Anyone stay up to watch some of the Geminid meteor shower start up last night?  I love astronomy.  And it’s not really that different from fantasy.  You use math and all sorts of techy stats like Win Shares or True Shooting Percentage or Gravitational Microlensing to find far off worlds and far off fantasy production.  Then if you’re lucky enough, like having the reigns at the greatest fantasy hub known to man, you get to name your own planets!  Of course astronomers find so many exoplanets these days that H2894B is the best they got for creative nomenclature.  I got Goromotaros!  Rainbow Lines!  And LaMarcus Aldridge fit the bill of them all, with a redonkulous 31/25/2/2/2 slash last night.  He shot 12-22 and is playing like a MVP.  I ranked him too low.  I ranked him like a worthless Neptune when he is really a Jupiter.  According to Basketball Monster, he’s your #7 overall player.  And his only real negative is he doesn’t shoot threes – which is what ThrAGNOFs are for!  I also thought the Blazers weren’t going to be a gas giant out there.  Maybe a little white dwarf.  But they’re going off and my ridiculous conception that LA could be traded if this year didn’t work looks horrible now.  I’ll admit stupidity there, but the Blazers are virtually the same team.  And now it’s clicking.  There’s planetary alignment.  So when you’re done watching basketball, bundle up, grab some adult beverages and head out to watch the shooting stars late tonight.  It helps ease the worldly constraints of stress and fantasy disappointments – at least it does for me – and helps you just think bigger… Here’s what else I saw last night:

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