I can’t for the life of me remember why we went to Walmart on a Sunday.  It was probably for something pretty important but me and JB can get sidetracked pretty easily.  Anyway, I don’t want to be there any longer than necessary so when we go I insist we shop by the method we have fondly been calling The Heely Derby.  It’s just like the 80’s style Roller Derby, daisy dukes and all, only with Heelys instead of roller skates so we are slightly less conspicuous.  I remember it was early in the race, we were gaining speed still, weaving around the blockers when out of nowhere I was caught with a forearm shiver that sent me flying.  When I was able to finally free myself from the shirt rack and locate my adversary I was astounded by what I saw.  She couldn’t have been more than 8 years old, decked out in Hello Kitty paraphernalia and still locked in her Kung Fu like pose.  Even in my shock I could tell something was wrong.  Her kitty doll which no doubt was her most prized possession had been knocked to the ground.  Still locked in her pose she slowly turned her head toward me and calmly demanded, “Say you’re sorry”.

I looked for JB, the actual culprit, but he was long gone.  “What the f… “, I cleared my throat, “Little girl, I didn’t make you drop your doll.”  I shook my head and started to roll past her when she blindsided me again.  This time sending me head first into the wall of blue jeans.  “Say you’re sorry”, she calmly repeated.  Now I expect some nicks and bruises when playing Heely Derby and I think of myself as a pretty tough guy from growing up in da bush but after the beating she gave me I was broken.  There’s no way she could understand me through my sobbing but she knew she had won and as long as I was able to manage a few sounds she seemed satisfied.  I crawled to the car broken and defeated.  I knew a lesson needed to be learned from this horrific experience.  The lesson I learned was this – I can’t make anyone apologize for their actions.  I can however apologize for them and avoid the pain that comes from being egotistical.  For me that means I won’t be tracking down Larry Sanders and forcing him to apologize to his fantasy owners, at least not today.  Instead I will apologize for endorsing him, avoid another beating, and move on.  Sadly to say, this is my mea culpa.

Raymond Felton – PG – NYK – There is no trade scenerio that favors Felton and if he stays put then he won’t put up top 100 numbers and more than likely will break down again with over 30 minutes nightly.  This was doomed from the beginning.  I’m sure we endorsed him at some point though.

Patrick Beverley – PG – Hou – Wha?  No!!!  I thought he would be a top 50 player without any issue.  Well he had an issue and that issue is usage.  Perhaps we should have forseen that there was only going to be one ball on the court.  PBev is by no means a total loss, consistently top 100, but not quite reaching my lofty expectations.

Trey Burke – PG – Uta – He still has a long way to go to be an NBA calibur starting PG.  The 3s are nice but low end steals and altogether bench worthy play makes his endorsement look questionable at best.  Top 100?  There’s no way, it’s not going to click,  It’s going to take time.

Alec Burks – PG/SG – Uta – One of my favorites and although useful at times with his scoring there is no where near enough to warrant a permanent roster spot on any 12 team roster.  Spoiler Alert: I might just be a year early with Burks.

Aaron Afflalo – SG/SF – Orl – It’s getting bad.  Predictably bad.  If you missed the sell high moment that’s OK, he still has value.  Looks at watch, yep still has value.

Terrence Ross – SG/SF – Tor – I had much loftier expectations of Ross.  The inconsistency is obvious due to his age and change of rolls.  Will he find consistency with Toronto pushing for the playoffs?  If he starts off shooting poorly then he’s going to get benched so I guess that answers that question.

Paul George – SG/SF – Ind – Settle down, I’m just seeing if your still paying attention.  He’s fine.  Shooting slump, whatever.  Go get him for less than face value if you can.

Giannis Antetokounmpo – SG/SF – Mil – I like Alphabet Soup.  Both the nickname and the player but the Bucks don’t appear to be in any hurry to develop him so the consistency of minutes and consequently play will waiver.

Terrence Jones – SF/PF  – Hou – What a run he had when he first got the job.  Now that he’s settled in it kind of makes sense why they are so active to replace him.  I still think his ceiling is high but for the rest of this year top 100 probably isn’t going to happen.

Ersan Ilyasova – SF/PF – Mil – Wait I recomended him?  Did you JB?  I’m sure we said wait and see to someone at some point.  Well we waited, we saw, we are now moving on.

