We all knew it would come, but, like your winter religious holiday of choice, it’s finally here! And if you had the steam to make the finish line, well done. It was a great regular season, ladies and gents, but now the REAL season begins. And we hope you enjoy the playoff run. If you’re like me, you lost your first round pick, Kyrie Irving to a biceps strain, and he will effectively be out for the playoffs.  So I’m at a real disadvantage. But this isn’t about me, entirely! There were some photo finishes last week in the Razzball Random Commenter Leagues. Lets take a look as to how it all shook out!

[editor’s note – A reminder that the RCL champion will be whomever wins their league with the best regular season record, so the master standings are set as the regular season has completed.]

JB’s Random Commenter League.  Gonna have a funky good time! The JB’s had a race for the final spot, down to to the wire indeed! King James cruised to the overall regular season victory, with Baby got Back taking the second available bye for week 1. The real drama was at the bottom: Donna’s Mate, that crazy Kiwi jewel thief, squeaked into 6th, beating  Hamilton Hobos, and Punk Rock Gods out for the final spot. Week one match ups: Cronos’ Team vs the Mates, and Your Mom says Hi vs Handsome Lads. Get it on!

All Country Ball Club.  A lot of significant spot shifting in the final week in the country. As predicted, High as Greg Kite won the regular season first place overall, entitling his squad to the first bye. Moscow Spartakers bumped Brooklyn Ballers off the second 1st week bye, so the Ballers are facing Moscow Bears. A Russian blitz, yeesh. Good luck with that.  The Bears and the WrongSideOf30 beat out Mountain Dew Kid and Barking Bassethounds for the final 2 spots. WrongSide will be facing off against Pete Nice this week.

JB’s Random Commenter League 2.  In the Deuce, it was all already set by last week. It’s Durant’s World, we just live in it. D Dub took overall first place earned his squad the first 1st week bye. Slippery Squrrels won the second bye. Cronos’ Crazy Team plays Carmelo Me Maybe? and our fearless leader, JB Gilpin-Human is matched up against The One Who Knocks.

Razzball League 3 the Ringers.   There was a little reshuffling in the world of the Ringers in the final week.  Drunk on Homebrew leap-frogged Team Tough Guy Town, to take 4th place, but as they were going to face each other, it’s only for bragging rights. And speaking of bragging rights, The New Day Co-Op took first overall, along with the 1st bye, with the second bye going to The Appalacians. The Final matchup is between Sin City Sinners and Beeeenga!

Razzball Hardwood Classic.  Pippen Ain’t Easy had a shot, and fell just short of making the final spot, and Mayo Clinic had a shot at taking the first round bye from The Slim Reaper, playing him in the final week, but fell 3 points short. So, final drama aside, it settled without any real movement. So Foot’s Flight Crew take first overall, along with the 1st bye, and Slim gets the second bye. Mayo plays Smooth Like Butter, and the final match is between Murder Castle and Chump Change

The Double Bonus Fan League.  The Bonus knows how to garner excitement! Kawhi Five-Oh was in sixth, up only a game and a half going into the last week, but was bumped by Under Protest, who won his week by a mere 2 points more than Kawhi. Ouch! That’s gotta smart! Draft Dodgers won the league regular season, and gets first bye, and is joined in the week off by SlickPunn. DIKEMBE SAY NO meets Protest, and the final match is between High Upsiders and Knicks Bricks.

Good Luck everyone, and may I say that it’s been a business doing pleasure with you all. I will recap the first week next week. Until then, may all your shots be nothing but net!

  1. A Hill O' Beans says:

    So, basically what you’re saying Dan is that if either the 5th or 6th seed wins every other league, and I win mine then I will be the overall champion? Pshhhhh, no problem.

    Let’s go UPSETS, let’s go UPSETS!

    ~ Your Mom Says Hi

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