I added Robin Lopez in two of my leagues. I didn’t like doing it, but anytime a guy who was overhyped last year drops 21/7 in 27 reserve minutes, you kind of got to throw away your last pick and take a chance. I’m not alone, of course. I would have grabbed Fropez across all my leagues, but some dudes are just quicker than me. I’m old. My bones are weary. The thing is, I’m only hesitantly recommending a Lopez pickup. Well, I guess I am enthusiastically recommending a Lopez pickup, just not enthusiastically suggesting he maintains this type of production all year long. It’s very likely that Brook and Robin switched identities over the summer “Parent Trap-style” and while Brook is rocking in Arizona, Robin broke his foot and is lying on a couch playing Batman: Arkham City on PS3. C’mon, that’s SO Robin, you guys. If this Phoenix Lopez really is Robin, the back injury that Alvin Gentry said took 10 inches off Lopez’s vertical is apparently no longer a problem. We’ll see cautiously. What I’m saying is, grab Lopez, but don’t expect to never let him go. Anywho, here’s what else went down in day two of the season.

Markieff Morris – 7/9/2, with a three, two blocks and two steals. Wanna know a secret? Between Morris’ game and Lopez’s, this was the more impressive game. Waiver accordingly.

Marcin Gortat – Click this. What’s the fantasy implication here? Only that the Polish Hammer believes he’s pulling off that beard. If that’s not a fantasy, I don’t know what … Marcin Gortat is doing.

Ramon Sessions dropped 18 points and six assists on .500 shooting from the floor in 22 minutes off the bench. Had he shot .450 in 28 minutes, I’d be more inclined to view Sessions as a must-add (not to be confused with how Bostonians pronounce “mustard”). As it stands, Anthony Parker and Kyrie Irving combined for 14/5/7 on .333 shooting. That won’t happen every night (gulp). Neither will such a hot shooting night against a poor defensive team. Deep leagues might want to take a flier (or maybe just the little tab at the bottom of most fliers. No need to steal the whole damn flier), but I’m just not sold on, well, on anyone playing for Cleveland. (NOTE: I expect to type that last sentence no fewer than 65 more times this season.)

Kyrie Irving – Icy Irving gets the cold shoulder from me until he shoots better than 10 percent from the floor.

Leandro Barbosa – 14 points and 4 assists in 22 reserve minutes, made all the better by pronouncing his name as if it were a Harry Potter spell. (Lean-DRO Bar-bo-SAW!)

Jonas Jerebko – 17/5/1, with a steal and a block. Come sit next to me / Pour yourself some tea / Just like the Detroit P’s/ Not to rebound any. On another note (that doesn’t belong to Weezer), Jerebko is owned in fewer than 10 percent of  leagues and he seems to be starting over Austin Daye – at least, for now.

Greg Monroe – Picked up five fouls with 7:47 left in the third quarter, which seems like either an ineffective basketball strategy or a perfectly effective cheerleader-watching strategy.

Tyler Hansbrough – Double-doubled in less than 20 minutes/three quarters. I believe that’s the $200 answer to the “Effects of the Detroit Pistons’ terrible rebounding” Jeopardy category. It wasn’t a popular category.

Ryan Anderson – Look, I don’t want to own Ryan Anderson and you don’t want to own Ryan Anderson, but we have to come to grips with the fact that he’s starting, scoring (16.5 ppg/8 3ptm in two games) and he’s the tallest version of all this team’s perimeter scorers, which I think counts for something.

J.J. Redick – Dropped 20 points in 28 minutes. Couple things: He shot .600 from the floor, he won’t maintain that. Also, he offered up only 2 boards and 2 assists to go with those points. He’ll very much maintain that.

Kevin Martin – Shot 1-for-10 from the field to start the season. If you take away the six three-point attempts he bricked, his field-goal percentage rises from .100 to .250. /pauses … No. Nope. That’s still atrocious no matter how I phrase it. He passes from the hip, he shoots from the hip, I fully expect to hear about a hip injury sometime this morning to explain Game 1.

Chase Budinger – 3/3/2 in 20 minutes. Bud White just looked as out of synch as Martin. This would help explain why Terrence Williams (13/6/2) played 26 minutes and Courtney Lee (15/3/1) played 24. I’m not calling it quits on Budinger, but if you’re in a deep league with a spare roster spot, I’d grab Williams and Lee, in that order.

Mike Dunleavy – Starting in place of Carlos Delfino and ended with 13/3/3, with a trio of threes. This is about what Delfino would have contributed. So assuming your fantasy team was built around the production of Carlos Delfino, Dunleavy should be a sweet pickup until Delfino is fully healthy (in a game or two).

