Boston, Dallas, Memphis and the Lakers share one win amongst themselves and 10 losses. So understand me when I tell you that everything – absolutely everything – written here is a complete guess. So it goes when you’re watching basketball as messy as this. Now if you’re ready, let’s talk about Michael Redd. When last we saw Redd, the U.S. economy had just entered a recession, everyone was still reeling from the newest Batman movie and Coldplay was something people listened to. Skip ahead three years and everything is … well, pretty much the same. The only difference now is that Redd has since played fewer games than Greg Oden and has zipped ahead from the end of his prime (29) to straight-up old (32). But now Redd’s back under a 1-year contract with a Suns team that need another question mark on its roster like they need nipples for knees. Redd made it into 10 games last season (averaging 12/2/3, with a trey each game) on a similar mish-mash Bucks squad. So this really is a redemption for both sides. The Suns have looked a fright to start the season and so Phoenix figured, “why not?” Consider Redd a candidate for about 12-15 mpg, and 9/2/2, with a three each game. If you can use that, grab him. The only way he produces more is if Dudley, Brown, Hill and Childress all stay terrible. I can’t imagine that would happen and can’t imagine Redd is the best FA pickup you can find. Here’s what else went down on Thursday in fantasy basketball.

Marshon Brooks – Only two Nets scored in double figures: Deron Williams (10) and Brooks (17). The Nets look terrible and have been blown out by 36 and 16 points in each of their last two games. What does this mean? It means that Brooks is their best player three games into the season and the Nets are atrocious. There are no coincidences.

Jameer Nelson – Played 17 quiet minutes before he left the game with neck spasms. He’s questionable for tonight’s game. Chris Duhon will get all his minutes, but before you rush to pick him up, remember that at some point in the near future you’re going to want to look at yourself in the mirror and owning Duhon might make that harder to do. He went 9/1/4, with three 3ptm in 28 minutes yesterday.

DeJuan Blair – 22/12 on 8-for-17 from the floor. In his first three games, Blair is shooting .583 from the field, which becomes less impressive when you consider that his “field” is within six feet from the basket. Still, he’s a steady source of boards and FG% widely available in a lot of leagues.

Tiago Splitter – Started the second half after Gregg Poppovich came just shy of slaughtering his entire starting five. Anyway, in 25 minutes, Splitter double-doubled for the second time in his NBA career (10/11/3). His success felt more like a punishment. I don’t love owning guys on my fantasy team whose presence on the court is meant to inspire shame in better players.

Kevin Martin – Shook his funk, scored 25 and hit four 3pt. Also, Kyle Lowry ended with a 16/9/8 line. Watching parts of this game, it is clear to me that as Speed Racer goes, so goes Lowry.

Samuel Dalembert – 4/7, with 4 blk in 20 minutes. He won’t block this much on a regular basis, but if you’re rostering Kendrick Perkins, Kwame Brown or Biedrins, I’d prefer Sammy Davis Sr. over the lot.

Chase Budinger – 2/2 and nothin’ else in 18 starter’s minutes. This coming after going 3/3/2 in 20 minutes a couple days ago. He’s toast. If you were considering him, stop. If you own him, drop.

Kevin Durant – I ranked this guy at the top of the NBA litter, so I know I don’t have to tell you about how good he is. But then I realized that Durant has had 6 assists in two of his first four games this season after handing out that many only three times last year. KD with a passing game is like a dolphin developing opposable thumbs: we’re all in deep, deep trouble.

Eric Maynor – No need to do anything about this now, but with all this babble about Russie Westbrook’s attitude, it’s worth noting in case something happens that Eric Maynor’s per36 is 12/4/7, 1.8 stl and his URtg is a hefty 21.3. Three cheers for a statistics strawman!

Delonte West – Got the start because of his defense. This was the closest Dallas has come to winning all season, so I think Carlisle will put him back into the starting lineup again. Baby steps!

Lamar Odom – Odom looks confused. And sad. Like Vince Carter ate his last Payday without offering to replace it. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I’m certain this is exactly what happened.

