Ah, the big boys. Remember when they used to say you should build your franchise around a center? I actually have no idea if they said that, Patrick Ewing and Hakeem the Dream were peaking before my time! But it did seem to be the focus of the NBA, as then it shifted to Shaq and his Kazaam-type activity. Now the big slow C is the way of the past, with fantasy’s best C a do-it-all wet dream of gorgeous fantasy-a-tude. I’m just making up words I’m so in love! The best microcosm of this shift has been the oft-commented Luminescent Lithuanian, who is so hard to rank if the Raptors keep their big fellah mired in a 26 MPG role. We want to stretch the ball more! Ugh, frickin’ rotations and less minutes going around! Matty’s Minutes Men article is just depressing, I want to see guys go 40+ again. I’m getting rambly – Monty Python get on with it! – here’s the top C for the 2015-16 Fantasy Basketball season:

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