What a wild first week it was!  There were several surprises, and even more injuries! Here’s a recap of what happened in the RCL leagues.


Razzball 1

Tokyofantasy and Stan’s NY Stompers crushed the competition in week 1 and sit atop the standings.  Hot starts from Luka, Vanvleet, and Trae really propelled these teams in the first week. Both teams are facing key injuries to their studs, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up the pace. My Dude and Husban sit at the bottom of the standings, but there’s hope yet as their studs are slow out of the gate.


Mel’s RCL

The Losing Team sits atop the standings behind the strong play of Giannis and Luka. Very Stable Geniuses showing why he’s a genius by picking Brandon Ingram and OG Anounoby and sharing the lead. Team Hgounga sits at the bottom of the standings and looks like they are going to be there for a good long while. Injuries to Zion, Dipo, Embiid, and Collins are just crippling and it’s going to be a very big hole to get out of early.


Razzball Commenter League by K

Team Pentekseftas is the sole leader at the top after week one, thanks to Kyrie’s hot start. Beal is just warming up, so that’s a deadly one two punch. Frank Grimes sits at the bottom of the standings, but there’s hope yet as they have a nice well rounded team led by Jokic and Butler.


Phamtastic Cup

Team Nostraballus had a stellar week and sits at the top after week 1 with a 6-2 win.  Luka, Jokic, and Lowry were key pieces to this team, and they look to be going strong. Horse Tranquilizer’s team was asleep, and things only got worse with injuries to Stephen Curry, Steven Adams, and a whole bunch of others. Team Phamtastic finished with a respectable 5-3-1.  The competition is fierce!


Razzball 5

Team Fhritpman1992 dominated the first week with a 7-2 thrashing! Not sure how to be honest since Kawhi is already calling in sick to work, and Jrue has been out with a bum knee. Team Slimbo is sitting at the bottom of the standings, and has to hang in there with Zion injured and Dipo on the shelf. Son’s team finished with a respectable 5-3-1 and is sitting pretty in 3rd.


Razzball 6

A Very Solid Team is very solid indeed, with a massive 8-1 victory in week 1. Lebron and Vuc did what they were supposed to do, and Shai and Bryant far surpassed their ADP to help this team. Ben Simmon’s Jump Shot is in dead last, and it only gets worse with an injury to Trae Young. Sonn’s team had a rough week, but they are healthy, well-rounded, and should recover.


Razzball 7

Spiderwookiees destroyed his opponent 8-1 and sits pretty at the top of the standings. Harden and Luka carried the team, while OG was a nice surprise. At the other end of the spectrum is Team Blitzball, who was defeated 1-8 and probably lost Embiid for a few games due to suspension. At least he’s got Isaiah Thomas back to his former self!  Son is off to a great start with a 7-2 win, but will be in for a tough week with Trae Young hurt and Towns auditioning to be in the UFC.


Razzball 8

Reign Man brought the pain the first week with an 8-1 win. There’s more hits on this team than a Beatles album with guys like Vanvleet, Bryant, Isaac, and Lowry. They’re going to be a tough team to beat! Team Brickster tossed up many bricks this week with an 8-1 loss, largely due to Jrue being out.  Good thing he’s back soon! League commish Son finished 6-3 but will be missing Trae Young.


Razzball 9

An absolute drubbing by Son as he sits at the top of the league with a 9-0 win. Even though Conley forgot how to play basketball, he’s still got guys like Westbrook and Oubre Jr to carry him. Lebron and Capela ain’t bad either! Who was the team that received this 9-0 beating? It’s none other than a Harden-led team Nostraballous. Losing both Ayton and Bagley right off the bat has to hurt, almost as much as a 9-0 beating.


Razzball 10

Surprise surprise…Son is at the top again. Mitchell, Bryant, Shai, Isaac, and Rubio…did no one else show up to this draft?? And this is with Ayton benched for the foreseeable future (hey, he was just trying to cut some water weight!). Team Doherty is at the bottom of the standings, and will probably get pretty comfortable there with injuries to Curry, Griffin, and Favors.


Italy vs Razzball 3.0

Calliopinis and Team TMichaels are sitting at the top with nice shiny records of 7-2. Lonzo had a nice start and AD setting records sure helped. At the bottom of the standings is Team MoBison, who probably deserves to be in last due to picking Andrew Wiggins. They do have Harden so there is hope yet!