Larry Sanders – PF/C – Mil – That’s right Larry you don’t deserve a nickname any more.  That has to be earned.  Larry.

Derrick Favors – PF/C – Uta – Favors poor play is more attributable to his injury than anything else but I’m not sure it’s going to get better this year and he is a prime candidate to be shut down given all the factors.

J.J. Hickson – PF/C – Den – It’s almost to the point where he’s hurting more than he’s helping.  The FT% is very hurtful.  The turnovers are far to high.  Not enough steals or blocks.  I need more from Hickson to justify his deficiencies.  I’m not seeing it happening.

Tristray Blapson -PF/C – Cle/Bkn – We aren’t really recommending either Tristan Thompson or Andray Blatche in a 12 team league or smaller.  They both have far too many issues to be relied on and neither has much upside for more.

Jordan Hill – PF/C – LAL – As of right now he’s on the Lakers at least.  D’Antoni won’t play him.  Under apparently any circumstance.  Wait what?  Rumors of a trade?  Add Jordan Hill drop… not yet…  We don’t make moves based off rumors.

Nikola Pekovic – C – Min – I here by dub thee – Pekovic, Injury Prone.

Robin Lopez – C – Por – Why is he on this list?  Did you put him here JB?  I still like RoLo.  JB is nuts on this one.  I forsee a 5 game week in the playoffs for Portland in which the lowly Robin Lopez is going to have a monster week.

Jonas Valanciunas – C – Tor – If you can sell him you should.  I can’t imagine he is going to find consistent playing time with Toronto making a playoff push.  All of us here had high hopes for JV but he’s still just that, not yet ready for varsity.

  1. justin.g says:

    So which two would you choose for best overall ROS value between:
    (or if you don’t mind ranking them all) THANKS!

    Middleton, Beverly, Hardaway, Farmar, Burke

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @justin.g: I’m going to go backwards on this one. Farmar is definitely last. That’s the easy one. I like Hardaway but his game isn’t all that fantasy friendly so he’s 2nd to last.

      So now 2 out of 3… Pretty close. I’d take Middleton, he’s somehow been the most consistent as of late but if assists were a need I could see taking the other 2 over him. Between Beverley and Burke to me it’s a question of assists. If you need assists more than steals then Burke. If you want a more rounded statline and better overall value then it’s gotta be Beverley.

  2. Marcin says:


    Could you please rank guys – Zaza, Antic, Mullens, Moultire, Olynik long term?

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Marcin: Don’t know how it’s going to shape up in Philly so that’s nearly impossible to say. Moultrie is younger, more talented, and is already playing so he should probably get the 1st crack at 30 minutes. We know what Mullens can do but I’m not it’s going to be all that helpful or that he’ll even be able to handle a big workload. Zaza is old and has already broken down once. I don’t think he can handle big minutes either. Antic is taking his sweet time but has a much easier road to 30 minutes. Can he handle that? Doesn’t look like it. To me Mullens, Zaza, Antic are all behind Moultrie and Olynyk. No moves out of Boston so I’m guessing his role is pretty much set at 20-25 min for now.

      OK… Moultrie, Olynyk… … … Mullens, Antic, Zaza. Yeah that makes sense to me. It’s an upside play no matter who you pick but it looks like Moultrie has the easiest road to minutes.

  3. Bren says:

    February 20, 2014 at 4:18 pm
    There’s too much information to process…pretty much locked up a playoff spot but looking to solidify team.

    Some insight please for a trade/pick up please?

    12 team 9 cat

    Conley, Ellis, Marshall, Knight, Wolters

    Marion, Tobias, Pierce, Butler, J Green, Caroll

    Griffin, Love, A Davis

    I feel that Ellis is now expandable because Marshall will give me much needed ast. An owner said he would swap dirk for Ellis. Is that something to pull? I would love to strengthen my FG, FT and 3s. I have a lot of chuckers.

    There is also another owner that is shopping Hayward hard and I know he is interested in Paul pierce. I could offer Ellis and pierce for his Hayward and Jrue ?

