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Welcome to The Abode.

Please take off your shoes. We are not freaking savages. It used to boggle my mind when I’d go to a non-Asian home and just prance around with my shoes on, literally wiping shit all over the floor. Made no sense to me. That is…until someone with stank ass feet would take off their shoes and leave a trail like Pepe Le Pew. I got it. I get it. I still prefer the taking off of shoes, but I now have a deeper understanding and respect for why certain households would choose to leave their shoes on.

Which brings me to why The Abode was created.

The Abode is a place where WE can all exchange ideas and perspectives to better understand, not only hoops, but the world around us. The great thing about Razzball is the community and interaction in the comments section.

The Abode will be a place where anyone can talk about anything at anytime.

You wanted to punch your co-worker because he said some stupid shit at the water cooler? The Abode is a place to vent. You knocked down the game-winning shot at your rec league game? Come gloat at The Abode. But bring video evidence or it didn’t happen. Want to get down to business and discuss fantasy strategy? I hear the hoops commentators are very sharp and they don’t call me Sontzu for nothing.

The Abode will also be a place where I can just take a dump with my brain on anything hoops related. Why is the color of the basketball orange? I mean, I know why because I just googled it, but the question remains. Why? Like why not use the red, white, and blue ABA ball?

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So tight.

I remember being so engrossed watching old ABA highlights because of the spin of the ball. Like, when a shooter released the ball perfectly, the seams would be aligned so that each “rib” would spin harmoniously to create a visual orgasm of color and symmetry. Words are not sufficient to describe the feeling. Only Whitney Houston will suffice.

Now, when the rotation was not perfect, imagine a bunch of cats having sex in your backyard. Now imagine them scraping their claws on a blackboard at the same time.

Hey, to experience the highs, you gotta experience the lows. I’d gladly endure 10 instances of cats having sex while scraping their claws on a blackboard for one WH (Whitney Houston) moment. Jack Bauer ain’t got nothing on me

Here’s another thing that I’ve been thinking about lately.

The hating on Kevin Durant.

I get why people are hating. He joined forces with a team that just beat him in the playoffs. He should’ve just ran it back, right?

When I wasn’t a fat slob and actually played a ton of hoops, my competitive juices would flow and I’d want to get right back at it. But…..

What if I didn’t like the guys I was playing with? What if I didn’t like the style of ball my team was playing?

Hear me out. I’ve played on plenty of teams where dudes thought they were AND1 heroes. So not fun. That OKC team was basically three guys: Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Serge Ibaka. I’ll include Dion Waiters, so make it 3.5. The offense was basically, Here you go Russ. Go do your thing. Here you go KD. Go do your thing. Here you go Serge. Did you know that a star turned into a black hole before Hubble’s very eyes? As for Waiters, it wasn’t, here you go. It was more like, how the hell did Dion get the ball again?

I love team basketball. I’m not gonna go all Hoosiers on you and say you have to pass the ball four times before shooting. That’s stupid. If the shot is there, shoot it. But…if a better shot is available, then make the correct pass. Move. Screen. Cut. Back pick. In essence, play the team game. If I wanted to observe statues and black holes, I’d go to the museum.

But he went to the team that knocked him out of the playoffs!!! Ok. So what? Seriously. That was the only time the two teams ever matched up in the playoffs, at least while KD was on the Thunder. Now, if the two teams had an extensive history like the Lakers and Celtics in the 80’s or Knicks and Bulls in the 90’s, then I could understand the argument. But there was no history there. And there was no bad blood. Looking back at it, it was probably more reverence. I mean, how could it not be. Watching the Warriors move the ball around must’ve been KD’s WH moment.

What gets lost in the whole situation is that KD was not boys with Russ, for whatever reason. If he was, things would not have gone down the way that they did. Can talent win without chemistry? Sure, the Kobe/Shaq Lakers are a prime example of that. But…over time it becomes an untenable situation. If players do not like each other, the negativity eventually manifests itself then….Kaboom! That’s what seemed to have happened with KD in OKC.

