Razzball Nation!

You’ve drafted your team or about to draft this weekend, the season is upon you, and you’re still stuck with “Joe’s Team” as your team name.  IT ELICITS NO FEAR OR HUMOR!  Like a really, REALLY bad horror film…  Like Secret Window.   “You stole my story.”  You stole two hours of my life!

But alas, your solution is nigh!  Our brand new FANTASY BASKETBALL TEAM NAME GENERATOR is hot off the presses (Well, hot off the keyboard…?  Newspapers need a new one for that!) and ready to make your hoops season memorable!  It’s also linked to the menu under “Our Leagues” for your sudden 3:00 AM urge to make new fantasy team names.  “Ahhhhh, Matt Barnes’ Ex isn’t good enough!”

Just pick an Adjective (with a few possessive noun categories in there), then a noun, and ba-boom!  You’ve got a new team name!  Be sure to shoot your favorite team names in the comments, and let’s get pumped for the season next week, Razzball Nation!

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