Serge Ibaka had 14 rebounds and seven blocks yesterday. Danny Ainge is smart, but Darrell Morey Sam Presti is smarter. A full year of Ibaka at PF next season is going to be huge. After just seven games this month, Ibaka has more blocks (25) than in either of the last two. Also, his 9.7/9.4, with 3.1 blocks in 29.7 mpg since Jeff Green was traded to Boston are all above his season averages. I wouldn’t expect much else defensively from Ibaka next year, as he’ll lose a few boards and blocks to Kendrick Perkins, but having two sturdy bigs roaming around the rim instead of the weak Nenad Krstic or the roaming Nick Collison, will improve Ibaka’s scoring a bit and may prove him to be a Camby-like fantasy necessity next year.

Here’s what else happened this weekend in fantasy basketball:

James Harden – 16/5/3, with four steals, three treys and .500 from the floor. His PER jumped from 14.0 (slightly below average) to 16.1 (slightly above average) between last season and this one, while his Offensive Rating rose from 109 to 119. It’s hard(en) to tell what the future holds for this guy, but if you’re in a dynasty or keeper league, you should strongly consider inking him into next year’s roster.

Aaron Brooks – 19/10 in 30 minutes as he started in place of the groinally-inflicted Steve Nash. The Suns play tonight and again on Wednesday. Nash should play in at least the latter of those two games, but Brooks might get another shot at starting and should see a boost in minutes from here on out.

Reggie Evans – 6/17 in 29 minutes. That’s four more minutes than starter Ed Davis. As long as Amir Johnson‘s out, Evans should be in, but Davis is the better overall option still.

Stephen Jackson – He averaged 22/7.5/4 in two weekend games since returning from injury. His FG% and turnovers are a far less prettier picture. Those are a never a pretty picture for Jax.

Sonny Weems – Went 2-for-6 yesterday in 17 minutes. Despite shooting .500 (22-for-44) in six games this month, he’s averaging a season-low 18.2 mpg in March, eight fewer than February. If efficiency is what Weems has going for him at the moment, it’s a fleeting moment. Flip through your Weems Nov. 2010 scrapbook and look for someone else to bolster your squad.

Ramon Sessions – Had four points and five assists in 21 cold-shooting minutes. Not what owners hoped for when they received the news that Baron Davis was going to miss and handful of games. Oddly, he’s averaged fewer mpg since Davis left than while he was splitting time. It’s weird, like the Cavs don’t really know what they’re doing or something. Davis returns Saturday in Portland, the Cavs have just one game (mercifully) in between now and then to see how the Davis-Sessions timeshare shakes out. If you had told me there would be a turf war this year between a guy named Ramon and a guy named Baron and neither switchblades nor musical dancing interludes would be involved, I’d call you a damn dirty liar.

Luke Harangody – The 6-foot-8 thunderchunk went 0-for-8 against Oklahoma City. Mostly just Serge Ibaka. Ibaka enjoyed scaring the Harangooey out of Luke.

John Salmons – 0/0/2, with four turnovers and missed all five of his shot attempts. I’m not sure what to say about a game in which every Buck looked like it had been hit by a Range Rover. The score of this game was 60-38 after three quarters and I turned it on for the same reason people sniff milk they know went bad a month ago. You’ll never fully believe it, unless you experience it. I can admit I was wrong about Salmons. I ranked him significantly lower than most other fantasy blog sites, but always held the belief he would gear up after the All-Star Break. He’s gotten worse. My conclusion is that he either a) only gears up if he’s traded at the All-Star Break, b) feels just too damn much compassion for those teacher’s unions to concentrate on basketball right now, y’all, or c) less-than-thrilled about playing for a team severely hampered by the loss of Drew Gooden. Okay, I’m done dissing the Bucks.