Players leave their teams all the time for better situations. We really going to hate on KD because he went to the Warriors? Seriously, think about it. If you leave a situation in your life, aren’t you going to pursue the best one available? I enjoy playing DFS. Daily Fantasy Sports for you non-degenerates. One of the best mantras out there is: Take the path of least resistance. The object of any game is to win, right?

I hear the argument that KD was being a bitch and that he should’ve man’d up. What does that even mean? He should’ve stayed in a situation that he obviously wasn’t happy in? He should’ve went to a different team that would’ve made his life more difficult? So that he could try and win one by himself when it’s been proven that you can’t win a NBA championship by yourself? Even MJ the GOAT couldn’t do it. You know how pathetic it was when Karl Malone joined the Lakers in 2003 to chase after the elusive ring?

At the end of the day, it’s about winning. If I’m at the park and there’s a five game wait, I want to stay on the court as long as possible. If I lose a game while on a team that I don’t like playing on, and have a chance to run with a squad that plays beautiful team ball, I’m down.

Ok, that’s my brain dump for this week.

I’ll open up The Abode every Monday morning. Remember, this is a place for US. The only thing I ask is for you to not be an a**hole to others. Oh, and take off your freaking shoes.

Sky’s the Limit for US.

  1. Kostas says:

    On the Durant subject,i think maybe the hate can be attributed to the anti-super team mentality.It’s kinda like the Lebron to Miami move.There was hate there too.Maybe people don’t want “Superteams” cause they feel unfair,they bring predictability which equals less excitement.You knew(or at least it was very very likely) that Miami would go at least to the Finals every year with their “Superteam”.Warriors already had a great team without KD but they built it mainly through the draft and player development.So when you add KD to that core it feels unfair.That’s my 2 cents on the matter and while i think that’s not the main reason for the KD hate(you cover most of the main points) i think it’s still worth mentioning.

    • Son says:

      @Kostas: Yeah, that’s a good point Kostas. It’s not like Superteams are a recent development though. Was there hate when Rodman joined the Bulls in ’96? Barkley joining Hakeem and Clyde in ’97? Raheed joining the Pistons in 03? Payton and Malone joining the Lakers in 03? The Big 3 Celtics in 08? CP3 joining the Clips in 12? Dwight joining the Lakers in 13?

  2. Shahed says:

    For me that hate on KD is from the things he said, “I see bright things for this team,” “And it’s great to be a part of it.” And then he left.
    “I’m upset (about losing), but I’m the leader of this team,” he said. “I’m the leader of this franchise, and I’ve got to go out and represent everyone. I’ve got to win with class and dignity, and I’ve also got to lose with the same class and dignity.
    “So of course I’m pissed. I wish we would’ve won. I’ll be thinking about it for the rest of the summer. But I’m the representation of this team. And when people see me, they think about the organization, so I have to represent it in a better light … I also have to let them know, really, what this is all about and look at the big picture, so I feel like I’m representing a lot of people besides myself.”
    He said they’d get it next year, and then he left. Why say those things if you’re going to leave? Every indication was that he would re-sign.
    And then the fact that he left and he didn’t tell his teammates, he let them find out like the rest of us, from an article, that ain’t right, you built a franchise together, the least you can do is make a phone call.

    • Son says:

      @Shahed: I respect your perspective Shahed. I look at it a little differently, though. I don’t think KD was intimating that he was staying. He was going to represent the team as long as he was on it. From the same interview:

      “That’s how I can tell I matured, you know?” he said in the extended conversation. “If this would have happened four years ago, I would have been everywhere – my mind would have been everywhere. So I’m happy that I was able to focus and lock in and give my all to my team every single night. Every game in these playoffs. Every game throughout the season, I was mentally, emotionally invested, physically invested in this team. I’m proud of the way I handled myself.”

      As for the “I see bright things for this team” comment. Everything has to be put into context. Before he made that statement, he was talking about all the young cats on the team.

