Another week has wrapped up in the Razzball Elite League, with The Nature Boy still in first despite losing 4-5 to a scrubby team.  Yes that scrubby team was mine!  Sure, I was a little lucky this time out, but after my bitter rant fest last week, I was due some luck.  It’s actually an old family trick that I learned from my dad playing him in cribbage.  He’ll just get so mad and whiny, then all the sudden he’s hitting double runs like it’s no one’s business!  Anyone without family heritage from the north has no idea what the hell that was about…  Recaps from owners from their week 7 matchups are below, and good luck to all of your dynasty and deep-league teams in week 8!

1.The Nature Boy  (41-19-3)

FAAB Remaining: $84  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

2. Barking BassetHounds (40-21-2)

FAAB Remaining: $20  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

Barking Bassethounds defeated Cigar Smoking Monkey 6-3 in week 7 of the REL dynasty league to move up to 2nd place. The win featured victories in all the positive counting categories and losses in the one .negative counting category (turnovers) and in a disturbing trend for two weeks straight the two ratios. I expect turnovers and FT% to be an issues with us, but FG% is a little unexpected. Hopefully the two fantasy disappointments on my team (Ilyasova and JR Smith) will pick it up soon. We have a tough matchup this coming week, but with the exception of Tyson Chandler (who is returning soon) and Gallinari (whose injury was known at draft time) we are quite healthy.

One other note. My team is named after my faithful friend of 11 years, my basset hound Lucy.

3. Like A Josh – IFBL  (40-22-1)

FAAB Remaining: $62  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

4. Kap’s Team  (39-24-0)

FAAB Remaining: $92  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

I won 7-2 over Nashed Potatoes, losing blocks and turnovers.  I got big weeks from Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony, along with the return of some injured players (Martell Webster, Tyreke Evans, and Brandan Wright). After hearing he’d be out 2-3 weeks, Tyreke Evans surprisingly returned to the lineup, but reinjured his ankle, the third time this season he’s done that. Hopefully he doesn’t rush his recovery this time. Brandan Wright played his first game of the season, scoring 19 points and grabbing 6 rebounds. He played over Samuel Dalembert in the game so hopefully he’ll get consistent minutes at the center position.

5. Martyball – IFBL (39-24-0)

FAAB Remaining: $94  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

6. Breaking Batum    (38-25-0)

FAAB Remaining: $84  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

Week 7 brought our first loss of this young season. While it is always frustrating to lose it was particularly frustrating this week. Only two teams in the entire league would have beaten us and we just so happened to be playing one of them. Secondly we missed two games from Rudy Gay because of Vasquez’s visa issues and subsequent delay in obtaining a physical to make the trade official. The bright points were that we only loss 5-4 while missing games from Redick, Gay, and Deng. Hoopus has come on strong and will likely begin to rise in the standings. More good news is that Deng is back and Gay has started his tenure in Sacto with a bit of efficiency. Week 8 brings us head to head with the second place team in a battle of the BB’s. We have been trying to work several trades, but have been unsuccessful to this point. We have not given up entirely, but may be leaning towards building through the limited waiver wire rather than trading away our best future assets. Best of luck to Barking Bassethounds this week in our match up.

7. Pete Nice – Razzball  (36-25-2)

FAAB Remaining: $20  FAAB Moves this week:  n/a

8. Doug –  (33-29-1)

FAAB Remaining: $98 FAAB Moves this week: n/a

9. Cigar Smoking Monkey  (33-30-0)

FAAB Remaining: $10 FAAB Moves this week: Greg Smith ($18), Ben Gordon ($15)

10. ChazTop-KevinBottom  (31-31-1)

FAAB Remaining: $75  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

11. Scurry to the Left  (30-32-1)

FAAB Remaining: $86  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

12. Slim – Razzball  (27-33-3)

FAAB Remaining: $40  FAAB Moves this week: D.J. Augustin ($1)