Brandon Jennings – Oh, wait. Psyche! I forgot about Jennings … which has been my problem all year. He’s been forgettable. Quick! Who’s having a better year: Jennings, Jrue Holiday, D.J. Augustin or Devin Harris? I’ll give you a hint: I compared their stats for 15 minutes and couldn’t decide. Ugh. Milwaukee. If the Bobcats are the team where crappy players go to play crappily, the Bucks are the team good players go to play like the Bobcats.

Troy Murphy – Sighted! Played 17 minutes in what could understatedly be called a blowout and ended with 12/7, with two steals and a block. Could be the start of something, could be the continuation of nothing.

Danny Granger – Missed just the second game of the season due to a case of the bubons. Another way to see it is your fantasy team was one .375-shooting night short on Sunday.

Tyler Hansbrough – Career-high 29 points last night. He’s started the last three, scored 20+ points in each if his last four and has shot .590 in that span and is owned in fewer than 40 percent of fantasy leagues. He averaged 12.9 mpg from October through December, 22.3 mpg in January, 23.3 in February and 31.4 in March. I know he’s white. Roster him anyway.

Chauncey Billups – Returned to the Knicks lineup to go 4-for-14 from the field (0-for-7 from the arc) and turn the ball over four times. Of the 14 games he’s attempted at least seven threes, this was the first he hadn’t made any. So don’t panic. I suspect Billups will bounce back. But even if he doesn’t – even if there are spiders and snakes involved – don’t panic. Don’t ever panic.

Shawne Williams – The only thing more silent than Williams’ March production is the “e” at the end of his name. Dude’s averaging season-highs in minutes (26.4), points (9.4), blocks (1.6), and threes (1.9). He’s owned in fewer than 15 percent of leagues. You deep leaguers could use a guy like this. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid, Willy.

Kevin Love – Ended his double-double streak at 53 games. If you gave me 29 guesses as to which team would end that streak, I wouldn’t have gotten it right. At any rate, this might be good news for Love owners. He’s admitted that the double-double thing has dragged on him. If the last month was Kevin Love being dragged, imagine what a carefree Love would be? My guess would be carefree Love would involve patchouli and tie-dye.


  1. Rob says:

    At what point do you cut bait with Tyreke

    In one of my leagues I am 15 games behind pace in games played (13 starting positions 3 bench). And my other injuries are Gallinari, Nash, Millsap. Trying to stay patient but this is becoming extreme..

  2. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    Delfino or Harden for the playoff run?

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Rob: At this time of the year, I would suggest dropping anyone that will miss more time than they will play. Obviously each team is different and if you can stem the tide with Evans on your bench for the next two weeks, that would be better than setting him adrift. But if someone like McGrady or Hansbrough are not only healthy and producing, but also widely available, it’s best that you ignore name value and add points to your team. Obviously, this advice changes a bit if you’re in a keeper league.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Harden, by far. By. Far.

  4. anon says:

    was Sam Presti who made the deal, not Morey!

  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @anon: Whoops. Good catch. My apologies to everyone in the OKC. I’ll never confuse you with Houston again … today.

  6. @Rob,
    another thing to monitor is your game counts… how many productive games do you need from now on? if you’re like +5 in the pg/g category, you probably will be able to stash reke for another two weeks… on the other hand, if you’re -5, then it’s probably the time of the season to make a move…

  7. (my bad… i think it’s time for you to move some of them injured players!)

  8. Larry says:

    Weekly league, would you start Beno over Nash. All players have 4 games. My other G starters are Curry, Thornton and Buddinger.

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: Yeah. Nash won’t play tonight and is about 50-50 for Wednesday’s game. I’ll take Udrih in four games (he’s back from illness) over Nash at 1-3 games.

  10. ibaka flocka flame says:

    Adam, would you drop any of the following for Perkins for these last few weeks? Gallo, Salmons, Kenyon Martin


  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ibaka flocka flame: Depends on need. I don’t have a lot of hope left for Salmons. I’d drop him first. If you need production now, I’d consider dropping Gallinari, but he should return toward the end of this week and I expect him to produce more than Salmons from that point on.

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