This season’s saga involving Andrew Bynum has unfolded like Samuel Becket’s ‘Waiting For Godot’ with Gasol and Odom cast as Estragon and Vladimir. The waiting ends tonight (probably) as Bynum is set to make his season debut. A quarter of the way through the schedule, it’s been a grueling exercise evaluating both the Lakers as a team and several of its players as individuals when one of L.A.’s most powerful forces remains absent. Seven weeks into the season, it felt like Bynum would never show up. Gasol and Odom owners alike have likely built out nifty leads for themselves (or at least kept from digging holes) with their unexpected production. Gasol has put up MVP-type numbers (until his hammy reminded him how many minutes he’s been averaging) and Odom has been a top 30 player that most people chose sometime after their 70th pick. And it’s been nice. And it’s been fun. But where the eff is Godot already!?! I’ve wasted two days near this tree! All this first quarter fun has come with the wait ’til Bynum returns caveat. Especially for Odom, who owners are suddenly treating like he’s got a face full of boils. Those are pimples, guys. Relax. He averaged 10/8/2.5 in 27 minutes as a reserve last season and Bynum wasn’t on a time limit as he’ll likely be this season. And Gasol? He’s likely to drop from 39 mpg to 37. Negligible. Maybe he averages a 1.5 fewer points and 1.5 fewer rebounds. If it keeps him healthy, you’ll slurp it up with a ladle. Too much has been made about Bynum’s fragile health for Phil Jackson to run him out there 40 minutes a night. It’s never happened before, it’s certainly not going to happen now. He’ll play 25 minutes in the beginning with a chance to average 32 after a while. Tops. Odom will average about 31 minutes instead of 35 and 14.5/8.5/3, just about what I envision Bynum producing (13.5/8/2). Barnes, Artest, Walton and the like are the ones whose minutes will see the largest dip. And if Bynum just can’t stay healthy? Well, we’ve waited this long, what’s another 60 games?

Danny Granger – It’s December so you knew a Danny Granger injury was comin’ up. He’s got a minor ankle sprain. He can jog, but doesn’t feel as confident chucking up a rushed jump shot from 25 feet out with no one under the basket as he normally does. He’ll probably feel more confident doing that in Wednesday’s game against the Lakers.

Roy Hibbert – Once every three or four games Hibbert looks softer than Pau Gasol wearing a Snuggie on a bed full of feather pillows.

Darren Collison – He’s distributed one or fewer assists in three of his last five games. I’m not jumping ship on him yet, but I’ve located the nearest life vest, and eyeballed the small child whom I plan to knock over in order to steal his spot on the dingy.

Tyreke Evans – He made the road trip and might not miss any time with his arch injury after all. Whaaa!?! You mean neither the Kings organization nor Tyreke’s brother have any clue what’s going on? The hell you say!

Marco Bellinelli – Went 1-for-7 behind the arc. Threejerk!

Chris Paul – Shot 3-for-10 from the field. He missed New Orleans Shitshot Day by about 29 hours.

Chris Bosh – The Chris-mass keeps on a-rollin’ as Bosh dropped a 23/11 line with three blocks. Now replicate that five games in a row and we’ll be square. /looks at last five box scores\ Oh. You have. Never mind. Or, nevermind, for the Nirvana fans.

Carlos Boozer – 11, 3, 10, 6, 18. These are Boozer’s rebound totals in his last five games. Wanna guess what Joakim Noah‘s rebound totals look like? Here’s a hint: Last night, while Boozer grabbed 18, Noah grabbed five. Boozer is the inny to Noah’s outie.

Zach Randolph – 25/20. He’s the Southern Kevin Love.

Nicolas Batum – Missed two shots, which would be cool if he played 36 minutes and attempted 15, but he didn’t. He played fewer than nine and, um, shot the ball twice. Nicolas Batum, please stop punching my team in the nards.

Jason Kidd – 11/7/10 with a trio of steals. Yup. I successfully reverse-jinxed Jason Kidd’s season. On a completely unrelated note: Nicolas Batum is done-zo.

Keyon Dooling – Played 27 minutes and scored 16 points. Which is awesome, because I was just thinking, “You know what Milwaukee needs? Another dude playing 27 minutes who’ll score just enough points to convince me to roster him and let him micturate on my team for a week!”

C.J. Miles – 20/6/2 in 28 minutes. He’s scored 20+ points in three of his last five. He scored a combined 18 points in the other two, but that kind of outlook just makes you seem pessimistic.

Ekpe Udoh – He’s averaging two minutes and one point in his first two games of his career, putting him somewhere in between Blake Griffin and Evan Turner in the Rookie of the Year race.

Reggie Williams – 19/5/6 with a pair of steals and four threes. You knew this was coming. Hopefully you jumped on it, Tonto.

