Busy week, this Week 15, what with the March Madnessing and the baseballing. It’s always tough in the fantasy basketball world because we’re all like children in front of a pet store window: Everything I see is fluffy and wonderful and I want all of it all to myself! I get it folks. The season is limping to its truncated and breakneck close and a lot of you have let Jesus take the wheel of your team.

It make sense. There’s only so much you can do when you own mostly Trailblazers or Bucks. This week saw 18 of the 60 teams remain unmoved, while fewer than 10 teams 10 teams rose or fell more than nine spots. It’s getting quiet. It’s getting dark.

Here’s the spreadsheet.

  1. A Hill O Beans says:

    We seem to be at the point in the season where no matter what you do it doesn’t change much. Take my teams line tonight:

    .497 FG%
    .836 Ft%
    218 Pts
    17 3PT
    53 Reb
    37 Ast
    13 Stl
    10 Blk

    Plus I had Derozan on my bench (28 Pts). So how far did I move up in the standings???? Not one point! Come on now…..

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @A Hill O Beans, Yeah. It certainly becomes harder to move drastically in either direction the farther into the season we are. The days of jumping multiple spots in a night are over. It’s all about scrapping for another 1 or 2.

  2. Fletch says:

    Playoffs start this week and I need a flex …Do I roll with J.R. Smith, Shumpert or Sloan. It’s a H2H weekly pts league and assists are 2 pts. The other option is Glen Davis as a plug and play with Howard out. I do have Nene as well, but who knows when/if he returns. Thanks.

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