      “We all grew up,” Durant said. “I think more than anything, we embraced the moment. We stayed in the moment every game. I’m more proud because most of these guys haven’t played in this atmosphere before.
      “From (fellow free-agent-to-be) Dion (Waiters) to Enes to Andre, Steven – this is his first time as a starter playing, in this type of atmosphere as one of the main guys,” Durant said. “(Veteran) Randy (Foye) never made it to the Western Conference Finals, and he played a lot. Anthony Morrow had never made it to the playoffs, so I was just proud of how everyone just stayed in the moment and enjoyed it. That’s what I’m most proud of.”

      With that said, he did handle the exit poorly. For that, I can call KD a bitch.

      • Psykomerc says:


        To be fair, he is NOT the OKC Thunder. Looking out for them does not look out for himself. The ultimate goal for most players and organizations is to win a Ring, everyone looks towards that goal. That’s why we have organizations trading away or letting go LOYAL players who dedicated their everything, but those are the breaks in life. Unless they are a legend to the team, it’s simply not in the best interests if neither party drives them closer to the Goal of a Ring. Thus it makes no sense from KD’s point of view to worsen his chances for a Ring.

        Lebron left Cle for a Ring. He always increases his chances by stacking up his new team, you think he goes back to Cle and just chills? Nah he’s going to bring in Allstar Kevin Love like he did Chris Bosh for the sole purpose of making it UNFAIR for everyone else. Nobody in the league makes his decision based on making it FAIR for any other team.

  3. Saints says:

    Hay Son,
    Are you into dynasty Basketball ? in my dynasty Basketball league its offseason and Trade Time. So i have some decisions to make and there are coming some questions with it. Can you reccomend a site with good dynasty Basketball rankings ?

    • Son says:

      @Saints: You’ve come to the right place. Ask away. Working on dynasty ranking currently, so they should be up soon.

      • Saints says:

        Oh nice 🙂 Love it 🙂
        Can you pls give me quick thoughts of the following players (next few seasosns) and can you rank them in tiers . (as if its for trade talks if you think one guy is in the consens under/overrated say it pls):
        Thad Young
        Devin Booker

        • Son says:

          @Saints: TIER 1: Randle, Booker, and Conley

          TIER 2: Aldridge, and Bradley

          TIER 3: Young and Favors

          Conley is 29 years old, but he’s silky smooth and I think he ages well. Increased his PPG to over 20 for the first time in his career. FG% went up and he shot a career-high 6.1 3’s with a 40% success rate.

          Booker is The Guy in Phoenix at only 20 years old. He’s a scorer, so some of the peripheral stats, especially rebounds, may be lacking. With that said, the pace at which the Suns play is a fantasy-friendly environment.

          Randle. I’m probably higher than most on him. He can score, rebound, assist, and shoot the occasional 3, albeit at a low percentage. His FT% is decent. The MPG was an issue, as the Lakers divied up the pie and experimented. I do think there will be some stability sooner rather than later. The environment that Luke Walton is overseeing is going to be a fantasy-friendly one.

          Aldridge. Since coming to the Spurs, his PPG have decreased every season. He’s getting five fewer shots per game, and rebound numbers have decreased. With that said, he still puts up 17/7. At 31 years old, the dynasty value obviously takes a hit. In addition, the public perception is negative. I’m not the biggest fan of LMA, but I do believe in Popovich and the Spurs engine, so I think LMA could be underpriced.

          Bradley. I like his game. 16 PPG on 14 shots with a 39% rate from 3-land. He also chips in 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal. Fills up the stat sheet. And he’s only 26 years old. With the potential glut of backcourt players the Celtics may have, there could be some question marks as to Bradley’s role.

          Young is decent. He’s 28 years old so age shouldn’t be too much of a factor. He will contribute in every category, but I just don’t see too much upside. Oh, and the FT% is a putrid 52%.

          Favors is a wild-card. He’s young, but has endured some injuries. He’s got some offensive skill and next year is a contract year. Playing on the Jazz definitely neuters his upside. If he’s traded to another team that plays a little faster, there could be some upside. I still have injury concerns, though, which could provide a discount.

