Before you go drafting some National Basketball Association player like he’s going to win you a fantasy title, you may want to check to make sure the guy is still alive (sorry, Jason Collier). These are the guys who very likely won’t be ready when the season begins:

Avery Bradley (Boston) – He just had surgery on his shoulder last week. Not that you were taking him anyway, but ask a pitcher that had shoulder surgery how long it takes them to recover. Go ahead, ask. Do it!

Baron Davis (New York) – He tore his Patella Tendon, ACL, and MCL, which sounds like a doctor. “Dr. Patella Tendon, MD, ATC, .” Anyway, his actual doctor thinks he’ll be out until May 2013. If that’s true, he should be re-injured around November 2013.

Greg Oden (Portland) – He had surgery in Germany to fix his broken left knee. Over the course of a full season, he averages 7.3 REB and 1.4 BLK (we know this because he’s played exactly 82 games over two seasons). I’m sure he has potential, but right now he may not potentially play before January, and then what? Chicken butt! Which smells.

Derrick Rose (Chicago) – Likely out until January, perhaps February. Some reports say he may miss the entire season. I wonder what Dr. Patella Tendon thinks? Anyway, we can pretty much guarantee that someone in your league is going to grab and stash him. It shouldn’t be you, unless you’re in a keeper or dynasty league and someone dropped him.

Iman Shumpert (New York) – He could be back by the start of the season, but he tore his ACL, so I am expecting more December at the earliest. He could be worth a stash in the later rounds, especially as the Knicks are without Lin and Davis and will need a guard. I wish I had some Right Guard, my pits stink!

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