There are many things in society that have an age restriction. Smoking, voting, driving, drinking, running for office, and military service. Beneficial for all. Age restriction to play in the NBA? Redonkulous. Outside of making money for the NCAA, what other reasons are there?

The only one I’ve seen that makes any sense is the NBA wanting to “protect teams from their own ineptness“. Think about that for a second. W. T. F??!! Seriously? The experience of owning an NBA team is truly being part of a fraternity. In what other business is the game trying everything in it’s power to not make you fail? Sure sounds like a cartel to me.

What a freaking world.

For us mere mortals, it’s…. If someone can do the job better, that person will get it. It’s very Darwinian.

If someone is able to ball, they should have the opportunity to get paid and play against the best. Look at Luka Doncic, the 18-year-old Slovenian who could be the number one pick in next year’s NBA Draft. He’s been playing professionally for one of the top teams in Spain since the age of 13.

Now, let’s take a look at Marvin Bagley, who still has to play one year in college before getting the chance to get paid.

Zion Williamson and Michael Porter have to do the One-and-Done scam as well. You don’t think those guys could play in the pros?

It’s such crap.

Listen to me NBA. Let the owners do what they are going to do. They are big boys and have a shit load of money. Let the Darwinian process play out in your heavens as well. I promise you that the value of your entity will not decrease. In fact, over the long haul, it will increase because….those shitty owners will get weeded out and be replaced by better owners. Eventually, everyone will get smarter and more skilled because, if they don’t, they will be driven from the game. Aaaaaand…..the league as a whole will be in a better place.