The Razzball Commenter League is the most exciting fantasy basketball competition in all of eastern Europe and parts of Asia. It’s been a while since we’ve checked in, so let’s cut the bull feces and dive in with our boots on (all league names transcribed as displayed):

Ain’t No Sushine When It RainsSlippery Squirrels leads the pack with 72 points, although Bringin back Seattle is only 4 points back. Fun(?) fact: SS is also the overall leader of the Razzball Commenter Leagues. The most recent trade was a while ago, but it involved We Be Wall’n sending Jrue Holiday, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah to Motorboaters for Dwyane Wade and Marc Gasol. Although I’d rather have the Wade/Gasol side, the trade was fair to both sides. Good game, boys.

Kissing Cousins – With 78 points, the Thrilladelphians rules the roost, 5 ahead of 2nd place Al & the Jeffersons. I was rocking first place for the first half of the season, but I have fallen back to 5th place with 67 points. I could blame injuries, but I’d rather give credit to the teams ahead of me. Back at the beginning of the year, BomSquad sent Andray Blatche and Dwight Howard to The Highs and Lowrys for Kyle Korver and Derrick Rose. Turned out to be a bad gamble on Rose, but sometimes you have to take a risk.

TakingOurTalentsToSouthBeach – This league is tighter than a [redacted] [censored]. Emilia Clarke is on top with 73 points, but Clever Internet Meme, Cigar Smoking – Moez, and South Beach Sharks are all within 3 points or closer. C.I. Meme just picked up Jamal Crawford from Justin Bieber for Thaddeus Young. Depending on what Crawford does and how his health holds up, this could be a real game changer.

Pocket Full of Suns(hine)Nashed Potatoes is 3 points ahead of Rose before Hoes, with Jrue Hollywood Story hanging close with 5 points. About 3 weeks ago, Nashed picked up Ryan Anderson from Blake Gryffindor in exchange for Joakim Noah, which looks to be giving N.P. the edge in the league.

Wide Eyed Wizardry – Brixton Guns has 76 points and leads the nearest team by 6 points. Barking BassetHounds has been busy. First, he sent Greivis Vasquez, George Hill, Thaddeus Young and J.J. Hickson to Team Richard for Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Jared Dudley and J.R. Smith. That was back on January 7. Then on February 26, he flipped Deron to Charlestown Charlies for Carmelo Anthony. Well played.

The Unibrow – With 84.5 points, Dime Store is far and away the leader of this league, 5.5 and 6 points ahead of the 2nd and 3rd place teams. There have been no trades in this league in nearly 4 months. Boring!

Anthony Davis Bidding War – I’ve been improving in the standings in this league (yeah, I had to get involved in 2 leagues), but I’m still in 3rd, 9 points behind team leader JB Time (who has 78 points). Back on January 4, I traded Paul Pierce and Arron Afflalo to Mo Williams Mo probs for Josh Smith and Greg Monroe. I think we both walked away happy men, leaving our league smelling like a steamy whore house. A week later, New York Jazzin’ sent Mike Conley to Mo Williams Mo probs for Jrue Holiday. Remember how I was in 3rd (I said it, like, 2 minutes ago)? Well, MWMP is in 2nd, 1 point ahead of me and 8 behind JB Time. That sensation you are feeling is probably excitement.

  1. Zandy says:

    Someone just dropped Shawn Marion in my 10 team weekly h2h. Pick him up and drop Tobias Harris or Ariza or Mo Williams?

    I have rubio, wall, teague and conley so mo will is just to make sure no one in my league can match up with me in pgs

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Zandy: I wouldn’t be motivated to drop any of them for Shawn.

  2. James Redacted

    James Redacted says:

    Dime Store may have that monster lead but he has almost maxed out all his games played. We’ll see if he can hold on.

  3. Frank Lynch says:

    good morning buddy.. Hey I think I told u someone took Splitter but somebody just dropped Jarret Jack cause he needs to win bad to oget into playoffs.. Is he worth trying to grab? If so then for who? Also Tyson Chandler got hurt.. Do you think He’ll be ready in a week and a half when I start the playoffs or do I have to drop him?

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