Well we’re movin on up…  After 3 straight losses it sure is nice to get a win.  Best part is there was no real surprises.  Terrence Ross lead my team in 3’s and Jeremy Evans lead my team in rebounds and blocks.  OK, maybe a few surprises but nothing that can’t be maintained.  Of course the big development this week was my first trade.  Yes, first, as in I hope there will be many more.  I lost Jon Leuer who gave me a phenomenal week and might just be the best player in the deal, James Anderson who had a good week considering his fluctuating minutes, and Jerryd Bayless who also played well this week.  Some nice pieces, I hope I got something good in return.  I received an empty roster spot so I took the gamble on DJ Augustin, because really why not?  Shawne Williams who I hope continues his multi-cat ways from a position of need, PF.  The final piece I received is my shiny new toy, Corey Brewer.  I’ve been struggling with my steals and there were only a few reasonably priced players averaging over 1.7 per game.  I feel very fortunate to get one without losing either of my prized prospects, Anthony Bennett and Otto Porter.  What’s next you ask?  Next up I hope for the return of Larry Sanders and the first time all year I’ve had a fully healthy roster.  I feel like my team is still improving and has much more room to grow, really that’s all I’m looking for.

13. Hoopus Alleyoopus  (28-34-1)

FAAB Remaining: $79  FAAB Moves this week: Beno Udrih ($11), Robbie Hummel ($2)

14. Mr Green – Nowhere  (27-35-1)

FAAB Remaining: $40  FAAB Moves this week: Glen Rice Jr. ($1), Austin Rivers ($1)

Another week, another victory, what more can I say? It is nice to win and actually move up in the standings finally, and its nice to see my team get a win against a top 10 team as well. If I can manage another win this week it’ll be 4 in a row. Who could have seen that coming. Certainly not I.

As for my FAAB, I was very close to going all in for Greg Smith, but had to restrain myself a bit, and in the end he went for a couple bucks more than I was gonna bid anyway. Still, its a shame. With Cartier Martin falling out of the rotation basically as soon as I picked him up last week, and Mbah a Moute being traded and thus losing his starting gig, I had to make some moves. So I ended up with a hope and a prayer, otherwise known as Austin Rivers and Glen Rice Jr. You never know right? I mean, at least they’re young and, um, young.

On the positive side, the Raptors traded Rudy Gay, which means Jonas will now be allowed to touch the ball after the first quarter. As a Raptors fan, I’ve gotta say trading your best player for next to nothing has never made a team look so much better. Stats are allowed in the locker room, and guys are allowed to make more than one pass per possession. Even better, they don’t have to stand completely still for 20 seconds and wait for Rudy to dribble on the spot then shoot once he gets double (or triple) teamed. Here’s hoping if my team of scrubs has to do the same it works out half as well.

15. JB Gilpin – Razzball  (27-35-1)

FAAB Remaining: $15  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

Despite not moving in the standings, huge huge week from my squad getting a 5-4 win against the best team in the league.  It did come with a fair shake of luck though, as Nature Boy was without MCW another week and the Pacers only had two games limiting his output from Paul George and Lance Stephenson.  Then again, not a single one of my guys had particularly big games, so I’m feeling good moving forward.  And making a huge trade with Slim is making me feel even better in my push towards mediocrity.  I got Leuer Bayless James Anderson for Corey Brewer and a couple of fairly cheap FAAB pickups.  Silm didn’t really want one of them, but took him nonetheless.  I love Brewer, but I really wanted Leuer as I needed another C eligible guy and love his game as you’ve seen in my recaps the past week.  Plus I like the raw offense I’ll get from Bayless and Anderson as scoring is one of my weaker links without a real front-line offensive threat.  Brewer gave me some great numbers for a cheap 20-teamer auction buy, but I think I won out in the deal and it refreshes a few of my weaker spots without having to spend my very limited FAAB dollars.  Plus I get a bottom three team this week, so I think I’ll be that much closer to mid-pack.

16. Ben – RotoGold   (27-35-1)

FAAB Remaining: $100  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

17. Nashed Potatoes  (24-38-1)

FAAB Remaining: $91  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

18. Team Tough Guy Town  (22-39-2)

FAAB Remaining: $89 FAAB Moves this week: n/a

19. Kinsey’s Team (19-42-2)

FAAB Remaining: $100  FAAB Moves this week: n/a

20.  I’m a Currian (17-45-1)

FAAB Remaining: $99  FAAB Moves this week: n/a


Remember REL teams, if you are in the league and want your recap in the post, hit me up any time before Tuesday morning.  Good luck in week 8!

  1. Slim

    Slim says:

    So how badly did I lose the trade?

