So I’m sitting around and thinking to myself, “you know, I like auction leagues, I like deep leagues, but there isn’t a really deep dynasty/auction league I’m in…”  That’s my inner monologue!  So much deeper than Grey’s random italicized voice.  And it dawned on me that in my short time as Razzball Hoops Editor I’ve made some new industry friends over at and the TDB Sports Network and wanted them to join in a really intense league that we could play with the loyal Razzball Nation.  So I started the REL (Razzball Elite League) and we currently have 12 spots open at the time of this posting to fill the 20-team league.  If you want in – shoot your e-mail below and I’ll invite ya!  It’s a league that’ll make you grow chest hair.  A league that’ll test your will.  A league that will separate the deep, scouring, fantasy nerds from the semi-manly.  So shoot your e-mail below if you want an invite and we’re looking forward to a nice relaxing Auction draft at 9:30 EST next Thursday.  Bring it!

As I’m sure you’ve probably read ad nasueum, every auction is different, any player can be nominated first and the money/team that guy goes to alters the rest of the draft.  So be sure to adjust accordingly and above all, get the guys you like!  Don’t get too caught up in price enforcing/inflating and enjoy the squad you put together.

Please, blog, may I have some more?