J.J. Hickson – He’s averaging seven points and four rebounds to start the season.  Whose stock has plummeted since joining the Kings? J.J. Hickson’s stock has plummeted since joining the Kings. Yes it did! Yes it did. Also, Adam’s stock has plummeted since Hickson joined the Kings because he pimped him in the preseason. Ugh. If there’s a big you’ve got your eye on, drop Hickson and go for him.

Joakim Noah – 8/3, with 2 blk in 22 minutes. What the what!?! If I wanted that type of production, I’d have drafted J.J. Hickson.

Carlos Boozer – 16/15. Hey, Boo’!

Ty Lawson – Sank 25 points and nabbed 8 steals. How’d you spend your Thursday?

Nicolas Batum – 1 3pt/6 pts/6 rbd/1 ast/1 stl/4 blk/4 tov. A quietly filled box score from a Quiet Man. “Now I want all of yous to cheer like Protestants.”


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  1. Jack the Ripper says:

    Should I trade J Wall for Lawson, Sessions and JJ Hickson? First I wanted to dismiss the offer, but is Lawson really that far behind Wall? Will Session continue a 17-6-6-1 type season?

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    dang,lawson looks good,just turned down a lawson and a nobody for westbrook and prago

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jack the Ripper: I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t think it’s a ridiculous offer. Lawson has been astounding to start the season. I just think we’re in for some regression and aggression toward the mean. I think Wall will be better than his first week, I think Lawson can’t maintain this level of productivity, nor will Sessions and Hickson is a total mystery to me at this point. If you could get Lawson and a second more sturdy player (not a stud, just someone a little more reliable) I’d do it, but you’re taking a chance on trading Wall for Lawson straight up and I wouldn’t do that.

    @AL KOHOLIC: I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d prefer to have Westbrook. Maybe not these last few days, but over the course of the season.

  4. Migs says:

    Hey Adam, just want to say that I really appreciate all your posts, and I know I’m not the only one. How do you get your daily writeups done so early? I can hardly even function before 10am at work, yet you constantly have entertaining and informative posts up to tide me over while I try to settle in for another boring workday.

    Also, what is/are your favourite team(s), if you don’t mind me asking?

    Final question – is Tiago Splitter really THAT bad of a player?

  5. ringo says:

    I just got an email from an owner asking me to vote against his own trade from going through. I normally never vote unless it is obviously unfair, but I think I am going to vote against it. I might be giving the owner the benefit of the doubt but he seemed sincere enough to me. It has only ever happened one other time to me in a football league and I didnt vote and the trade went through. The guy said it ruined his whole fantasy football experience, most likely because everything he thought about lead him back to that what-if deal (granted it was his first time doing fantasy football, but he was still a sports nut). Any thoughts on that? I guess its more of an ethics question than the personnel questions you usually get.

  6. ringo says:

    Maybe I can squeeze a personnel question out of you anyways. Drop John Salmons for MarShon Brooks? or maybe JJ Redick?

  7. Tbone says:

    Been offered Deron/Nene for Griffin/Gay…from different owner been offered Tyreke (PG,SG)/Bosh (PF,C) for Griffin/Miles…and a 3rd could get Curry for Gay. Not sure if I take any, look for something else, or just wait.
    9 category roto with 66 game max.
    PG-Parker, SG-Harden, G-N. Young, SF-LBJ, PF-Griffin, F-Gay, C-Monroe, UTIL-David West, UTIL-Miles/James Johnson/Hawes/Hickson.

    I obviously need a PG and potentially a C and have overflow of talent at F…could also use a SG, but what can you do?

  8. Zebo says:

    @Adam: is Spencer Hawes for real? I doubt it, but it is very tempting.

  9. mindicohn says:

    Drop Hickson for any of these mopes? Ty thomas, okur, frye, hansborough.

  10. Tony says:

    @ringo: im in the NO VETO camp. One of those guys proposed it, one accepted it, whats the trade?