    I am also considering dropping Marion of Wolters for one of these FAs:

    Wroten, sessions, J Anderson, Mullens, hinrich, Reddick, kanter, pj tucker, c lee, blatche, t allen

    Thank you!

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Bren: I would take Dirk for Ellis. Should improve both percents too. Jrue is risky. If you already had him I’d say hold onto him but to go out and get him is completely different. I think Hayward is the best player, it’s tough. Since PG isn’t really a strength and you would gain a ton of assists I might just take the Jrue risk.

      James Anderson is a sneaky add and could very well be the biggest benefactor of the trade deadline. A ton of shots just opened up in Philly and someone has to take them. I’m not entirely convinced that’s going to be Anderson but I like the upside play over Marion who is really showing his age late in the year. Should help with some 3s. With you being a little light at PG I would wait and see what happens with the Bucks before dropping Wolters. He’s playing too well. The Bucks didn’t trade for Sessions. They traded for his expiring contract.

      • Bren says:

        @Slim: thanks for the great breakdown. I also forgot to mention I’m considering picking up James Johnson for Marion. Shore up more blocks. I had sanders for a moment but we all know how that went down…JJ only needs 20 mins for what I am looking for from him.

  4. hamtime says:

    such an odd trade deadline. debating on the following to add. currently own farmar, but the following intigue me. yur thoughts pls on ROS potental:

    mullens, moultrie, hardaway jr, jack

    • Slim

      Slim says:


      Mullens has been somewhat useful in the past but I don’t know if he’s really going to see major minutes on his new team. The upside is OK. I think JB has higher hopes than I do.

      Moultrie is the new guy I think sees the most minutes. He isn’t a big time talent or anything. Decent scorer, rebounder, low end shot blocker.

      Hardaway is a favorite of mine but he just isn’t that good of a fantasy contributor. Some points and 3s, doesn’t turn it over a ton but that’s really all you can expect.

      Jack is barely serviceable with 30 minutes. There’s no guarantee he’s going to see that regularly and of the 4 listed he’s the last guy I would gamble on.

      With no one willing to part with a 1st round pick it was a pretty boring deadline. Not a terrible surprise but it’s why we don’t react to rumors.

  5. Daniel Bryan says:

    Hey Slim. What do you think about possibly trading my Stephen Curry for Kendall Marshall and Demar Derozan? I’m looking towards the playoffs and if I remember correctly, the Raps have the best playoff schedule in the league and Marshall is there to help with the loss for assists. 14-team 9-cat H2H league

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Daniel Bryan: Strictly speaking about schedules it makes perfect sense. The problem is I think you could get more. Your losing a ton of steals and 3s, plus you have to drop someone, and your taking the D’Antoni risk with Marshall. It’s not terrible and if your OK with all that then I’m OK with it too. Golden States playoff schedule is really bad so I agree that selling Curry is kind of ideal.

  6. Frank White says:

    Morning Slim… I was talking to you and JB the rest of the way yesterday and he wanted me to pickup Tyson for McRoberts but I forgot to mention that that was my streaming spot. Do you think I should drop Bogut or Varejeo for Tyson or use my last pickup this week for an extra guy on Sunday?? I’m pretty close in a lot of the CAT’s right now but that also includes FG and FT% so maybe it’s better not to grab another guy. IDK.. If I don’t grab Tyson now then I bet someone else will grab him though cause he just got off waivers today. I like Varejeo cause he gives assists which I need but Bogut got blocks but so does Chandler. I guess it’s who’s gonna come back kinda thing. Help!! Lol

    • Frank White says:

      Wow Thank you so much my Man!! That helped a lot… The thing is I got 6 PF/C or Center’s on my team and 4 pg/g the rest sg/sf/ sf/pf’s.. Do you think if I end up dropping one of my big guys I really need another big guy or just dabble with guard forwards?? My assist went down a lot but maybe I gotta take a hit somewhere. What u think?

      • Frank White says:

        Sorry All questions were answered on Slims page. Thnx

  7. Peter Nincompoop says:

    Good stuff as always, Slim.

    Just got swept out of the playoffs in my 12-team keeper league and already am looking towards next season. I get to keep 10 players and have a good nucleus of young guys to chose from: Kemba Walker, Victor Oladipo, Reggie Jackson, Patrick Beverley, Nic Batum, DeMar DeRozan, Kawhi Leonard, Terrance Ross, Andre Drummond, DeAndre Jordan, Jared Sullinger and Larry Sanders (sigh).