  1. 24hourjack says:

    Adam….I was invited to take over a team,the guy was thrown out for not setting lineups etc etc….this is my first yr doing fantasy basketball,so I’m not sure I oughtta be taking on rebuilding projects or whatever,but anyway….

    its a 12 team H2H league,and I need help in just about every category,but especially FG%,rebounds and blocks,so what do y’think about this trade….

    I give up Kobe,Salmons,and Cousins and get back Nene,Jameer Nelson and Jason Terry….

  2. Migs says:

    @24hourjack: You should probably post up the rest of your team, just so that everyone can see what other pieces you have on your roster and how they mesh with the incoming/outgoing guys

  3. Gerald says:

    Adam: 12 team daily lineup league with 15 players each. Should I drop Troy Murphy (my 3rd-rd pick) for Robin Lopez? Sacrifice upside for actual production? The other decent bigs on FA are Carl Landry, Drew Gooden and Okur.

    Having carried Murphy for 7 weeks, even if Murphy continues to be deadwight, I think my squad should be able to qualify for the playoffs but I have recently started to slip, am placed 5 of 12.

    What do you think?

  4. Ryan says:


    Sounds like a bad deal for you. They just want a chance to steal your best player. Let me guess the guy offering you the trade is the one that encouraged you to come take over this other friends team?! Seen this move before!

  5. Gerald says:

    Adam: I’m thinking of selling high on my Amare. Which side do you prefer?

    Receive: Durant, Bosh (or Bogut), Jamal Crawford
    Give: Amare, Ginobili, Baron Davis

  6. Migs says:

    Hey Adam,

    Afflalo + TWill for Tyson Chandler + Marvin Williams

    Who wins? I’m considering this because of a potential Melo trade..

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @24hourjack: I like this trade now, but probably won’t like it in a month. Nene won’t continue dropping 20+ points a night and Jason Terry will almost certainly lose minutes when Rodrigue Beabois debuts. Added to Salmons’ penchant to become a top 50 post-All-Star Break player, I’d pass.

    @Gerald: I’d wait on RoLo. Remember that before owners dropped him for being injured they were dropping him because he wasn’t doing much on the court. Honestly, I’d wait on all the FAs you mentioned. They all might produce at some point this season, but none of them are must-adds right now. What did Gooden do last night? 8/4 in 22 minutes?

    RE: Amar’e trade – If you can get Bosh and the other two for Amar’e and two dudes who will most likely miss a portion of these next 60 games, you should take it. I’d skip the deal if Bogut is the other piece.

    @Migs: Depending on need, the Afflalo/Williams side is a winner even if ‘Melo stays.

  8. Phil says:

    My Brooks Lopez and Andre Miller
    for his Andrea Bargnani and Jason Terry.

    I’m pretty good in assists and need threes.

  9. brad says:

    Nicolas Batum, s’il vous plaît arrêter de poinçonnage mon équipe dans le NARDS.

    Merci google translate.

  10. Howard the Duck says:

    WTF is wrong with Dwight Howard???

  11. Migs says:

    @brad: something about getting kicked in the balls?

  12. Quintero says:

    Love that Dooling note. Next thing you know, Boykins comes out bursting. Coach Scott Skiles, where ten-men rotation happens. And it kinda sounds wrong.

  13. Migs says:

    Hey Adam, quick question – what’s so great about Beaubois and what has he done that makes him a good pickup this year?

    He seems like the kind of player a lot of folks are hyping up, but is there any backing on why? Is it because they’re breeding him to take over Kidd? To me he seems like he’d be a better pick up in year 3 or keeper leagues, just like DJ Augustin was this year.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Phil: Go for it. Neither 7-footer is rebounding a lick this season.

    @brad: Ha. Everything sounds classier en Francais.

    @Howard the Duck: What are you referring to?

    @Quintero: Wrong, maybe, but you can bet Skiles would get his.

    @Migs: No doubt his injury pushed his promise back a bit. Generally, people are getting excited by his ability to score near the basket (something that most Mavericks don’t even consider). He’s like a more efficient, more athletic, 12-years-younger hybrid of Jason Terry and Manu. It also didn’t hurt that he played relatively substantial minutes at the end of the year and put everyone in a tizzy. I’m less interested in the fantasy community’s tizzy than I am in the Maverick franchise’s tizzy. They seem content to hand him the keys to the kingdom as soon as possible. At least that’s the upside hope. Ask Nicolas Batum what happens when Frenchmen fail to match the hype.