    Corey Brewer, Shawne Williams, and an added DJ Augustin (I do like opening up roster spots)
    James Anderson, Jon Leuer, Jerryd Bayless

    Anderson is playing better but I’m worried about an MCW-Wroten backcourt killing his minutes.
    Jon Leuer is a solid player but the lack of blocks from a big drastically limits his upside.
    Jerryd Bayless has been so frustrating to own. I expected much more.

    Well those are my thoughts about the guys I lost and my thoughts about the guys I got are in the post. A little FYI, I don’t see any of these players as keepers. At least right this second. Asking about winning or losing the trade was a joke, there is no such thing. Only relevant question is, ‘Did I make my team better this year?’

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Slim: I think we both made our teams better. win win!

      • Slim

        Slim says:

        @JB Gilpin: I think so too. I’m just flippin the script. I tell people all the time about their trades. Now they get to comment about mine if they’d like. I can handle it… don’t hold back!

  2. fitz says:

    Should I trade Bledsoe for Rudy Gay?
    No turn overs and there’s a double double category.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @fitz: I think I’d narrowly still hold Bledsoe

  3. Matthew says:

    Counter offered to me:

    Jonas Valenciunus


    Gerald Henderson

    (Beverly for Thornton side I don’t care for I may counter without them cause I don’t want Thornton)

    PG – Teague
    SG – Harden
    G – IT2
    SF – DeRozan
    PF – Josh Smith
    F – Leuer
    C – Hibbert
    C – Jonas
    UTIL – Rubio
    UTIL – J Hill
    B – Kanter
    B – Beverly
    B – Brewer

    I love this team, just feel like I can strengthen some positions. Not THAT in love with it I guess hah.

    Throw me your opinion.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Matthew: I’m still a big Rubio guy, and big JV guy, don’t think you’re getting nearly enough.

      • Matthew says:

        @JB Gilpin: Thanks bud!!! See I own Teague Rubio and IT2. I wanna rid of Rubio, his FG% kills and he’s so inconsistent. I am high on him too but eh maybe I should be patient.

        This guy auto drafted and has been trying to retain PGs cause he has only Jameer. He has Aldridge. Would you package a Josh Smith & JV for LA. I’m just trying to get another top tier player

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Matthew: Definitely like that one. I dunno if he’d take it, but like it a lot. Maybe you can toss in a Beverley to help his PGs if the wire is thin

  4. Lasandro says:

    Wattup JB! So for days and days Ive been tossing up if I should drop Robin Lopez or not. I’m towards the top in boards, but needed help in O boards specifically. Unfortunately, Im also dead last in 3s made. No one is wanting Lopez as a kicker in a trade and Ive been dangling him for a week. On your advice I picked up W Chandler. I need someone who can obviously board and hit 3s. On the wire, cats like Webster, Leuer and Matrix are available – who would you suggest? Or anyone else pop to mind?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Lasandro: I think Leuer for Lopez is a winner for the boards and 3s and I’d hold Chandler. Think that pair will get you some nice triple action

  5. Kevin says:

    Since asik will be traded this week how do you feel about dropping terrence jones now and stashing asik? I’m trying to strengthen my strengths. ANNNDD how do you feel about trading kemba walker for serge ibaka. I’m also the guy that shot the owner of LA brook lopez and hawes. I also shot the owner of blake griffin lopez and amir johnson hoping one of them bites lol your thoughts please?

    • Matthew says:

      @Kevin: JUMP on the Ibaka deal.

      Also depends on your needs.

      • Kevin says:

        @Matthew: Yeah the ibaka deal is more about tanking some stats in order to strengthen my strengths. I don’t know if it’s wise but I feel like it can help me win. Thanks for the reply.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Kevin: I would love getting Ibaka too. Like the other two deals a ton as well if any get accepted. I dunno, I’m still just not a big Asik guy, a lot is still volatile, I’d stick with Jones

          • Kevin says:

            @JB Gilpin: jones has just gone through a couple of games in a row posting up semi duds so I guess to me this weeks his week to convince me not to drop him and yeah bro I’m really hoping someone bites on these trades I’ll be completely content with my team after this haha you helped push me towards offering lopez and hawes for LA

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @Kevin: Totally with ya there, T Jones is under a microscope! Good luck gettin LA!

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