San Antonio’s Tim Duncan left early in the first quarter with an ankle injury that Spurs TV announcer and Channing Frye look-alike, Sean Elliot declared would keep him out about two weeks. I don’t know where Elliot got his information, or why he imagines he’s developed the ability to accurately crush fantasy owners, but if there’s any truth to this, you’re going to need to do some damage control. Unlike Kevin Love‘s impending injury news, if he’s out – you’re screwed. If Duncan’s season is over or close to over, there’s still DeJuan Blair and Tiago Splitter. Splitter especially, because Blair isn’t healthy yet (although he’s likely to return Wednesday) and because the two-time Spanish MVP ended with a 10/14/2 night, with three steals in 27 minutes. He’s scored in double-digits in six other games this season and grabbed 8+ boards four times. It’ll be nice for Splitter to make a difference and disappointing so many deep-leaguers all season. Like Rudy’s entry into the Notre Dame game if people had high hopes for Rudy as a tenacious talent coming into the season. Really, that would have changed ‘Rudy’ by quite a lot. I might have actually enjoyed it then. Anyway, tonight, it was just Splitter, Matt Bonner, Antonio McDyess and Steve Novak. Blair is widely owned, but grab him first if he’s still available. Then Splitter, then Bonner, then pray.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Danny Granger – Scored 20 points, but shot .412 from the floor and refused to stop shooting threes (2-for-7). In March, Granger’s averaging 18/5/2,  and .352 from the floor. I’m kinda hoping he gets injured and misses the rest of the regular season, just so I don’t have to make the decision. Like when I stared acting like a jerk so my ex would dump me and be the bad guy instead.

Roy Hibbert – Drained 24 points and blocked the ball three times. He only had five rebounds. Brook Lopez only had four. The nerds over at the Elias Sports Bureau figured that these two 7-footers allowed an NBA record 19 rebounds to ricochet off the rim and land on the floor between them before either player attempted to grab it.

Darren Collison – Second double-double of the season (15/6/12), first since January 11. It’s not the season his owners hoped for, but he’s still just a sophomore and isn’t so far off that solid steps forward in 2012 and ’13 are out of the question.

Daniel Gibson – 16/6, with two steals, two treys and a block in 23 minutes. Not really sure why the best player on the Cavs is playing ‘Ryan Hollins-minutes,’ but if the Cavaliers were explicable, they just wouldn’t be the Cavaliers.

Jameer Nelson – Fantasy Line Funtime: Who had the better night? Nelson’s 8/6/8 or Turkoglu’s 8/3/9? I’d prefer three extra rebounds to one extra assist. So, Nelson. But wait, Turk only had one turnover compared to Nelson’s four. Oh. Well, that’s different. Gotta go with Turkoglu. But, wait again. Nelson shot .333 from the field and had a steal. Turkoglu shot .300 and didn’t steal nothing. You’re really being sluggish with all these stats Al Talics. Still, I guess I’m leaning toward Nelson. Buuut Turkoglu earned a block and didn’t miss a free throw like Nelson did. I choose Dwight Howard.

Rajon Rondo – 13/4/12. Strained pinky like a fox.

Paul Pierce – 21/6/2 last night. His threes and steals are down a tick from last season, but everything else is up. I’m surprised no one has made more of this. I guess what I really mean is I’m surprised Celtics fans have rammed this fact down my throat like green Guinness.

Omer Asik – Fourteen points and I’m pretty sure every last one of them came on wide-open dunks.

DeMarcus Cousins – 11/8/4, with eight turnovers and five fouls. If they counted turnovers toward triple-doubles … I wouldn’t like triple-doubles as much.

Amir Johnson – Started, played 10 minutes and sat out the second half after spraining his damn ankle again. So, yeah. That’s not good for fantasy value.

Danilo Gallinari – Anyone else notice that he stopped styling his hair the minute he moved to Denver? If dude grows a beard, I might start liking him.

Ekpe Udoh – Had the best line of his season by far last night (15/7/2, with two blocks in 38 minutes). The minutes are what jump out the most there. This is likely in the top three of what Udoh will do-oh this season, but with Biedrins shelved, he’s bound to be a better source of blocks than he has been up to this point. Up to this point, he’s been good for 1.2 bpg. His per36 is 3.0. I’d expect  solid two a game – which is a huge pickup for any team on the block bubble.

