Week 5 is as dead and buried as the Bobcats’ playoff chances and in the RCLs, we’re seeing some more leveling offt and a few teams falling off. One Piece remains about as untouched as the hors d’ouevre plate we all saw the hostess sneeze on and Marty McSuperfly had a McStupefying drop. Bleu Waffle House / Onions, Baby! Onions have each played 162 games in the first five weeks (32.4 games per week) leaving me to wonder if there’s anyone still driving those cars or if Jesus has, in fact, taken over their wheel. On the flip side (or Flipcide, if you were in the Wizards’ front office this week!) Team joniuscaesar has played 218 games in the first five weeks (43.6 games per week) and should finish out his fantasy season sometime around mid-February.

In the interest of pitting entire divisions against one another, Wall’s Dougie League and Big Ball Dance League both have five members in the league-wide top 20. Chili Shimmy only has two, suggesting that perhaps that league is the most well-rounded and competitive. Below are the league leaders, only one of whom leads in both total and per game average (Significant Otter, despite having played the 12th fewest games in the entire league has grabbed more rebounds than all other teams and is averaging 1.1 boards more a game than the no. 2 guy. I don’t remember ever seeing a guy slaughter a category the way he is slaughtering rebounds).

California Defenders, Dream Shake League – .4787 FG%
One Piece, Big Ball Dance League – .8224 FT%
Andray the Giant, All-Star Dance-Off ’08 League – 210 3ptm (1.050, 2nd overall)
Smokey Mcpots, Dream Shake League – 3,158 pts (14.896, 8th overall)
Significant Otter, Chilly Shimmy League – 1,327 rbd (7.540, 1st overall)
Fear the ‘Stache, Wall’s Dougie League – 739 ast (3.502, 9th overall)
Fear the ‘Stache, Wall’s Dougie League – 268 stl (1.270, 3rd overall)
SmokinTrees, StrokinThrees – 163 blk (0.803, 5th overall)

Week 5 spreadsheet here.

  1. AL KOHOLIC says:

    great work as usuall this week

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Hey, thanks! I’d give it about a 7.5/10.

  3. Chris says:

    I made a big mistake cutting James Johnson a week or 2 ago in my big money league. I’m hanging around 3rd (9 cat roto) and the 2 categories I can most easily improve on are STLs and BLKs.

    Would you be ok with offering Antawn Jamison to get Johnson back? I’m dominating PTS scored (+500 over 2nd place) and doing pretty well overall in FG%. Jamison brings some nice overall stats to the table, but I don’t think I’d really miss him or his chucking 15 shots nightly at a 40% clip.

    Could also reasonably offer Fields, Ridnour, or Chalmers, but I don’t those will probably get the job done. Anyone else on my roster would be way too much (like Bosh, Parker, etc) or too little (C Landry, D Brown, etc).

  4. Bleu Waffle Haus says:

    Jesus hasn’t taken over the wheel…just been trying to start strategically since after the first few weeks my pacing had me finishing before Valentine’s Day.

  5. Tony says:

    adam- whats up man, in my 18 team league i’m heavy on guards, i’ve got Monta 36, Shump 23, Paul George 16, Evan Turner 9, and Jamal Crawford 17.

    Its a keeper league and I’m trying to move one of these guys, right now I’ve got multiple offers out trying to move Crawford because I really see myself keeping monta for sure, shump, george and turner are all really big on my list especially at the prices i have them…. crawford I would not keep and i feel is expendable.

    What do you think of Jamal Crawford for Batum?

    Crawford for Ibaka?

    I have both of those on the table, and BTW i need F/C help, so obviously thats the goal here.

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Chris: Trading for a guy you dropped is a kick to the nads, but Jamison for Johnson is fairly even. Good luck.

    @Bleu Waffle Haus: Oh, okay. Well, I’m glad to hear it. Do what you must.

    @Tony: I like Crawford for Ibaka. I’d stay away from Batum.

  7. King Without a Ring says:

    Adam Man
    Keeper league(3) H2h. Would you rather have LJames/Drose/Horford or D12/Dwilliams/rose?

    Main focus next season.

  8. King Without a Ring says:

    traded Mgasol/Gallinari for kobe/scrubs. Kobe for Griffin.. Took a hit and traded Rondo/E.evans for Dwilliams…and another hit with a Griffin/lowry/N.young for D.Rose/Varejao/Odom and last Howard/Dwilliams for LJames/Horford… Prob could of made out better but the plan was to get James and he wanted Dwill/Howard.. actually wanted rose but i had to convince him dwill was the man… all for next season.. good bad? ugly? thoughts man? am I crazy or what?

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @King Without a Ring: D12/Williams/Rose

    @King Without a Ring: Marc/Danillo for Kobe? Good. Kobe for Griffin? Neutral. Rondo/Tyreke for Williams? Neutral. Blake/Lowry/N.Young for Rose/Varejao/Odom? Bad. Howard/Deron for LeBron/Horford? Good, until Horford got hurt.

    Had Horford not gotten hurt, I think you’d have made out on top. Tough break.

  10. CL says:

    Onions Baby Onions is still managing the team daily. At a near perfect ‘pace’ considering the starts limits. Many of the top teams in Chili Shimmy are waaaay over their starts limits. Makes we wonder if guys know that there is a 66 game limit for each position and you cant just plug guys into daily…

  11. Nick says:

    Should I drop Afflalo and pick up somebody like a Linas Kleiza, Roddy Beaubois, Splitter or Rudy Fernandez?

  12. King without A king says:

    you won’t like me after this but…… WHAT if I told you I wanted Horford instead of Josh Smith… Better draft pick next season.. not that i’m tanking exactly but the LM shouldn’t win the first season of his league anyway right?
    I think I set myself up perfect for next season.. I’m doing what the Raptors should have done the last 7 years.
    I think i’ll own the league next season with James/Rose/Horf/top round pick.
    some could say my nickname is I.thomas

  13. Rob says:

    Well considering I drafted an all-injury team in rounds 2-6 and useless players in rounds 7-8, I honestly dunno why I am in 16th place. Except that I am stashing my all injury team on my bench and deliberately falling behind the games played pace.

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Nick: I’d consider Kleiza and Splitter. Both are playing well right now.

    @King without A king: Hehe. Don’t put that ‘Zeke curse on yourself.

    @Rob: Right now, the rankings only reflect each team’s per game averages. As we get closer to the end of the season, I’m hoping to combine totals and averages to best reflect where everyone is at. These rankings here merely suggest the guys you ARE playing are playing decently.

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