The big man came through with 28/9/4, a steal and 2 threes. Although, I guess 99% of NBA players are big men, so it’s a good thing I didn’t make you guess who had that line. It was Rudy Gay  all the way! Of course, we know it wouldn’t be Anthony Randolph, who missed 7 of his 8 shots to come up with an embarrassing 4/3/2 line. Starting doesn’t seem to tickle his fancy, as the day before he went 6/5/0. Lame! Randolph wishes he was Gay.

Manny Harris – It’s triplets! For threes, I mean. It doesn’t matter, no one had him rostered, and no one should, so let’s move on.

Antwan Jamison – 0-10 including four misses from downtown. Total line was 3/4/2. He’s been serviceable in April, but this time, Antwan was the one that wasn’t Gay enough.

Tristan Thompson – 12 points and 13 rebounds, but his first double-double since April 8th. Everything in between has been sort of sad, sort of like the Cavaliers, or the city of Cleveland itself.

Jonas Jerebko – The 25 year old Swede had 14 points, the third best on the team behind Tayshaun Prince‘s 25 and Brandon Knight‘s 28. Nothing really to get excited about.

Brandon Knight – He scored 28 points. Remember? I just told you. Specifically, 11-12 from the hardwood including 4 of 5 from behind the arc. Also handed out 7 dimes. Very charitable.

Roy Hibbert – The good doctor double doubled on points (15) and rebounds (13). He has been consistently good all season. In the year: 13 PPG, 8.9 RPG, 1.7 APG, 2.0 BPG. Dwight Howard numbers? No. For a guy drafted with an ADP of 79, you’ll take that with a dope grin and a smattering of good fortune on your faith.

Danny Granger – Danny delivered with six treys. May as well call him meals on wheels. Final line: 24/6/3.

George Hill – 12/4/7, including 2 threes, 1 steal, and 1 block. Every so often he delivers a bundle of assists (5+ five times in the past 10 games). On the other games, he is yawnstipating.

Andre Iguodala – A solid night with 23/7/6, including 3 from deep in three point land. This was easily his best game in April, which has otherwise been lackluster. Tuesday’s game will also allow Philly sports talk radio to discuss whether AI Part Deux should be traded while he has value or traded because he’s a bum.

Spencer Hawes – Off the bench, 12/8/1 plus a block looks good enough in deep leagues, except something doesn’t smell right. Oh, it seems Spencer stepped in five turnovers.

Nikola Pekovic – 16 points on 6-12 shooting, along with 11 rebounds. He wasn’t very good on Monday, but on Saturday he also double-doubled. Worth taking a look at if you need help at Center, but his ceiling isn’t high, like a Hobbit’s hovel.

Jose Barea – 28/5/8 with 3 threes as he reminds you why everyone claimed him off waivers earlier this month

Zach Randolph – 16/11/1 with a block, which is basically his maximum output. I don’t really care for him, but that’s partially due to his weird looking face.

Paul Pierce – 43 points, 17 of which came from the free throw line. I guess everyone wants to hit Paul Pierce, including the Knicks.

Ray Allen – Was not able to play due to an ankle ailment. Given Pierce’s prolific shot scoring, it’s not like Allen would have been able to do anything anyway.

Rajon Rondo – 13/6/13 with the sexy double-double in points/assists. The Celtics as a whole had 21 assists, which basically all went to Pierce.

Carmelo Anthony – Despite all of the Celtics’ efforts, the Knicks still won, thanks in no small part to a 35/12/10 line from Melo. It’s probably a good thing Lin is still injured, because I could see the New York Post running a headline “Melo and Yellow Together Again!”

J.R. Smith – 25/4/6 including SEVEN from downtown. Put it on the board!

Steve Novak – Scored 25 points thanks to going 8-10 from behind the arc. Boston can’t defend shots taken beyond the perimeter, apparently.

Tony Parker – 29 points and 13 assists, but also had 7 turnovers. Dude! Dude. Obviously you keep starting him, but his play has been incredibly erratic, including three games with less than 10 points in April. Dude.

Matt Barnes – 16 points off the bench, including 6 rebounds and 4 assists. He’s an interesting play in deep leagues.

  1. GoHawks! says:

    I am in the finals of my bball league, and have very limited number of moves per week, and was wondering if Kevin Martin or Amare would be solid adds at this point? Or are they going to be playing limited minutes? My week ends Thursday of next week.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @GoHawks!, The Knicks are 2 1/2 games ahead of Milwaukee with 5 games left, meaning they probably have a playoff spot locked up. They have won 6 of their last 10 without STAT. If Amar’e comes back Friday, and I do not have confidence in that, then I doubt he sees many minutes. He has a shaky back and the Knicks want him fresh for the playoffs, and they’re also going to need to figure out how to reincorporate him back into the line-up. He may not start, even.

      Martin hasn’t played since March 11th, so he’s going to be rusty, but I expect him to play if he’s able, seeing as Houston is tied for the 8th seed.

      If you had to go one over the other, I’d go Martin, but it depends what you’re giving up to do so. Sometimes a slow and steady player is going to give you better value in the last week than a superstar with aches and rust.

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