I’m going to warn you all ahead of time; this article will be filled with cliches about winning… Fortunately, many of them apply to fantasy, particularly dynasty leagues.  That being said, let’s dive into the keys to success!

  • Winning is all that matters.

Yes, I know this seems obvious, however, a surprising amount of dynasty owners in all sports get carried away with upside and forget about winning.  This is particularly the case in baseball, but basketball owners are not immune to this lackadaisical approach.  At the end of the day, nobody cares how much upside your team is going to have a couple years from now.

I’m not advising against young players, but you have to keep things in perspective.  I’m not advising against drafting rookies, but you have to make sure to keep a balance between upside and actual production.  Yes, you want that underrated guy that could be a superstar someday, but you also want to have those boring veterans that put up stats.  Consistency is key.

  • Draft for Value, not for Position

This point seems to be fairly self explanatory.  The key in dynasty leagues is value.  Get the best bang for your buck in the draft and then use that value to trade for what you need.  A lot of owners get too hung up on pursuing a certain player.  This leads to overpaying, which will cripple the team for seasons to come.  In terms of value, many of the boring, reliable, vets are the guys that come the cheapest.  It’s rather ironic, since those are the players that will help you win.

  • Decision Time

In dynasty leagues, the inevitable time always comes to decide whether you’re going to go for the win, or whether you’re going to hang back and trade for a rebuild.  Always go for the win.  Always.  The goal in dynasty leagues is to contend.  You can’t ever guarantee a win, and it’s impossible to build a team that will guarantee you a win.  At least in a league that is semi competitive.  Therefore, your goal is to contend as much as possible.  What is the point of being a contender if you aren’t ever going to take the risk and plunge in.  As Jordan said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”  Cliche? Sure.  It’s still true though.  It’s quite simple.  Contenders come and go, but banners are forever.

  • One Last Thing

I would like to close out this article with a little advice from the movie Risky Business.

“Sometimes you gotta say ‘What the Fuck’, and make your move. Saying ‘What the Fuck’, brings freedom. Freedom brings opportunity, opportunity makes your future.”

This summarizes my philosophy quite well… At the end of the day, you have to follow your own gut.  But wouldn’t you rather know that you did everything in your power to win?  Seems like a no-brainer to me!



Now for some shameless self promotion!  I’m going to be dropping an RCL league, right around the time this article is published.  If it’s not up when it is posted, it will be running that day!  So if you think I’m dead wrong about Buddy Hield and that I have no idea what I’m talking about; then jump right in!  Or feel free to hop in if you think I’m a brilliant fantasy writer.  I don’t discriminate!  Plus, you will be featured in my RCL write up, where I roast everyone else’s draft!  Who doesn’t want that??

Once I get a bit of time, I’m also going to post my boom or bust candidates for this year for everyone to disagree with until they actually happen… Last year’s sleepers and busts had a fairly high success rate (feel free to review), so hopefully I can duplicate that this year!

That’s all for now folks!  Feel free to leave any dynasty advice you have below!  Maybe I can turn this article into a more comprehensive guide, and convince JB to make it a permanent link.  That’s all up to you guys though!


  1. Osama says:

    Is your league a standard redraft league like all the other rcl or is it a auction

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Osama: Standard, just like the others! Thanks for joining bro

  2. Jay says:

    12teams/$200 cap – keep3/9cat
    Which 3 do you keep and what type of strat do you invoke for the auction draft?
    Starting 5 plus g/f/u/u/u (play guy’s 10 weekly)
    Kawhi 55
    Klay 55
    Butler 47
    Tobias 9
    George Hill 8
    kanter 4
    JoshRichardson 1
    Bazemore 1
    MGasol 1
    Carroll 1

    (*worth noting – I could possibly work Klay or butler for deandre $33 if that gives me a clear path)

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Jay: I feel like value wise, Kawhi, Baze and Gasol would be the way to go… Deandre would be tempting over Gasol, but that all depends if you want to punt FT. I think with those three you can use any strategy you like. Gasol and Kawhi have great percentages, so that wouldn’t be a punt build. I personally like to be competitive in every cat.

  3. Jay says:

    Thanks a lot for your reply, I went ahead and got Deandre before reading your reply and have just been struggling with the decision now! LAC playoff sched is so appealing, I wanna build around him so bad but don’t really have the pieces. I feel Gasol is the best value I have and must keep. Deandre at $33 is very tempting – I’m currently trying to work Kemba($10) for butler($47) and Deandre ($33) to an owner whose keep 3 is currently wiggins($19),whiteside($29),Kemba($10).
    Hoping he bites on butler/whiteside/Deandre trio which I think actually makes us both better, though he’s spending more cash for it.
    Do you think this is a good deal for both sides?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Jay: I like that deal a lot more for your side, but it does make a solid punt FT build for him. I just would hate to punt FT with Kawhi and A FT shooter as good as good as Marc.

