank 175): I love Baynes, and the fact that Nick Nurse has 99% confirmed that he’s starting makes him even more of a nice sleeper. He was putting up top 50 value last year over a stretch of games that Ayton was gone, and people were selling him like hotcakes. He may not do that again this year, but given the playing time, he will most definitely produce. His only competition is Boucher and Len, so there’s plenty of reason to be excited about getting Baynes with a late pick.


Luguentz Dort (rank 215): Bort had some nice moments in the Bubble, and there’s some optimism that he will be a nice late-round steal this year. He will almost certainly get the opportunity to play in OKC, and projects as a nice steals, blocks, and 3s kind of guy. His 3 point shooting is suspect, but he’s certainly not shy to take them. I’m hoping he can be somewhat similar to Roco, but that’s very optimistic. Still worth a pick very late in your draft.


Mason Plumlee (rank 227): If I told you that there was a guy who gets you 11/8/4/1/1 while shooting 53%, you’d be pretty keen on picking him with a late pick. Well, look no further than Mason Plumlee! The above stats are from when he played 28 minutes a game in Portland, and I’d imagine he will get a similar workload this year in Detroit as their starting center. Blake Griffin will inevitably get hurt or punch someone in the face, or both, so that will open up even more playing time and usage for Plums. The bigs dry up pretty quickly outside of the top 100, so he makes sense if you need to round out your frontcourt.


Well, that’s about it! Hopefully, Yahoo doesn’t screw me over this time and change their rankings again. I’m sure I missed a bunch of potential sleepers, so be sure to comment and let me know what you think. I’m heading into a bunch of big money drafts this week, so I’m always looking for additional insights!

  1. Tony C says:

    Pham Thanks for the insight for Kate round value picks! Do you also like Isaac Okoro or Troy Brown in the later rounds?

    Would you instead have Baynes and Dort on your team who are available in my league?

    My team:
    Guards: Harden, Kyrie, C.White, D.White, E.Payton
    Forwards: George, C.Wood, Bazley, T.Brown, Okoro
    Centers: Aldridge, Horford, Theis

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Very nice team! I’d find a way to get baynes in there he seems to fit your team well. I think Okoro and Brown are guys to keep an eye on, so just keep them around and cut them if they don’t perform and someone else comes up.

      • Davis says:

        Hi Pham,

        Would you go for Noel or DeAndre Jordan?

        My team for reference (anything else you feel missing?):

        G: Harden, Kyrie, Kemba, Killian, Seth Curry, Huerter
        F: Paul George, Joe Harris, Crowder, Danny Green
        C: Embiid, Boucher, Nance

  2. Pippen Ain’t Easy says:

    Morning Pham! Ok draft was last night! I follow Razzball rankings and advice mostly … Here’s my draft in order … Lemme know what you think I need as I like to be proactive .. I picked 4th !

    1. Harden
    2. Vucevic
    3. CP3
    4. Robinson
    5. Tobias
    6. Oladipo
    7. Rubio
    8. Horford
    9. Bertans
    10. Porter
    11. Ross
    12. Theis
    13. Bazley
    14. Klay (straight to IR /open roster spot)
    15. DiVincenzo (keeper from last year/ picked up free agent)
    16. Nurkic! (Keeper from last year/ picked up free agent)

  3. Phamtastic

    Phamtastic says:

    Love the team! Don’t love Mitch Rob all that much though lol. You can more than absorb his FTs and points deficit, but I’d think someone like Aldridge or Turner would be a better fit if you wanted blocks. Heck, I think even Brolo would be better suited for your team.

    That’s the only thing that sticks out, but otherwise very nice team! Fantastic value on Bazley too!

  4. Lovorko says:

    Good article. Those kind of picks can win you a league. I’m always all in on young guys with upiside rather than steady veterans. I drafted several of them in my team (12 team league, salary cap draft).
    Kyrie Irving
    Coby White
    Goran Dragic
    Cam Reddish
    Michael Porter Jr.
    Anthony Davis
    Larry Nance Jr.
    Karl Anthony Towns
    Chris Boucher
    Darius Bazley
    Mikal Bridges
    Lauri Markannen
    Brandon Clarke

    What do you think?

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Beautiful! Would be nice to see the values that you got them for, but from the looks of it you got good value. I’d recommend trading Kyrie once he gets on a hot streak, since we all know he’s going to sit.

  5. Tony C says:

    Do you like Baynes and Dort more than Troy Brown or Isaac Okoro in a 12 team H2H 9 cat league?

    My team
    Guards. Harden, Kyrie, C.White, D. White, Elfrid
    Forwards George, C.Wood, Bazley, T.Brown, Okoro
    Centers Aldridge, Horford, Theis


    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      I think Baynes is my favorite of that group. The other 3 you can keep an eye on and add/drop as the the season goes on.

  6. JC says:

    12 team, h2h, 9 cats. Please share your thoughts on guys I should trade and general areas of weakness. Note: our league is assist crazy so a guy like Dragic seems to fetch value.