    It’s even funnier because he’s asking you to veto his own trade? We had a deal in my league last year that a guy wanted vetoed because he put the wrong player in the deal, OK, well maybe you should double check your proposal before sending? All I’m saying is you have to hit about 3-4 buttons in order to submit or accept a trade.

    As long as you know its not collusion, even if it looks retarded to you, it should go through.

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Migs: Hey, thanks. Real nice of you to say. I enjoy doing it a ton. I sort of write in sections. Take notes during the day, write a little during the games and tie it all off whenever the Warriors or Clippers finish up. Since you asked, I’m a big Bulls fan first and foremost, but I’ve found myself dabbling in Pacers, Blazers and Kings fandom for reasons that make no sense to me.

    And no, Splitter isn’t all that bad. Actually, I’m beginning to wonder if he might make a decent impact this season.

    @ringo: I’ve had this happen twice before. In my experience it’s happened because the guy hit ACCEPT when he literally meant to hit DECLINE. The first time it happened, we were in a friendly league with no money on the line and everyone teased the guy and then vetoed the trade. Simple mistake. The second time it happened, it was a big money league and everyone pounced on the guy like the banana man in the gorilla cage. It was ugly. Personally, I play fantasy basketball for fun even when there’s money on the line and fantasy sports are less enjoyable when guys are bitching or quitting. If the guy hit the wrong button and made a mistake and he’s asking for a mulligan, I’d tend to give him a pass.

    @ringo: Brooks instead of Salmons sounds good to me.

    @Tbone: Consider the ‘Reke/Bosh offer, skip everything else.

    @Zebo: I tend to think he’s not for real. Brand has played poorly, which has helped Hawes’ causes (rhyme!). But he’s still young and entering the period in which if he’s going to be something, he’ll start showing it. I’d grab him and stash him if you can afford to. Don’t risk too much though.

    @mindicohn: Frye. Eventually Phoenix will straighten out. … I think.

    @ringo: @Tony: What exactly are the details with the veto? Was it a case of accepting when he meant to decline? If he simply had a change of heart, I might be less willing to let him slide.

  12. Migs says:

    @ringo: I’m in a friendly money league, and we came across the same situation – a veto request came through where the trade was vetoed because someone hit accept instead of decline, and the trade obviously didn’t make sense for his team anyway, so the league was ok with it.

    What are the details behind it? If it was an obvious mistake, then I think it should get vetoed. However, if it was just the guy getting cold feet, then he needs to man up and live up to his decision.

    @Adam: No problem man – I feel a lot of the posters on here don’t take the time to appreciate the great analysis you give.

    I’ve got Splitter on my watch list, and he’s a Tim Duncan geriatric injury away from becoming an important cog in that old Spur wheel.

  13. Jeff says:

    Hey Adam,

    Thanks for the always giving fantasy advice. What do you think of my team? Can you give me some pointers on needs and weaknessses? Who on the roster should be on the trading block?

    8 Team h2h each cat 9 cat

    Monta Ellis
    Tyreke Evans
    Kyle Irving
    Joe Johnson
    James Harden
    Kevin Durant
    Dorell Wright
    Boris Diaw
    Andray Bkatche
    Amare Stoudemire
    Chris Bosh
    Andrew Bogut
    Serge Ibaka


  14. Tony says:

    Hey adam David Lee is listed at only FORWARD on cbs, last year he was a swing guy at F and Center. In an article of positional tiers on cbs they talk about him as a center! Do you know if he’s going to gain eligibility? or what cbs’s policy is? I was trying to find it with no luck.

    If anyone else is familiar I appreciate the help as well.

  15. Would you drop Hickson for Blair?

  16. Tony says:

    @Adam: i agree if its going to ruin friendships then reverse it, and maybe if its a total the guy hit the wrong button then OK, but at some point people have to be held accountable for their team. I dont think trades should be vetoed because other owners think they could shoot a better offer or the player on side B is worth more, etc…. Kinda just depends on the league and the situation. Big money leagues, tough competition, you better hope your friends like you….

