Unlucky Week 13 is gone with the wind, having left 16 teams exactly where we left them in Week 12. It happens. More teams are giving up. More teams are increasing their stat cat distance from the guy behind them. Like a professional slam dancer with three hip-replacements, less movement is inevitable.

With four weeks of regular season and playoff fantasy hoops before us, I thought I’d look aft of us to see who the masters of class are more than three month into the season.

The California Defenders lead all teams with a .498 FG%, it’s the only team shooting better than .478.

Brooklyn Shine‘s .8112 FT% tops the league, but only by .0005 percentage points over his Big Ball Dance buddy One Piece.

Team RICH is living high on the hog behind the arc with 585 total threes, which is good for third overall in team 3ptm average. Fun fact: The top three three-point shooting teams in the league all belong in the All-Star Dance-Off ’08 division. That fact was at least kind of fun, right? I mean, would you have preferred I call it “vaguely amusing detail?”

Teach Me How To Gortat is the scoringest team in the bunch as well as the team with the most assists. His dimes are prevalent enough that he’s also ranks no.1 in team assist average and was the only team across the 2,000 assist threshold as of Wednesday March 21.

Boom Boom Pau tops the rebounding totals with 3,381 (ranked no. 2 in team rebounding average).

Fear the ‘Stache is first in team steal totals and average.

Drunk Dialing D12‘s 435 blocks are good enough to stand atop the total blocks chart, but only get him ranked third in average team blocks.

Next week, I’ll introduce the final league scoring system and how Razzball incorporates final division standings with the averages laid out in the spreadsheet. Here’s the spreadsheet.

  1. EK says:

    Do you think Diaw will be of any use with the Spurs, or any other team for that matter?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @EK, Not likely. Not this year, anyway. If he couldn’t make a dent past January on that Charlotte roster, there’s no reason to think he’ll suddenly break loose on a roster with significantly more talent.

  2. A Hill O' Beans says:

    The whole issue of different GP limits in different RCL leagues has me torn.

    On the one hand in order to stay near the top of my RCL league (currently 3rd) I have to play everyone that I’ve got on my team, including the occasional streamer just to keep up with the pace of the league (and I’m currently under the pace).

    On the other hand by doing this I’m hurting my overall RCL standing by playing so much quantity instead of quality.

    This is evidenced by one team in my RCL league. “THE BETTERANS” who are a very solid 12th on the chart above, which is one spot ahead of my team. Now in a shocking twist, in our RCL league standings I have 76 points….and they have…..wait for it……39 points!

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans, You’re absolutely right about this. Next year, I’ll get my act together and unify those GP.

      This year (and I’ll detail this out more next week), I’m going to weigh the RCL team averages with their relative spot in each of their divisions.

      So far, each RCL recap ranks the team averages. Starting next week, I’ll also incorporate the team totals. So a team like the BETTERANS will likely see a dip going forward that best reflects their overall performance.

  3. Benny says:

    I should just outright drop Gallinari, right? I’m in a H2H league with playoffs starting next week. Which of these would you add:

    Courtney Lee (report today Kevin Martin has a torn labrum)
    Richard Jefferson (getting min in GS)
    Kawhi Leaonard.

    I also have Bayless that I could drop for any of those guys as well.

    • Benny says:

      @Benny, Oh, and Tristan Thompson and Tony Allen are available as well. Those are really the only players out there that have any value right now.

      • Zebo says:

        @Benny, Thompson

      • Adam

        Adam says:

        @Benny, Thompson, Leonard, Lee, a pile of unsalted cashews, a Blu-Ray copy of “Daddy Day Care”, Allen, an inflatable bed with a slow leak, then Jefferson. In that order.

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