  15. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Got offered Noah, Kidd and S. Jackson today in exchange for Love and Camby. I read what you said about Kidd the other day, but this at the very least an interesting offer. It’s a 12 team H2H 9 category league. Here is my team currently:

    PG: Westbrook
    SG: E. Gordon
    G: Parker
    PF: Nowitzki
    SF: Igoudala
    F: Love
    C: B. Lopez
    C: Camby
    UTIL: D. Wright
    UTIL2/Bench: J.Crawford, L.Fields, W.Matthews

    First place overall, and first or second in all stats except blocks (6th) and dead last in FG% and TOs. The only other interesting trade pieces he has are Scola, Jennings and McGee.


  16. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: First place? If it ain’t broke, I wouldn’t fix it. This won’t help your TOVs or your FG%, nor will it make a huge dent in blocks. Stay the course until a trade comes along that helps you.

  17. Migs says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: WOW, that’s a beast of a team for a 12 team league…

  18. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Thanks! I thought I had a pretty strong draft from the 6th spot. Nowitzki/Lopez/Westbrook were my top 3 and I really can’t complain too much if I pretend I flip-flopped drafting Westbrook and Lopez.

    @Adam: I agree that I should tinker with what’s been successful, but that just seemed like a big haul. (and I hate Marcus Camby).

  19. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Also was able to get Iggy and Parker for Galinari and Conley thanks to Adam’s trade suggestion.

  20. brad says:

    @Adam: and NARDS is really a lot better in capitals and a french accent.

  21. Migs says:

    Question to anyone – someone just dropped Ty Lawson in my league… but I’ve currently got Billups and Afflalo. Plus, I have Gallo – if a Melo trade happens, he could also find himself as a Nugget. In your opinion (or if you have any statistical analysis), what’s the maximum number of players a fantasy GM should have from the same team without it interfering with their productivity?

  22. brad says:

    @Migs: some people don’t like it, but i say if you like the players the fact they’re on the same team shouldn’t stop you from having them on yours.

  23. Rob says:

    Adam: You have been a great help to me. One more question..JR Smith (on waivers) or John Salmons (own). Have resisted cashing Salmons in so far..

  24. Cory says:

    So right after I drop Mayo, rumors start spreading that he could be traded to the D’Antoni Goldmine as early as THIS WEEK?!

    So much to consider….how Melo fits in to the equation…what this would mean for Fields….if there’s enough shots to go around for Mayo, Gallo, and Felton…

    what’s your take?

  25. Migs says:

    Billups is out for a week! Ty time?

  26. brad says:

    How valuable is Diddy? Would you trade Vince Carter for him? Luke Ridnour? Ridnour + someone fringe (Weems or similar)

    Also, Marcus Thornton better speculative add than Okur?

  27. Adam

    Adam says:

    @brad: Hehe.

    @Migs: @brad: Brad’s right. It’s more of a psychological issue than a fantasy one. Any more than two players from the same team probably FEELS counter-productive, but if you have Gasol, Bryant and Odom you’re not complaining. I mean, if you have five Kings on your team, you’ve got too many damn Kings, but a guy’s per game averages are his per game averages no matter how many of his teammates you happen to roster along with him.

    @Rob: I’d continue to resist. Smith will have his ups and downs all season and in the end, he won’t have better numbers than Salmons. Look at Salmons’ pre-all-star splits in the last couple seasons. He’ll get better sooner or later.

    @Cory: ‘Melo DOESN’T fit into that equation, unless the plan is to ship Mayo or Fields onto the Nuggets, (unlikely), which is why this feels like nothing more than a rumor. I’d be surprised if the Knicks do anything to jeopardize possibly acquiring ‘Melo, especially for another damn shooting guard. They have, like, six guys that can play the two. Even if Mayo does become a Knick, his problem on Memphis was playing time or pace. He was cold and other players commanded the ball far more than he did. That won’t improve any on New York.

  28. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Migs: Jump on it. Actually, you probably should have jumped on it about an hour ago.

    @brad: After seeing his performance on SNL a few weeks back, Diddy’s worth about three donut holes and a flat liter of Mountain Dew.

    Baron Davis on the other hand is probably worth about a Vince Carter, sure. Not much less than that. At this point, he’s such a liability in certain areas (FG%, MPG, Games) that it really depends on a team’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Right now he works best on a big man-heavy team with FG% and TOV to spare, in need of steals, threes and assists.

    Stay away from Thornton unless he gives you reason not to.

  29. Migs says:

    @Adam: Yeah you can’t really go wrong with a Kobe, Gasol, Odom.. or even a Felton, Amar’e, Wilson Chandler combo… but I’m wondering whether there’s a threshold where having multiple players from the same team will l eventually hurt you because of missing out on roster spots/games played per week in a h2h league because there’s just too many players playing on certain days.

  30. brad says:

    @Adam: thanks adam. Sounds like Baron Davis’ 9:45 snack.

    one more: steph curry and boozer or chris paul and amir johnson?