  17. In a Head to Head roto league. I got Samuel Dalembert sitting on my bench, and a juicy DeJuan Blair sitting there for the pickup. Good move or bad move? Blair has 5 games next week which is looking appealing, but I need a solid blocker going forward.

    I’ve almost hit the button twice this week but got cold feet. Someone give me some confidence!

  18. @ChrisV82 – I sure would. You need minutes to score imaginary points in this game.

  19. Booya says:

    Jeremy Pargo, Toney Douglas, Jameer Nelson or Brandon McKnight?
    I’m in need of a little assist help with tyreke not wanting to pass much…or make free throws

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Migs: Hehe. Smart.

    @Jeff: Maybe unload Blatche, but that’s sort of nitpicky. Really solid team.

    @Tony: CBS is kind of hardassed about position eligibility. I’m not using CBS this year, but last year, I know a player had to have started at least three games at a position in order to be eligible for it. I’m not sure how bench players are determined.

    @ChrisV82: Yup. Scroll down to Yarwood’s comment (#18).

    @Yarwood: I’d do it UNLESS you’re doing it for blocks. You won’t get them from Blair. Also, next time, maybe don’t put put “juicy” and “DeJuan Blair” so close together in a sentence. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    @Booya: Pargo for the next couple of games, then Knight, then Nelson then the jittery, mistake turbine that is Toney Douglas. Also, isn’t Brandon McKnight an R&B singer? Who am I thinking of. Better question, who are YOU thinking of?

  21. @Adam – Thanks and my apologies on the inappropriate adjective. I’ll use spicy or tasty next time.

  22. PB&J says:

    Hey, Adam, is it worth dropping JJ Hickson and/or Haslem for Tiago Splitter and/or Robin Lopez?

  23. Booya says:

    @Adam: No I was thinking of the guard Brandon McKnight from Purdue that plays in Sweden now…you don’t have any Swedish/NBA combo fantasy leagues??? They’re the new hot thing by me.

  24. ringo says:

    @Migs: @Tony: @Adam: Yea the guy says he hit the wrong button. The trade in question is Kevin Martin/Toney Douglas FOR Marcus Thornton/Raymond Felton, not unfair in my opinion… The guy is a die hard Celtics fan who hates the Knicks, saying he would never do a deal to get Douglas on his team… I am giving him the benefit of the doubt here but fantasy sports shouldnt be such a life or death situation either… I still haven’t voted yet, I have till sunday morning, hopefully I won’t have to lol. Thanks for all the help everyone.

  25. Calvin says:

    I know this is probably late but I was offered Joakim Noah for my Chris Kaman, and Ricky Rubio. Should I pull a trigger on this deal?

  26. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Yarwood: / Yurp.

    @PB&J: I’m guessing no.

    @Booya: Stay tuned. I’m building the website now!

    @ringo: Yeah, under this situation, I’d let him slide.

    @Calvin: How is your team doing at PG? After last night, I can’t imagine Ridnour keeps the starting job much longer and even if he does, I’m not sure it will matter.

  27. Calvin says:

    Hey Adam, my PG is actually kind of iffy, I only have John Wall and Tyreke Evans for big men I have Griffin, Bogut, Scola, and Kaman

  28. Nick says:

    I was offered a trade of Kevin Martin/Marcin Gortat (him) for Tyreke Evans/Javele McGee (me) Should I accept this trade?

  29. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Calvin: Keep Rubio and Kaman. #SomeBullsFanIAm

    @Nick: Where are your team’s weaknesses? All else being equal, I’d prefer ‘Reke and Javalevator.

  30. Nick says:

    I’m in need of 3’s, assists and better FT% was thinking about dropping JJ Hickson for Marvin Williams what do you think?

  31. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Nick: I’d be surprised if Williams keeps up his 3ptm production, but still, he’s playing 10 more minutes a game than Hickson and is a better overall grab no matter how you slice it.

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