    If you want to weigh in on your best 10 out of that group, that would be appreciated, but in cutting some older weight off my team (e.g., Stoudemire, Pachulia and maybe Mike Scott), I’m looking at adding some younger upside-type guys for the off-season. Out of the following guys on the waiver wire, how would you rank their 2014/2015 season stock?

    Nick Calathes
    Evan Fournier
    Patty Mills
    Kyle O’Quinn
    Nate Wolters
    James Johnson
    Jae Crowder
    Mike Scott (threw him in to see how he stacked up with the rest of these guys)
    Arnett Moultrie
    Jodie Meeks
    Donetas Motiejunas
    Gorgui Dieng

    I know, it’s a potentially non-exciting deep list of 5-15 minute players at this point, but just looking for upside for next season. Thank you as always.

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Peter Nincompoop: Thank you. I hope I don’t lose you for the end of the year stuff. I understand though, baseball season is nearly here.

      That’s a heck of top 12 and for someone to overtake any of them will be tough but I see a few possibilities. Fournier really sticks out. Still only 21. Foye is 30. There’s a chance he starts next year and Foye comes off the bench. His fantasy ceiling is easily top 50. His per-36s so far in his very young career are about 16/5/3 with 2 3s and 1.0 steals. Those should improve… He kept getting minutes when I was about to write about him and I never got around to it.

      I’m surprised Meeks isn’t owned but he’s not going to be a keeper…

      I’m not sure Scott or Motiejunas can handle a starting job defensively but for fantasy they could be pretty good with 30+ minutes. Just need the opportunity. Dieng is a project and won’t be a keeper yet. Wolters, Calathes, Crowder, could maybe make it but I highly doubt it. The rest have too many issues to be considered.

      So yeah Pickin 3 I like Fournier, Scott, Moteijunas.

      • Peter Nincompoop says:

        @Peter Nincompoop: @Slim: Where would Kent Bazemore fit in the aforementioned list?

  8. Peter Nincompoop says:

    I’ll be following the end-of-the-year basketball write-ups (especially yours and JP’s), but you are right in that my attention is going to be shifted to baseball. I had Meeks this year, but had to cut him this past week to add a center. Nonetheless, I agree that he’s not a keeper going forward.

    I agree with your analysis on Fournier. I’ve been watching him all year, I just don’t understand the Nuggets logic when it comes to their backcourt depth chart. I’m biased on Mike Scott cause I’m a Virginia basketball fan, but I do think he has a good game that’s translatable to a heavier work load in 2014-2015.

    You’re right, none of these guys are going to break into my top-10, but they could be a pick-up that I could package for a player/pick later down the road.

    Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.

  9. Frank White says:

    Hey guys wutup.. That Armstrong guy was picked up to replace Bogut until he’s better but does that sound bad for Bogut meaning should I let him go cause Varejeo is at least practicing?? I really how Millsap doesn’t miss time cause like I said the next 3 weeks are really tough teams and I’m slowly siding of 3rd so I can’t wait for to many guys to get healthy ya know. What suck is if I drop Bogut then someone else is gonna grab him up. It would be a shame but I can easily be bored down far enough to miss the playoffs if get beat up these next few weeks. IDK what to do but what would you do if you were me?? I would have to stream that spot and Reggie Jackson’s spot. But at least I picked up Tyson chandler..

  10. Frank White says:

    Reggie Jackson
    Alec Burks
    Wesley Matthews
    Tyson Chandler
    Taj Gibson
    Paul Millsap
    Marc Gasol
    Just to remind you of my lineup. I’m gonna stream using 2 pickups out of four for Reggie Jackson so i’ll have 2 left if you think I should drop one of those annoying injured MoFO’s!! LOL

  11. Frank White says:

    Sup Slim… I picked Hinrich up to stream this week cause he had 4 games but do you think I should switch and pickup Vince Carter or Danny Green instead?? They have 3 games left after Hinrich playing today so I won’t lose a day.. Oh and thanks for telling me to hold Bogut. I’m waiting for the report today to see if I should hold Varejeo

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