Stephen Jackson – Picked up five fouls in what felt like the first four possessions, which seems impossible until you remember that it’s Stephen Jackson. Three possessions later, dude fouled out. I would expect Stax to 1) remain in future games longer because 2) he won’t be frustrated EVERY night that his team is losing to the Bobcats.

Shaun Livingston -The best game of basketball Livingston has played since whenever the last game Livingston dropped 14/4/6 in 35 minutes from the bench. Remember: Jackson played 17 minutes and Livingston shot .600 from the floor. Who’s the suckaface interested in betting this happens on any regular basis?

Mehmet Okur – 0/5/2 in 21 reserve minutes. So that’s encouraging for the 100 percent of leagues that rushed to add this guy to their roster.

Ricky Rubio – 6/5/6, but those assists made it feel like he triple-doubled. If you don’t need assists and own Rubio, wait a few more games and see if you can’t get someone to overvalue him in a trade. Or keep him because he might be fun to own.

Tiago Splitter – Played nearly 36 minutes in this game. His (more talented) teammates were in foul trouble and he only produced a 5/8 line, with 2 stl and 2 blk, but still … you know? Still.

Spencer Hawes – 10/14/9, with two steals and a block in 39 minutes. How normal is this? Not only is this the first time Hawes has hit each of these marks in the same game, but in the last four seasons only 10 players have hit 10/14/9 in no fewer than 39 minutes. So … not normal at all really. Temper. Your. Expectations.

Metta World Peace – 19/4/4. MWP 4 MVP! The Artist Formerly Known As Artest only scored 19+ points twice last season and only had four assists and rebounds in addition to 19 points once. Still wouldn’t pick him up with your team, though.

  1. Tony says:

    Like you said the Pacers game was vs DET, they’re impressive, and with Hansborough as a 6th man, they’ve got some depth.

    Curry rolls/reaggravates the ankle again after dropping a HUGE line, awesome

  2. Tony says:

    Lowry and Lawson with huge lines too.

  3. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    10-team, H2H standard 9-cat, non-keeper

    Would you drop anyone for Markieff Morris (PF), Terrence Williams (SG, SF), or Courtney Lee (SG, SF)?

    PG- Rose (PG)
    SG- Afflalo (SG)
    G- Holiday (PG)
    SF- Granger (SF, PF)
    PF- Amar’e (PF, C)
    F- Bosh (PF, C)
    C- Hibbert (C)
    UTIL- Odom (SF, PF)
    UTIL- Jennings (PG)

    Bench- DeRozen (SG, SF)
    Bench- Hickson (PF, C)
    Bench- Casspi (SG, SF)
    Bench- George Hill (PG, SG)
    Bench- Robin Lopez (C)
    Bench- Evan Turner (SG, SF)

  4. Migs says:

    Hey Adam, thanks for the post – I just dropped Casspi for Frolo, but his brother was just dropped and is sitting in waivers. What do you think? Pick up and stash, or let someone else deal with 2 months of waiting? I was burned by *shudders* Troy Murphy last year…

    Here’s my team:

    PG – Lawson, Jarrett Jack, Beno
    SG – Afflalo, CJ Miles
    SF – Melo, Gay
    PF – Scola, Amir, Psycho T
    C – Nene, Hearthrob Hayes, RoLo, Kendrick Perkins

  5. CL says:

    Hold on Casspi or pick up R Lopez?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Looks like Curry’s okay (for now) and will start Wednesday against the Knicks. And I didn’t include Lawson or Lowry’s lines because, at this point, those guys are known commodities in the fantasy world. They’re owned in over 80 percent of leagues. You don’t need me to tell you they’re worth owning.

    @Sarah Palin Rice: I’d hold tight right now. You’ve got a number of more promising sleeper candidates already on your roster. If you absolutely had to drop someone, I’d let go of Hill or Casspi since you’ve already got a glut of guards.

    @Migs: Troy Murphy had, like, 8/8, with a three in 28 minutes last night. HE’S BACK! Also, you really need to pick up Brook Lopez. He’s likely to produce more in 50 games than Perkins will in 66.

    @CL: Depends on need. I think Casspi will have the overall better year, but if you need a big and have a ton of tweeners, it would make more sense for you to grab RoLo.

  7. Moses says:


    Would you pick up Robin Lopez and drop Chris Kaman?

  8. Moses says:

    Or, Amir Johnson and drop Kaman

  9. Tony says:

    @Adam: haha oh i know those guys are owned. Just saying they were kind of commodities with alot of hype/Upside, showing off what they were kinda expected to do, their lines were monster.

