It’s been said that Kevin Durant is an angel, a lamb of a guy; really top-shelf goods inside and out. For the most part, I tend to believe this, but everyone’s got their dark peccadilloes. Some people rub the free cologne samples in magazines over their bodies instead of showering. Some tuck the sales tag into the sleeve of the designer suit they purchased for a job interview so they can dejectedly return it after the interview doesn’t go well. And still some write about their biggest flaws on a basketball blog and call it entertainment. Whoa! Meta. Durant’s dark peccadillo must come in the form of gleefully comparing himself to Greg Oden. “Oh, Greg hurt himself? That’s a bummer. I just dropped 24 on the Rockets. I hope he’ll be okay, considering he was picked ahead of me and all. Oh, what’s that you say? He’s having another microfracture surgery? That’s kooky. I was picked second in 2007, have I mentioned that?” I imagine he sneaks off into a private place with a mirror and gazes into it saying, “you’re so cool” over and over until he gets bored and tweets how excited he is to get back in the gym and practice more free throws on his off day. I’m onto you, Durantula. As far as season-ending announcements go, this one doesn’t hurt so bad, right? We all sort of saw this coming. Maybe we hoped it wouldn’t. Imagined what life would be like if it didn’t. Even let ourselves plan for a future where things turned around. Last night, the Frailblazers announced that Oden’s season ended before it began. Another knee surgery. Another zero games played season for the man that looks 45 years old and has the body dexterity to match. Fantasy-wise, this doesn’t affect most of you more than having to find a new big man to take up a bench spot. Might I suggest Joel Przybilla, who also hasn’t played yet this season, but has a stock rising faster with every day that passes.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Sonny Weems – It feels like I’m writing about Weems everyday. /checks recent week’s-worth of posts\ Okay, apparently I am writing about Weems everyday. Can you blame me? Since taking over the starting spot on the Raps, he’s scored 14, 15, 16 and last night, 25 points. He’s owned in less than 75 percent of fantasy leagues. If he were wearing a Lakers jersey, he be owned in nearly 90 percent. I can’t prove that, then again this is a blog, I don’t have to.

Jarret Jack – Jack went 6/2 in 23 minutes and hasn’t done better than 14/5 in any of his last six games. Meanwhile Jose Calderon went 12/8 in 25 minutes on Wednesday. Of course he did.

Chris Bosh – 35/6/4 and hit all 11 of his free throws. Superduper. Now do that in your next five games and I’ll remove the pins out of my voodoo of you, dude.

Eddie House – Sank three treys last night, but only has five in his last six games. Compare that to James Jones‘ 11 in that span and it would be weird of you to own the former if the latter is still available. You must be doing comparisons wrong.

Nick Young – As has been the pattern so far this season, if Young gets at least 23 minutes of burn, he’ll score 20 points. He’s played 29 minutes in each of the last two and dropped 20 points and little else in each. Keep in mind that Wall played in neither of those games and last night’s minutes were mostly earned during garbage time, or “the second half” as it’s widely known. If Wall misses much more time, Young would be a nice add in a pinch.

Delonte West – Did a little of everything in his first game back from a 10-game suspension for gettin’ all wild, wild West on his motor scooter. He looks fine. Do your thing, deep leaguers. Or if you’re a rapper from the ’90s, do your thang.

Shannon Brown – 4/2/1 in 16 minutes. Gah! It’s like I fell for the quarter-glued-to-the-sidewalk trick. Damn you, Brown!

Richard Hamilton – Got hisself ejected less than five minutes into the first quarter, presumably because he, like everyone else in America, had no interest in investing any part of himself in the Detroit Pistons. It says a lot that he only scored four points but it wasn’t immediately evident to me that he hadn’t played a full game.

Caron Butler – Returned after missing his last three games. He played 22 minutes, but had a worse game than DeShawn Stevenson who played nine. He hasn’t been terrible this season (Caron, not DeShawn), but he’s far removed from his top 30 era. Until Rodrigue Beaubois returns, expect no more than 15/4/2 with a few steals and threes sprinkled in. After Rod Goodwood returns, uh, expect less.

