The season is all but here and it is time to lay all the cards on the line. And what a great natural segue, as where do you find playing cards and basketball? That’s right folks, at the casino. And while we do things with the fantasy tilt here at Razz, unfortunately it’s nye impossible to talk anything sports nowadays without the almighty dollar attached to it. You know because I brought out the Olde Ye English. The technical term for serious talk between us and you shan’t forget it. Anyways, we’ll have the usual “potentially” entertaining analysis and content below plus the New World Order (aka the Vegas SPREAD) and my takes on the O/U. So let’s get to the Eastern Conference, a setting that generally feels a lot less competitive than its Western counterparts, but still offers an interesting blend of playoff juggernauts, underperforming teams, and everything in-between. There’s also the Hornets, but really, that should be a category in of all itself. Maybe the “hide your women when they come to town” type of category.

Please, blog, may I have some more?