          • Saints says:

            Wow thats awesome stuff 🙂 Love it thanks Man 🙂
            With your thoughts i think a Trade where you can get Conley for Favors would be a slamdunk for you am i right ? And you would trade away Favors for Aldridge as well ?!

            Can you fit in Turner and Gallinari in those rankings an tell me what you think about them ?

            • Son says:

              @Saints: I’d trade Favors for Conley for sure. I may keep Favors over LMA though.

              I like Myles Turner a lot. He’d be in TIER 1 for me.

              As for Gallinari, really depends on where he ends up. If he leaves Denver, most places would be a downgrade in situation. Plus, he’s 28 years old.

              • Saints says:

                I was talking about avery Bradley sry 😀 😀
                Mmh ok so you think Young and Favors are upgrades over Gallinari in most places ?

                • Son says:

                  @Saints: All good. Naw, I’d still take Gallinari over those 2

        • Slim

          Slim says:

          @Saints: I have a slightly different take on this one… I’ll go…
          Tier 1: Booker, Randle
          Tier 2: Bradley, Conley
          Tier 3: Aldridge, Favors, Thad.

          Thad dead last, no upside, and the numbers plummeted with Indy, and in his 11th season the wear and tear has caught up with him. I think he’s outside the top100.

          Favors injuries don’t seem to be going away. I’ll probably let him be someone elses problem but he should be inside the top 100.

          Aldridge is probably still top 75ish but we have to expect the numbers to drop even more, add in the spurs rest days and no thank you.

          I’m not a believer in Conley maintaining this past seasons numbers but you can make an argument for maybe top 50, but he’s got a ton of wear on his body too and he’s missed games way too regularly the past couple of years. I’ll take the under of last years numbers, plus Parsons will be back! Maybe…

          I don’t have much faith in Bradley improving but unlike the rest I don’t think he regresses too badly. He’s a big part of that team so I think his minutes can be trusted, can he stay healthy is what keeps him well outside the top 50, top 75 is debatable since he’s just a wing but he’s still young enough to take another step forward.

          I like the improvements Randle made. FG% and assists. Yeah he’ll never give good dstats but with a little more progression (FT% and TOs) he could turn into a Zach Randolph type. But still outside the top 50 until he shows improvement in those couple of extra cats.

          Yeah obviously Booker is the man. The high volume FT% should make up for the mediocre steals. We’d like to see the FG% closer to maybe 45% and that’s completely possible. Upside is as high as any pure scorer in the league, and you got to love the added ball handling late in the year. He could push north of 4.0-4.5 assists. He’ll be drafted inside the top 50 this year.

          • Saints says:

            Thanks slim for your thoughts. But you agree with Son to trade Favors away in the best case for conley if not possible for Aldridge am i right ?
            What do you think about evan turner and Danilo Galinari to compare with the guys up top ?

    • Son says:

      @Saints: Hey Saints. Your dynasty guru is going to focus on the rookies and international players. I was going to make a dynasty start-up rankings list, but I’ve decided against that. I’m just going to work on the rankings with the rookies for redraft. BUT, I’d be more than happy to answer any questions related to dynasty and will try to help you out the best I can.

      • Saints says:

        Oh thanks i like it. Your comments are helping me big time and i can see you use a lot of time for them and think about what you talk. I love it 🙂

        • Son says:

          @Saints: Glad to hear. That’s what it’s all about. Hearing different perspectives and opinions. Hopefully we can continue to build this community because the more perspectives the better.

  4. Jake says:

    I don’t like the aspect of the Abode being a place where we can exchange ideas about the world or a place where people can vent about anything at anytime. I appreciate the gesture but it seems off brand and a little forced. We’re here for basketball, lets keep it that way.

    • Son says:

      @Jake: I am a man of the people. Let’s keep it hoops related then. I appreciate the comment and suggestion. This is what The Abode is all about. At the end of the day, it’s all about you guys.

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