Al-Farouq Aminu – He’s started in the last three games and has averaged 13.4 points and 3.6 stls+3ptm in his last five. I wouldn’t be upset if you grabbed him. You might be upset if this is his ceiling.

Troy Murphy – Was inactive on Wednesday. Stash him if you can. You’ll be sorry if you drop him. About as sorry as I am I didn’t pick up Kris Humphries in any of my leagues.

Luther Head – Replaced Beno Udrih in the starting lineup and earned a 13/3/2 line in 22 minutes. This is not a recommendation. Unless you interpreted that as a recommendation to take no action. Then it is a recommendation.

DeMarcus Cousins – Made it past the 30 minute mark for the first time all season. As a reward, he grabbed a career-high 15 boards, scored 10 points and blocked two shots. Are they converting fouls to minutes played now?

  1. paul says:

    Thanks for the rec in the previous post. I’ll be throwing some trade offers out there for Gordon.

    To fill Oden’s void, you recommend picking Przybilla up now? I ask cause Reggie Evans is on waivers and though I prefer Przybilla, I wouldn’t mind Evans and his boards for the time being. Not sure if I want to risk someone else picking up Przybilla though.

  2. ThE sHiT says:

    The day I drop Cousins, he finally plays well. Watch Wes Matthews have a crappy game tomorrow…

  3. Tony says:

    @ThE sHiT: im ready for cousins to realize PT = stats…. I’m thinking I’ve got a stud in the making here for my 20 man keeper league…. oh yaaaaa

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @paul: In May, you’ll be happier to own Przybilla than Evans, but you won’t begin being happy about it until mid-December. Your call.

    @ThE sHiT: If Roy’s only going to miss a few weeks, maybe Wes will be motivated to make every possession count until then.

  5. Tony says:

    @Adam: pryz is due back mid DEC? whats his ailment again?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Adam: Not one, but two, knee surgeries. I actually think he’ll be back before mid-December. His target return date is November 26, which he seems to still be on target to hit.

  7. Dilbert says:

    speaking of roddy, when he returns, what kind of hit is jason terry expected to have?

    im liking terry’s 19/2/4 right now with the added stls and 3pts — but projections have him dropping to around 15/2/3. should i be selling high?

  8. Tony says:

    @Adam: right after turkey day, nice….

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Dilbert: I would. Terry’s pulling down those numbers backing up DeShawn Stevenson. Beaubois is quite a bit better than Stevenson. Simple!

    @Tony: I’ll be too sleepy to notice.

  10. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Sorry, but this is going to be a long one. You helped me out greatly in my last trade, so I thought I’d look for your advice again. I was offered a trades from a pair of teams. One somewhat interesting, and one pretty bad.

    Deal 1: I give up Kevin Love and Dorell Wright for Josh Smith and Ramon Sessions.

    Deal 2: I give up Kevin Love and Nick Batum for OJ Mayo, Ty Thomas and Shannon Brown.

    I dont think I would do either trade in their current states, and certainly not deal #2, but do you see any potential trades I could make as it looks like both teams are trying to buy in on Kevin Love:

    My Team:

    PG: Westbrook, T. Parker, Bledsoe
    SG: E. Gordon
    G: J. Crawford, D. Gibson
    G/F: Iguodola, Batum, D. Wright
    PF: Nowitzki
    PF/C: Love, Camby
    C: B. Lopez

    Interesting players Team 1 has:

    PG: Collison, Calderon, Sessions
    PG/SG: M. Ellis
    SG: Mayo
    PF/SF: Granger, J. Green, Diaw
    PF: J. Smith
    PF/C: Blatche, Chandler

    Interesting players Team 2 has:

    PG: Rondo, B. Jennings
    PG/SG: T. Evans
    SG: Mayo
    SG/SF: S. Brown, S. Jackson
    PF: T. Thomas
    PF/C: Noah, Scola

    I’m in second place out of 12 teams, losing FG% and TOs the first 2 weeks, and losing TOs and 3pts so far in this 3rd week. Any thoughts?