      • Jay says:

        I wanna thank you for the quality analysis so early, this time last week my keep 3 was most likely
        Kawhi $55
        Gasol $1
        Baze $1
        I parlayed non keeper Klay at $55 for Deandre$33 from one gm and then pitched to both Drummond and whiteside Owners and got a bite.
        I was willing to either take his whiteside and build around whiteside$29 and Deandre $33 Gasol $1 or take Kemba $10 and jokic $1 for my butler $47 and Deandre $33 leaving me with:
        Kawhi $55, m Gasol $1, jokic $1, Kemba $10 (I think I have to keep the last 3?)
        Who would you target with a keep 3 of
        Kemba $10
        Jokic $1
        M Gasol $1
        And would you look to possibly punt anything?

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @Jay: Sorry I forgot to respond to this one!

          I’d keep Kemba, Gasol, and probably Kawhi… It’d be Jokic if you knew you could get Kawhi at a solid price, but that’s a judgement call on how your league tends to bid on high end players.

          Nope, no need to punt with Kemba’s new burst of decent FG%

          • Jay says:

            @Adam: TL/dr coming up!
            I have never done a redraft before and in a 12 teamer it looks pretty thin on high end talent (see below player list/prices). That said, a lot of the money would be used up and I could complete a balanced roster of medium guys it would seem if I entered the draft with Kemba, jokic, Gasol and $188 – I could possibly target Davis
            Or Cousins and know that I’d have jokic
            For years to come at $1.
            Or Kawhi, Gasol, Kemba leaves me with $134, perhaps not as strong of keepers down the road, but a stronger 3 now and bit less money.
            Majority of the keepers from the 12 teams and their respective prices:
            Lebron $69
            Westbrook $78
            Steph $85
            Harden $85
            Kd $85
            Cousins $83
            Giannis $10
            Dame $62
            Aldridge $40
            Paul $64
            George $40
            Draymond $21
            Wall $40
            Towns $23
            Griffin (maybe) $54
            Milsap $35
            Horford $25
            Drummond $36
            Deandre $33
            Butler $47
            Oladipo $27
            Booker $1
            Rondo $1
            Crowder $1
            B Lopez $18

            With these players almost certainly gone – Is this the kinda draft you’d wanna head in with more cash and build a well rounded team with ‘medium strength guys – or keep the in Kawhi and head to the draft with less cash

            I am not sure who

            • Adam

              Adam says:

              @Jay: Given those keeper prices, I’d rather keep Kawhi over Jokic. I wouldn’t blame you for going the other way, but at his age and skill level, I think you’d regret not having him to build around.

              This way you go into the draft with studs at PG and SF. It gives you more freedom, as opposed to being forced to take a high-priced star that you don’t like that much.

              • Jay says:

                @Adam: do you like gasol a lot more than jokic or do you think I’m buying too much in to the hype keeping him over gasol?

                • Adam

                  Adam says:

                  @Jay: Value wise for dynasty, I like Jokic over Gasol. This year, I like Gasol though. It really depends what other centers you can get in the draft.

                  Personally, I like consistent guys as keepers, but Jokic probably would be the way to go, given that he’s only 21. I think it’s a toss-up based on who you think will be available.

  4. JM Castro says:

    i am in a dynasty league, 14 team 9 category
    for this year we would only keep 3
    which 3 players would i keep? Cousins, Drummond, Favors, I.Thomas, R.Jackson, T. Harris, Reddick?

    • Jay says:

      @JM Castro: b
      Don’t have all the nec details but assuming it’s not an auction and h2h – if you are fine punting a cat or two, your best 3 imo are cousins, Drummond and favours – i would be surely Punting ft% with those three and possibly another cat or two as it maybe difficult to lock down all other 8 cats in that deep of a league. If you want to try a slightly more balanced approach cousins, favours and Thomas could work – in that deep of a league inwould take as much talent as poss

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @JM Castro: I would go Cousins, Drum and IT if you want to punt FT or hope that Drum improves. If you don’t want to punt, then I suppose you could go Favors over Drum, but Favors’ back spasms will be a recurring issue… IT is a must keep though. He should easily end up top 30 this year, especially with the addition of Horford to help take some pressure off.

      Personally, I’d keep Drum, Cousins, and IT, and then I’d just try to deal Drum afterward.

      • JM says:


        I am in a H2H btw, forgot to tell.

        Last year i punted ft% too mainly because of Drummond. And it is also my plan for this year.

        Can you give me advise in who to target in the next rounds? Or what stats i need to target? Last year i only finished 7 because i think i tried saving for assists. Do you think i should be punting freethrows and assists this year due to that the bulk of the best PGs are in the first 4 rounds.

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @JM: I would keep the three I mentioned, and then draft for a well balanced, not punting free throw. Then deal Drummond. Punting FT% is kind of a waste with guys like Cousins and IT.

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