The regular season hath ended!  The final regular season standings are below in our inaugural Razzball Elite league with one Razzball staffer making the postseason.  We’re hitting .333!  Dammit, everyone is shifting over to baseball…  The office is eagerly cheering on Slim to keep the title within our cubicle walls.  Maybe Grey will give us corner offices if we get this one!  But probably not…  The playoff schedule is below with reactions from Slim and I and happy dynasty-ing-ing-ing this year!

1. Kap’s Team (125-52-3)

First Round Bye

2. The Nature Boy (113-64-3)

First Round Bye

3. Slim – Razzball (112-64-4)

vs. 6 seed Like A Josh – IFBL

Playoffs?!?  I can’t get my voice that high.  Let me try again.  Playoffs?!?  A little better, I hurt my throat though.  Of course I made the playoffs, did you really expect anything less?  After following up last weeks 9-0 win with an 8-1 demolition of the 2nd place team I now sit in 3rd place.  It’s true I lack big name players but what I lack in name value I more than make up for in depth.  Top to bottom every single player is contributing.  All but 2 of my guys played 25 or more minutes last week, even though I’m punting FG% my team has managed no worse than a .470 FG% the last 3 weeks.  This past week was also my best week all year for both 3s and steals at 60 and 64 respectively, FT% remains a positive, only 9 points shy of 700, and 137 assists should be good enough to compete with anyone.
Since I don’t rest on my laurels and Bayless was only going to give me 1 more game this week and next I figured it was time to use my last move.  With my final $1 I added Drew Gooden.  After his previous game of going 20/9 I was a little surprised all it took was $1.  I’m not counting on 20/10 type numbers obviously but if I get 20 minutes and 10/5 numbers, given his schedule, I’ll be entirely satisfied with the move.  This is why I like this league so much.  Nearly every single player who actually sees playing time has value to someone.  For instance if I didn’t get Gooden my backup move was going to be Elliot Williams.  I may have lost James Anderson for a while and Williams could have been a solid insurance policy for me but, ultimately, I liked Gooden a little better.
Round 1 – Like A Josh – IFBL.  He has a good team.  How about a little comparison.  He has 3 guys under the age of 26,  I have 4 guys over 26.  OK fine, 5 including Drew Gooden.  He has Horford and Kobe who won’t see a single minute of action and I have a very questionable James Anderson.  Last week he had 4 guys, not including injured players, play less than 20 minutes per game.  I had 2.  The final comparison which should shed the most light on who will win this match-up.  I count 50 total games for his entire team.  If I get nothing from Anderson’s 4-game week then I’m looking at 57 total games.

4. Cigar Smoking Monkey (113-67-0)

vs. 5 seed Barking BassetHounds

5. Barking BassetHounds (111-65-4)

vs. 4 seed Cigar Smoking Monkey

6. Like A Josh – IFBL (112-66-2)

vs. 3 seed Slim – Razzball

7. Breaking Batum (107-73-0)

8. Scurry to the Left (103-74-3)

9. JB Gilpin – Razzball (96-82-2)

Wooooooo!  My goals after a season-sinking start were all addressed.  1 – get better keepers.  Managed to get LaMarcus, DeMarre, and Dwyane Dedmon.  Hah!  Just kidding on the last one, curious if anyone was still reading.  2 – finish above .500.  Done.  I’m still setting my line-up, but I disregard consolation bracket W/Ls from your regular season record.  That’s just me.  3 – finish top 10.  Check.  And 4 – beat Martyball because he was slingin’ his utters around like he had mad cow disease.  Well, topped ya broheim!  To next year fine REL members!

10. Martyball – IFBL (96-83-1)

11. Hoopus Alleyoopus (87-89-4)

12. Doug – (83-96-1)

13. Ben – RotoGold (74-103-3)

14. Pete Nice – Razzball  (74-103-3)

15. I’m a Currian (70-106-4)

16. Mr Green – Nowhere (64-114-2)

17. Nashed Potatoes  (63-115-2)

18. Kinsey’s Team (61-116-3)

19. ChazTop-KevinBottom (57-121-2)

20. Team Tough Guy Town (55-123-2)


If you have any dynasty league questions as we near the fantasy playoffs, shoot below!

  1. yokev_o says:

    Drop iggy for foye? for ROS?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @yokev_o: Yeah I would. And I’m not even a Foye guy!

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