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I’d go for a Love/Smith trade straight-up. It’s the Dorell Wright/Ramon Sessions that tips that trade out of favor.

    You might want to target Collison. When he returns, he’ll improve your FG% and threes. He might go for a Love/Bledsoe for Smith/Collison trade offer. Maybe not. It depends on how he values DarCo right now.

  12. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    I proposed the Love/Bledsoe for Smith/Collison offer. I think Collison is definitely an upgrade over Bledsoe for my team. Any thoughts about the other team? He’s in last and might be even more likely to deal. Would Love for Noah and something get it done? Noah & Mayo? Noah and Evans?

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Meh. There’s not a whole lot there that can help you. I mean, Noah and Evans for Love would be a great deal … for you. Last place or not, I can’t imagine he’d go for it.

    Noah/Mayo for Love? It feels like you’re getting five quarters in exchange for your dollar bill, and your wallet doesn’t hold coins.

  14. T says:

    Is it time to drop Klezia for Weems?

  15. Adam

    Adam says:

    @T: Indeed it is.

  16. T says:

    Thanks, Adam.

    One more quick one, at the risk of giving the false impression that I only roster Raptors: Reggie Evans played 30+ minutes to Johnson’s 14, yesterday. Is it time to make that swap as well?

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @T: Your guess is as good as mine. One week Evans is the man, the next week it’s Amir. Johnson is the better player, but Triano is about as indecisive as any coach in the league. I’m partial to sticking with Johnson, but I couldn’t blame you if you went the other way.

  18. @Adam:


    Good looking out on Al-Faroq Aminu. Been watching some lowly Clips games the last week or so, been noticing his play. Kid has talent. Coming out of Ga.Tech the ‘perts said he had no range and his outside shooting was a detriment. Given court time, he’s been looking solid and the outside jimmy is more than there. I cant see a reason not to roll dice on the upside especially given the youth movement already in place in LAC land. Like the steals/3’s combo as well – and given 30+ min can see him averaging 16pts/6 boards/ 2 steals/ 2 3s. Basically Al Thornton +, but with upside in steals/3s. Close?

    In other news — over-hauled my “bench” roster the last 2 days (was bored and antsy): 9 cats + FGM/FTM

    ADDED: Wesley Matthews, Krissy Humphries, George Hill, and Al Faroq Aminu

    and said

    DROPPED: Al Thornton, Ant Rand, Kyle Lowry and Roddy Buckets

    U like?

  19. and Faroq-u didnt come outta Ga.Tech, he came outta Wake Forest, but ACC – nonetheless. Demon Deacons, Yellowjackets – same difference.

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: I DO like, until Buckets returns from injury. Just make sure you’re there to snatch him off the wire.

    Also – and I can’t be sure of this – but I’m fairly confident that calling GA Tech and Wake basically the same thing is like calling Americans and Canadians basically the same thing. It’s gonna catch you some hell at some point if you keep doing it.

  21. Tony says:

    current centers: Earl Barron, Demarcus Cousins, and Nazr Mohammed

    20 team keeper league, Pryzbilla is on the wire and due back soon, possibly the 26th…. waiver pick up days are weds and sunday nights…. So SUN nov. 21st at 1am would be when i could snag him, he’d then be on my team starting the 22nd…. drop barron for him or keep the dum dums I have?

  22. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Why can’t you wait until Wednesday the 24th?

  23. Tony says:

    @Adam: its a possibility, but a 20 man league? people are kinda on top of stuff….

  24. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Ah. I dig it. Then, yeah. Drop Barron.

  25. Jak says:

    I have BRoy, should I drop him for Wes.Matthew?

  26. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jak: I’m beginning to lean toward that direction. If you can wait a week, I might suggest doing that though.

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