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As always, keep in mind that these rankings are based on overall value from my projections. I detailed my process in the Top 10. Use them in context of your roster construction, ADP, and personal preference.

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You’re excited to draft Zion Williamson next fall, aren’t you? Well, here are his per-36 stats that I posted last week:

If you loved The Matrix: Reloaded and P.O.D. as unabashedly as I did 15 years ago–and you definitely didn’t–then this song immediately jumps into your head when gazing upon those numbers, as the chorus goes: “Dreaming of Zion…”

Okay, we know those numbers aren’t happening… at least not for a few seasons (winky face). But even the slight possibility of two-thirds of that production and all the hype around him is enough to get people reaching for him in… I’m guessing the second round? Is that smart? How about Luka Doncic? Seems like he’s bound for a second-round ADP, too. Will that be wise?

Today we’re looking at rookie production once again, as well as that of this season’s sophomores in hopes of remembering how risky it is to gamble on young and/or unproven players regardless of how exciting they may be. My general advice is to stay away. I know, I know. They’re so shiny and full of upside. And if you’re in a keeper/dynasty league, you can sit back and enjoy watching the young players as they improve. But in a redraft league, here’s why you’re better off letting someone else overpay/overdraft rookies.

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In honor of the NCAA tourney, I thought we should take a glimpse into the future and start overrating–I mean properly rating–next season’s incoming draft class. Now, I’ve watched my share of Zion, but it’s honestly been tough for me to get as excited about this draft class as I was for the last two. I look forward to the hype increasing on some of these guys over the next few weeks because it feels like they (and we) really need it. But even underwhelming drafts produce all-stars and fantasy goodness, so let’s see what these guys have to offer.

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In this week’s episode, Craig Bozic is joined by Brett Nelson, one of our new writers at Razzball to answer listener questions, talk Wendell Carter Jr while also looking at the dynasty outlooks of Josh Richardson and Jaylen Brown.

Craig finishes the show taking a look at the marquee college season opener between Duke and Kentucky, profiling the impressive debut performances from Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett and Cameron Reddish.

Got a question for next week’s show? You can find Craig Bozic on Razzball in the comments section or on twitter @storytelling41

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Hello everyone!  I’m joined once again by Brent and Craig but this time we have a fourth Razzballer: our wise and chosen leader Son!  Our basketball boss man joins us to hit on a wide array of subjects.  We start off by discussing Jason Kidd’s firing and what does for Milwaukee, both in terms of real life standing and for fantasy basketball.  From there, we hit on the Cavs’ dysfunction and what they’ll attempt to do at the trade deadline.  Other names like Kemba Walker are also examined for potential suitors and their likelihood of being moved in the next three weeks.  The Pelicans are also a focus for us this week, not limited to but including Demarcus Cousins’ monster performance against the Bulls, the emergence of E’Twaun Moore, and their desperate need for another wing.  There’s also a brief conversation about Zion Williamson committing to Duke and the other elite prospects that committed to Duke for next season.  All of that and more in the latest edition of the Razzball Basketball Podcast!

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I grew up listening to KDAY AM 1580, so I will always have an affinity for West Coast rap. After moving to New York for college and work, I garnered an appreciation of what the East Coast had to offer. To this day, The Notorious B.I.G. remains my favorite. So, it tickled my spine when Michael Gallagher of Rotoworld (@MikeSGallagher) wrote this blurb on Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan over the weekend:

“They don’t call him Biggie for nothing and he’s been unbelievable lately. Swanigan has a story to tell for his tough childhood and weight problems, but sometimes his boards will hypnotize you, especially today when he had at least three boards over three Spurs. It hasn’t been an everyday struggle for Swanigan in Las Vegas and you would think the sky is the limit based on how much he’s dominated in the paint while adding some shooting touch. He’ll still have to earn his minutes, but Swanigan’s style of play could lead to some juicy stat lines”

So good. If you are not following Mike, I highly recommend that you do. I mean, the guy calls himself a “herb” for watching Summer League games on his day off. Man, I haven’t heard someone use “herb” in a long time. Plus, that’s love for the game.


Ahhhhh….so, so good.

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