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Warriors/Cavs III in the 2017 NBA Finals has been such a fun and entertaining series. GS annihilated the Lebrons the first two games, which was akin to a dog strolling into the park and pissing all over the place.

The series then shifted to Cleveland.

And you probably scoffed at my designation for the Cavs as “The Lebrons.” Psssssshhh.

Sweep. Greatest team of all time. Dynasty. Blah blah blah. With the Warriors up 3-0, all of that talk was warranted but as the great Dennis Green once said:

Let ’em off the hook indeed. The Lebrons had Game 3. No if’s and’s or but’s about it.

Then Game 4 happened. All I could think about was NBA Jam. 86 point first half for the Cavs. 137 points total. 24-45 (53.3%) from three-point land. It was a shooting display of extraordinary magnitude.

Unfortunately, the prevailing topic of conversation was the ineptitude of the referees. Conspiracy theories began to surface. Tim Donaghy anyone? The only problem is that both sides were screaming conspiracy and there was evidence to support both. Now, I’m a tinfoil hat wearer on many issues, but I don’t want to plant my flag on the conspiracy angle for Game 4. Instead….

I just want to appreciate the greatness that we are witnessing. See what I did there?

The shot-making and ball movement has been incredible.

I mean…c’mon. That is insane. I don’t think it’s possible to string those moves together in NBA 2K. Like, after that first spin away from Livingston, right when he lands from the spin, he immediately crosses over. I don’t think the coding and power of the PS4 would be able to handle that. Then, he drives into the lane and tear drops over…not one…not two…but three defenders.

Then there’s this:

Remember when Love shut Curry down in a similar situation last year? Yeah, not happening with a healthy Curry. With that said, it’s incredible D for a man of Love’s size. There’s been all that talk about players from the past smoking the Warriors.

“They’re all right. They would all kill us. The game gets worse as time goes on. Players are less talented than they used to be. The guys in the 50s would’ve destroyed everybody. It’s weird how human evolution goes in reverse in sports. Players get weaker, smaller, less skilled. I don’t know. I can’t explain it.” [The Mercury News]

Exactly. I can’t think of many power forwards from the past that could’ve contested that Curry shot: Shawn Kemp, Charles Barkley, and Tom Chambers pop into my head, but they were the outliers and I still have a modicum of doubt that they would’ve gotten their ankles broken on that move.

That’s good D. The Cavs know the play. Schumpert gets clipped a little by the Livingston screen, which gives Steph that sliver of daylight, but Jefferson is there to contest. Granted, he probably should’ve been a step or two higher, but still….That’s solid D. Just an incredible shot.

Speaking of better O:

That’s a 7-footer doing that. And Lebron flies in at the last moment. So sick.

26 feet out? Shot making.

Someone shot JR to begin the series, as he was non-existent in Games 1 and 2. But he is resurrected and alive!!!

JR always has a special place in my heart.

I just had an orgasm. It doesn’t get any better than that. It was so good that even Deron Williams couldn’t f#@! it up.

Anyways, I’m hoping for an awesome Game 5, but I think the Cavs shot their load. There’s only so much a man/woman/team has, right? If you are able to spend the night with <insert woman/man of your dreams>, it takes time to recover for the next round of action, right? Who am I kidding? I talked myself into a more competitive Game 5. With that said, I hope we continue to see greatness.

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Shahed: For sure BUT….that was 7 years ago and KD was 22 years old!!! Think back to when you were 22 years old. Now, think about where you were 7 years later….

  1. Psykomerc says:

    Hey Son,

    I play in 9 cat H2H Yahoo Auction leagues and I’ve been wondering, what types of teams do you think have the easiest/best chance of winning? Do you think Stars & Scrubs, Balanced teams, mostly big men teams, or the heavy guard type teams? Do you advocate Punting 1 to 3 cats?

    I feel like going into the draft with a rough plan will help a lot.

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Psykomerc: Going into an auction with a plan is always a good thing. I just don’t think you should go in with the mindset of executing a particular strategy. As Bruce Lee said, be like water. Putting players into tiers and knowing the depth at each position will give you a rough plan. That will give you a basic snapshot of the landscape. How the other owners perceive the same landscape will only be known at the draft. That’s why flexibility is important. I like to allocate a rough number that I’m willing to spend on each player. If center is shallow, maybe allocate more. But I’d have a worst case scenario as to which center I’d most feel comfortable paying down for. So, for instance, say everyone else thinks the center position is shallow. Therefore they all choose to spend up there. You will be ready and have the ability to zig when they zag. Now, back to my basic money allocation. If the centers go over price wise, you should shift that money to other positions. By putting players into tiers earlier, you should have a good idea where the upgrade will be most beneficial. Hope that helped.

      I’m not a punt a category guy in any sport.

      • Psykomerc says:


        I gotcha, not that I meant a strict plan as that can often turn into failure, leads to more mistakes than benefits. I meant a rough plan/draft strategy to kind of guide you. That’s why I asked specifically Stars & scrubs, balanced, all bigs or all smalls as what you believe is the best winning strat or just a personal preference. I agree you should split the players into tiers so you always have backup plans without paying up for somebody that is just as good or close to a similar tier player.

        Thanks for your thoughts, I will probably have a very flexible draft plan in mind to take advantage of under priced/valued players then. I am thinking next year a lot of prices are going to rebound for certain players, and increase even more on other budding young stars. I think this will also give people a good idea of who they can grab for value.

        My list includes Giannis, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Towns, Harden, Westbrook, Kawhi, Gobert, Jokic are people you probably won’t be getting a great deal on anymore.

        • Son

          Son says:

          @Psykomerc: Anytime Psyk. I think it’s about being prepared for any and all scenarios. If x happens, then I can pivot here and implement y. Many times, the unprepared panic.
          I don’t think one strategy is better than another. They all have merit and can win leagues. Just go with what you are most comfortable with.

          Situations change yearly for players. Definitely identifying those that will benefit and hurt will provide an advantage. As for your list, all those players will be properly or over valued.

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