Devin Harris – Left with a hamstring injury after playing just three minutes. It honestly feels like Harris leaves midway through half his games with some injury or another. I think I’ve typed that first sentence twice this week. Earl Watson is your pickup if he doesn’t return for Utah’s next game only to leave 12 minutes later.

Mike Conley – Seventh double-double of the season (11/11), third in his last eight. Must be some residual luck o’ the Irish. What’s that … ? He’s not Irish? Mike Conley isn’t Irish? Well then who the hell have I been mistaking for Mike Conley? Wait, wait. Just to clarify, Shane Battier is French, right?

  1. yeah, devin harris goes to work thinking ‘yay! i’m not playing for the nets anymore’ then after a quarter realizes that ‘shoot, i’m playing for the jazz without deron williams and carlos boozer’

    so… ekpe udoh or d.blair or splitter? need solid big men stats without hurting %s

  2. gb.samsa says:

    Given all your suggestions, and given that I’ve made the playoffs for the 1st time in three years I need to know if I should MOD my SQUAD given you’re blurb:

    Ty Lawson
    Joe Johnson
    Nick Young
    Pau Gasol
    Andrea Bargs
    Tony Park
    Baron Davis***
    JR Smith
    Kris Humphries
    Chuck Hayes
    Tony Allen

    Available Goons: Splitter, OJ MoJo, Gilbert Areans, Aaron Brooks, Darko…

    And you’re suggestions…

    What do you think Adam? X 3 weeks left and you’ve been with me all season. Thanks very much

  3. Cory says:

    Pop quiz, hotshot. There’s a bomb on a bus. Once the bus goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. You own Kevin Love, but are up against the #1 seed this week. What do you do? What do you do?!?!

  4. Adam

    Adam says:

    @hakasan: Yeah. He and Al Jefferson have a lot of disappointment to chat about while blending in amonst the Mormons. Blair, Udoh, Splitter in that order.

    @gb.samsa: I might drop Dizzle or Hayes for Splitter. It won’t Burt much and might help tremendously.

    Do you need to drop him? I’d bench him, but not drop him … Yet.

  5. barker says:

    i have rudy gay in a 18 team league keeper (keep 3) the playoffs are this week i can probably get by this week but the next 2 will be a little sketchy should i drop him as a spot start spot : available guys bogans novak turiaf jeter mason white

    would keep instead deron horford bogut

    i don’t think i should but what would u do

  6. Curry's mac HAnd says:

    I have Blatcheand their saying he might be back on Friday. All three big men are available in my league. Should I drop him and if so, who for?

  7. Curry's mac HAnd says:


  8. Cory says:

    @ Adam: Love doesn’t play til Thursday, so I’m waiting as long as possible to make a decision. But my matchup will be extremely close. So far, it’s looking like…

    My opponent will win FG%, points, boards, assists, blocks
    I will win FT%, 3 pointers, steals, TOs

    I really…REALLY need Love’s 20/15 in order to overtake the points/boards categories. If he can’t play, then my last ditch effort would be an Udoh or Splitter…

  9. Lou says:

    first off, props to Cory for that little segment into the KLove question.

    now for my less exciting question. 9 cat H2H. I ended up having to drop McGee this weekend despite him having one of his better weeks. I blame the DWill/Farmar mess thats clogging up my roster. The better team on the other side of the playoff bracket dropped Monroe to claim McGee. I can drop Tony Allen or risk dropping Farmar without any solid info on DWill. or i can just bow out of the Monroe bidding since his schedule isn’t great the rest of the way.

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @barker: If you think you can win this season, dump him. If not, he’s a better keeper than Bogut.

    @Curry’s mac HAnd: Who are “all three big men?”

    @Cory: I’ll put it this way, neither Udoh nor Splitter are going to give you 20/15, so if you “really need” that, you might as well hang onto Love and hope for the best.

    @Lou: You dropped McGee because you preferred PG stats over PF/C stats (presumably). Monroe isn’t so much better than you should change your initial strategy, is it?

  11. Curry's mac HAnd says:

    Udoh, Blair, Splitter

  12. Curry's mac HAnd says:

    Also, do you think any of these guys are a better option than reggie evans?

  13. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Curry’s mac HAnd: I’d prefer Blatche, Blair, Evans, Udoh, Splitter in that order.

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