    It was only game 1 though, lol.

  10. Jon says:

    Hey Adam. Are Shumpert and Vucevic worth holding in an 18 team 9-cat H2H? Waiver selection is thin (the likes of Delonte, Childress, Haywood, Dragic).

    I appreciate the breakdown on guys like Splitter and Markief Morris. Just picked up Morris for Faried. All that preseason buzz and Faried didn’t get a single minute in garbage time smh.

  11. Mr Duck Fat says:

    In a 14 team league would you reccomend dropping Biedrins for Terrence Williams?

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Moses: Johnson, Kaman, RoLo; in that order.

    @Tony: It’s tough to remember in the preseason that “it’s just the preseason” and it’s tough in the first week to remember, “it’s just the first week.”

    @Jon: Shumpert is, definitely. I still can’t decide about Vucevic, but I’m leaning toward telling you to let him go if you see someone you’d rather have. I wouldn’t count on Faried. I’m not sure where all the hubbub about this guy came from, but George Karl went on record saying he probably wouldn’t play him much this season. Chris Andersen is more valuable than Faried at this point. He’s a nice dynasty or keeper grab, I guess.

    @Mr Duck Fat: Depends on your team’s needs. I don’t anticipate either player becoming huge fantasy assets.

  13. Migs says:

    @CL: thats what I did, but I have the luxury of having Melo, Gay,Afflalo and Miles on my team.

  14. agarthered says:

    Drop Hickson for Amir Johnson?

  15. Moses says:

    @Adam – UGH, someone just picked up Amir Johnson.

    Would you drop Kaman for…

    Gerald Henderson or Spencer Hawes,

  16. Moses says:

    or Jonas Jerebko

  17. Migs says:

    @Adam: Yeah, I have a waiver hold on BroLo.. I figure with Robin Lopez on my team, crossing fingers that he can be serviceable, I can eke by with one less player for a few weeks.

  18. El Guey says:

    drop Rip Hamilton for Ryan Anderson?

  19. d2bnz says:

    A quick question about the Razzball leagues …the player limits are set at the default of 82 games per player . rather than the 66 that will be played…what is going to happen going forward?

  20. Sarah Palin Rice says:

    @Adam: Favors was just named starting PF… would you drop Hickson, Robin Lopez or Maurice Morris for him?

  21. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Tony: Oops. Wait. No. now it looks like Curry might sit out Wednesday. Stay tuned …

    @agarthered: Wouldn’t be bananas. I’m thinking Hickson’s development in Sacramento will be slower than I’d originally hoped.

    @Moses: Henderson, maybe. Depending on your team holes. Both look like they’ll see plenty of minutes, but if Henderson goes cold, they have guys who can fill in, NOLA has fewer replacements for Kaman. As far as Jerebko and Hawes … maybe they have big seasons, but it’s too early to do anything but guess. I’m guessing Hawes won’t be nearly the factor he was last night over the course of the next 65 games and Jerebko is legit, but he’s in a messy, packed in 3-4 position in Detroit.

    @Migs: Tally-ho!

    @El Guey: Yup.

    @d2bnz: We intended to play just 66 games, but there was a communication breakdown and the leagues all set the game limit to 82. It’s not optimal, but changing it across all five leagues would be painstaking as some of the league’s settings have since been locked. Ultimately, the effect will be that there is no game limit (I mean, there IS, but it’s unlikely to be met by any teams). Not at all optimal, but the shotgun preseason made league prep more patchwork than any of us would have liked.

    @Sarah Palin Rice: Marcus or Markieff? If you meant Houston’s Marcus, I’d drop him.

  22. Ringo says:

    Ramon Sessions or Rick Rubio?

  23. AL KOHOLIC says:

    nice site,thanks for the input

  24. Rob says:

    The razzball league that I am in (Dream Shake) has a limit of 66 games.

  25. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Ringo: Roo-Bee-Ohhhh!

    @AL KOHOLIC: Nice input, thanks for the comment.

    @Rob: Really? … well, crap. Now I’ve got some things to check in on. Thanks for the heads up.

  26. CL says:

    Adam – the Chilly Shimmy League is @ 66 game limits per position too. It originally was 82 but I guess Espn changed it automaically after the fact b/c it was never manually changed by me.

  27. Tony says:

    NJ Nets only had 9 assists tonight in a full game, and Deron Williams had 1.


  28. Adam

    Adam says:

    @CL: Yeah. I’m hoping ESPN reset all the leagues. Still have to look into it further. Thanks!

    @Tony: Yup. Strange Days are upon us.

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