  31. Migs says:

    @Adam: Yeah, surprisingly, Lawson’s owner for some reason dropped him about an hour before news about Billups’ injury came out… Just hoping that my waiver wire bid goes through in my favour.

  32. Looking for a Roddy Buckets update? Im guessing New Years’ish? I wanna make sure Im in a position to pounce, just dont want to pounce too soon and bypass potential production from Francisco Garcia for 2 wks… Let me know what you know as Roddy B. Makes a nice compliment to my squad (especially lacking steals).

    El burro

  33. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Migs: I’ve never noticed any pattern like that (to be fair, I’ve never investigated the matter). Maybe if you owned five or six players from the same team you’d run into some difficulty, but theoretically, it shouldn’t make a difference.

    @brad: Until New Orleans finds a third scorer, I’d prefer owning Curry and Boozer.

  34. Durb says:

    @ Adam: Triano says calderon won’t retake that starting position when hes ready to return. Bayless is on waivers and clears tomorrow morning. People I could drop to get him are Bass, Farmar and Maggette. I’m leaning towards maggette..he’s inconsistent and isn’t getting the minutes. What’s your opinion?

  35. brad says:

    T-Will on the move. Haven’t heard where, but I’d grab him if you’ve got room.

  36. brad says:

    “shooter and first round pick” coming back

  37. brad says:

    looks like Houston

  38. jleeishere says:

    Do you like t will in houston, jerryd bayless, j flynn, or calderon? could you rank them on who I should pick up first?

  39. Batum, I’m sorry, but we can’t see each other anymore. I gave you a chance. Plenty of chances. I did. It’s bad enough sucking, but not even playing enough to suck? There’s plenty of other guys out there. We’re through. Don’t call me.

  40. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Durb: I’ve heard Triano will almost certainly put Calderon into a timeshare with Bayless (which I said about two weeks ago). Just be sure to hang onto to Bass.

    @jleeishere: Williams for his (refreshed) upside alone, followed by Calderon, Flynn and Bayless.

    @ChrisV82: In the context of your roleplay, “sucking” isn’t usually a dump-able offense.

  41. Cory says:

    Wilson Chandler used teeth on David Lee but you don’t see anyone dumping him.

    Also, unrelated to this post…but I had an epiphany that is the purest truth in the history of fantasy basketball: I’d rather be Kris Humphries than Lamar Odom.

  42. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Cory: By that rationale, I’d rather be Marko Jaric.

  43. bostonfan says:

    Jose Calderon, Tor PG
    Manu Ginobili, SA SG
    Rudy Gay, Mem SF
    Amare Stoudemire, NY C, PF
    Andrea Bargnani, Tor C, PF
    Roy Hibbert, Ind C
    D.J. Augustin, Cha PG
    Jeff Green, OKC PF, SF
    Jrue Holiday, Phi PG
    Baron Davis, LAC PG
    Jason Kidd, Dal
    JaVale McGee, Was C, PF
    Terrence Williams, NJ SF, SG

    Adam, I’m worried about calderon. Anyone i can pick up that will be better for me (H2H Fantasy Point League, No 3pts, ESPN standard scoring)

    available pickups:

    Reggie Williams
    Mike Miller
    Jonny Flynn
    Drew Gooden
    Jordan Farmar
    Carlos Delfino
    Dejuan Blair
    Carl Landry

    I’m looking for someone who will get good minutes consistently, so will dropping calderon be advisable given that he’s almost certainly going to lose minutes, if i drop him, who should i add?

  44. Adam

    Adam says:

    @bostonfan: Well, if you can wait a week or two (probably two) to pick up Miller, he’s the most likely to see solid minutes. Flynn will get his fill of minutes as well, but there’s no telling how he’ll react physically after such an involved procedure. Depending on need, I’d target either of those two and maybe Blair. Everyone else is just as precarious as Calderon.

  45. Durb says:

    @ Adam: ya, I’m holding bass. I’m kinda in a bind netween replacing farmar or maggette with bayless…I could use the assists. Do you see bayless putting up similar numbers that jack did last year? I think Farmar has more upside but Maggette is a better player when he gets his minutes. Do you see Maggette turning it around this year?

  46. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Durb: Bayless is more unreliable than Jack, so even if he averages roughly what Jack did in his timeshare last season, it will come in an aggravating fashion. That said, I don’t think Maggette has much upside from what we’ve seen on this Bucks team. Especially when you consider Delfino, Delfino’s helmet and post ASB Salmons are bound to show up sooner than later.

  47. jleeishere says:

    Thanks for the help! Should I drop Ridnour or calderon for t will?

  48. Adam

    Adam says:

    @jleeishere: Probably Ridnour.

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