    C White
    D White

  7. Phamtastic

    Phamtastic says:

    Definitely a nice looking squad! I think you could use one more big, so maybe trade butler for someone like Ayton? I think your guard stats are very nice, so you can afford to deal Jimmy for a stud big.

    • JC says:

      Nice! The irony of course is that Ayton was available and I took Butler. AD, Ayton and Bam would have been a crazy first three!

      Take care

  8. Waffles says:

    Great stuff Pham !

    12 team 9 cat h2h

    PG Lowry (46)
    SG Smart (70)
    G D Graham (94)
    SF P George (22)
    PF A Davis (3)
    F M Porter Jr (51)
    C Nurkic (27)
    U T Bryant (75)

    Seth Curry (99) Bagley (118) Trent Jr (124) E Payton (142) C Boucher (147)

    Any categories looking light or other thoughts?

    I have the option of trading AD + Smart for KAT + CP3 what think?


    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:


      That’s a great team, so much value! Smart, PG, Nurk, Bryant, Elfrid, Boucher were all fantastic picks where you got them. Looks to me like FG is weak, but thats’ probably by design. Maybe a bit more boards would be nice but otherwise I think you’re good.

      That offer is fantastic, and value wise I think you’d be winning. I just don’t think it’s enough to make such a blockbuster deal before the season begins. I say decline for now, but it’s definitely a good offer.

  9. Michael L Webber says:

    Hi Pham, great article. New to fantaasy basketball, I’m in a 12 team H2H, standard 9 categaory league. Interested in how you think my draft went and any weakness. Lost power 1 hour before draft. Thanks for oyur help.

    (7) Karl-Anthony Towns C
    (18) Paul George SF,PF
    (31) Shai Gilgeous-Alexander SG,SF
    (42) Mitchell Robinson C
    (55) Victor Oladipo SG,SF
    (66) Marcus Smart PG,SG
    (79) Al Horford PF,C
    (90) Brandon Clarke SF,PF
    (103) Mike Conley PG
    (114) Evan Fournier SG,SF
    (127) Larry Nance Jr. PF,C
    (138) Mason Plumlee PF,C
    (151) Tyrese Haliburton PG,SG

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Welcome Michael! Not a bad start at all! I love your first 3 picks, great value on Shai at 31. Love the Horford and Fournier picks too.

      I think you could have gotten Dipo a few rounds later though, but who knows he may be worth it there.

      It’s a good well rounded team. I think you should let it play out and see how it goes.

  10. JC says:

    Picked 6th in h2h league, 9 cats.

    PG: Paul, Bledsoe, Teague (until Kemba returns)
    SG: Harden, Beal, Derrick White
    SF: Gallinari, Bog Bog, Barton
    PF: JJJ, Holmes, Horford
    C: Ayton, JV

    1. Basic thoughts on squad please. Feels old and injured to me but I went board value.
    2. Trade idea: JJJ and White both out with only one IR spot. Not wild about Bog Bog and Gallinari together. Might try to trade one of each group. Maybe JJJ and Bog Bog for RoCo and LeVert? Fair?


    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Noce team, I like all those guys! Not sure where you got Gallo and Bog, but you’re right those guys are prob my least favorite guys on your team.

      You’re definitely exposed there with White and JJJ. Yeah I think that deal is not bad. Levert looks like he’ll be settling into a 6th man role so he should be at least usable.

      • JC says:

        Nice. So these deals are being discussed. Please rank them or say NO if I should hold.

        1. My JJJ for Myles
        2. JJJ for Lou Will
        3. Derrick White for PJ
        4. White for Rubio

        • Phamtastic

          Phamtastic says:

          Definitely 1. 3 isn’t bad either. No go for 2 and 4.

          • JC says:

            So good to get your perspective – and quickly. So you like JJJ better than Lou Williams and like White better than Rubio? Just checking as I may have gotten my “ask” out of order.
            Do you list the guy you are getting or giving first?

            Thank you!

  11. Davis says:

    Hi Pham,

    Would you go for Noel or DeAndre Jordan?

    My team for reference (anything else you feel missing?):

    G: Harden, Kyrie, Kemba, Killian, Seth Curry, Huerter
    F: Paul George, Joe Harris, Crowder, Danny Green
    C: Embiid, Boucher, Nance

  12. Phamtastic

    Phamtastic says:

    Noel in pretty much all instances lol. Looks like you’re a bit wing heavy. I’d probably try to get another big if I were you.

  13. Robert Washington says:

    My first time doing fantasy basketball. My son needed a owner so I joined. Dont know any players.How did I do!
    J. Grant
    D. Murray
    P. William’s

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      I think you did amazing lol. I love most of your picks! How many teams are in this league?

      • Robert Washington says:

        4Its a 12 team league.

  14. JC says:

    I grabbed Teague with my last pick as a few week rental until Kemba returns. Do you like Teague over guys like Kuzma, Favors, and Millsap or ?

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Yup! Good call. I’d pick him over those guys.

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