I’m a roto guy at heart, as it was my first love, but as I play in more and more head-to-head leagues, I’m growing mighty fond of this almost entirely different fantasy game. Sure, at it’s core, it’s about rounding up the best players, but I’ve enjoyed learning the spots where we can get an advantage over those that… just try to round up the best players. Many of you probably have more experience with it than I do, but I thought I’d go through some thoughts on head-to-head playoff preparation in case they happen to tip the scales in your direction.

First up, you’ve got to know your team. If you’ve just been on auto-pilot, picking up hot free agents without regard to what your team needs, it’s time to focus. Two weeks ago, I talked about targets for teams based on what they are (or should be) punting. And in the playoffs, almost all of us should be punting. It’s no longer time to worry about giving yourself a decent chance to win eight or nine categories in any given week and settling for probably three to seven. Double down on some categories where it’s a toss up so that you’re confident in six or seven or utterly dominant in five. All you need is that W.

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