Another week down and the hits just keep coming.  I cringe every time I look at my phone and get a notice, since it’s almost always bad news with someone breaking a bone or getting poked in the face.  Why are these guys so fragile?  Someone get them a glass of milk or something!  Nonetheless, the leagues must go on.  Here’s how the RCLs are shaking up this week.

Razzball 1: League host and Razzball super editor Son is barely hanging on to a playoffs spot at 6th place.  Lots of hits on this team, so he’ll be fine as soon as John Collins is back.  At the top of the standings we have Hobo with a B-Ball, who has a nice well rounded team that’s led by AD.  The bad news of course is that AD is out with a shoulder and rib injury, the good news is that Dipo is nearing a return. This is a hotly contested league with several teams that could challenge for the title.

Mel’s RCL: Losing Team sits at the top with a 23-4 record, pretty much dominating everyone right out of the gate.  A tandem of Luka and Giannis is as good of a 1-2 punch as they come.  League host Mel is struggling in 8th place, but a tandem of Towns and Young will keep him in it.  Tough injuries have weighed this team down so far.

Commenter League by K: Team PenteKseftaS is sitting pretty at the top with monster starts for Kyrie and Siakam. Having Beal and Sabonis sure does help too! League host Kostas is hot on his heels and only half a game behind. He’s facing a few tough nagging injuries from AD, Turner, and Otto, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up.  This one looks like it’s a 2 horse race folks.

Phamtastic Cup: HK Rules is ruling this league right now, sitting in the #1 spot.  Not sure for how long though with AD and Mitch Rob out, and Middleton on the shelf for at least 3 more weeks. Right behind him is team Phamtastic in second place.  In my 100% unbiased opinion, it’s just a matter of time before this team takes over.  Harden, Isaac, Booker, Bam, OG, Rubio…oh my! PG coming back this week is the cherry on top. If this keeps up, the Phamtastic cup will be coming home where it belongs.

Razzball 5: There’s a fight at the top between Celebro and Son’s team.  Celebro is there on the backs of Kyrie’s monstrous start, and Andrew Wiggins finally remembering that he’s supposed to be good at basketball.  Son is right behind him through the efforts of Lillard, who is currently the #1 player in fantasy as I write this. This league is wide open, and spots 1-10 is still a toss up.  This is THE league to keep an eye on!

Razzball 6: Yet another league with several teams that are contending, with nawlin napsters and dan-01 tied for first place. Napsters lost Curry, so I’m not sure how much longer they can hang on at the top.  Good thing Brogdon is playing like a first rounder for them! Dan isn’t faring much better in the injury front with Fox and Mitch Rob out, but with Towns, Isaac, and Vanvleet I have a feeling he’ll be fine.  Son is sitting in 6th in this one, and looks like he’s got some work to do with this team to make up for all the injuries.

Razzball 7: Spiderwookiees is looking pretty damn invincible, even with Zion and Mitch Rob on the shelf.  A tandem of Harden and Luka is just scary. He’s also got Sabonis, OG, and Graham playing out of their minds.  Barring injuries or drug use (because that’s a thing this year), this team should dominate. Son is hanging in tough in 9th, and I have no idea why.  A team with Towns, Trae, and Mitchell should be near the top.

Razzball 8: Team Smitty is leading this one, despite Beal being a bit slow out of the gate.  Booker is shooting like he’s a big, but can he possibly keep that percentage up? Kennard should see a drop in usage with Griffin back, but so far so good.  Son is not far behind in 3rd place. A well rounded team that’s led by Trae and Vuc.  I like it!

Razzball 9: Yet another tight league to keep your eye on, with three teams at the top.  Smokin’ Fine Cubans are riding the efforts of Kyrie and Kawhi, but I’m worried about their long term outlook with Kawhi already being rested and Kyrie being made of glass.  Lavar’s Meme Team is led by Towns and Jrue, and should continue to trend up despite the loss of Hayward and Mitch Rob. Lord of No Rings are in third, but it’s not looking good as half their team is injured.  Son is hanging in there in 6th place, and is still within striking distance of the top teams.

Razzball 10: This league is very competitive, with Team D2BNZ and Son fighting for the top spot! Team D2B is a Kawhi led team, which almost makes me hesitate. Good thing he’s got Brogdon playing out of his mind, and it’s no fluke either!  However, Son is hanging in there in second with a team that’s led by Harden and Isaac.  He’s got Ayton on the bench too, so it’s only a matter of time before they rise to the top.

Italy vs Razzball 3.0: Calliopinis is sitting at the top with a team that’s led by AD and Trae.  It’s going to be tough to hang on though with injuries to several key players.  This is another highly competitive league with teams 1-8 all within striking distance!

Well that’s it for this week’s edition folks! As usual, I’m available for trade discussions and feedback if you need some input on possible deals. Until next time!